Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Details

Recently I posited somewhere (I've forgotten that detail...) the idea of a march on Washington by The People, Assembled; not just to "petition the government for a redress of grievances" but to take their country back from its obvious usurpation.  The Assembly to a) effect the departure forthwith of the current illegal occupant of the office of the presidency from that thusly dishonored office; b) dissolve the sitting Congress for having corruptly colluded in the sitting of the illegal executive, and c) appoint an Officer of The People, to hold the honor of that office at the least until further notice.1  

What would be the nature such an Officer's government, that he - or she - could guarantee to the citizenry, for the honor of holding that place in their esteem?  I'll give some examples of what I would do, if I were said appointed Officer.

* The Executive of the federal government should by rights be sending a message to the authorities of the several States to the effect that "under the terms of the14th Amendment, the citizens of your State are also citizens of the United States; and as such, they have a legitimate right to expect free and fair elections in this country, else the rule of law is not being upheld fairly; specifically, under the 'equal protection' clause of the said 14th Amendment.  If the vote of citizens of one State is not protected from electoral fraud as well as those of another State because of each State's laws regarding elections, that is not fair, morally and legally.  A common minimum-requirement law that would go a long way to guaranteeing free and fair elections (under the "equal protection of the laws" constitutional requirement) would be the legal requirement for voter photo ID, either by a federally notarized such citizen's document or a State-notarized one (with minimal citizen ID requirements needed for such; as is, e.g., in place today for obtaining a passport ).  But fairness to the citizenry, especially in a country where The People are the sovereign, must be mandated, and high on the list of priorities.  Or the government in that country, on both the State and federal levels,  is not doing its proper job."2  

That's the kind of ship of state that I would run; if The People were to ask me to be their Officer.  Further details:3 

* A canceling of all manner of Executive Orders and Presidential Directives; which have taken those forms of merely administrative business to levels never intended for them, rather, left as part of the legislative responsibility of the Congress.  The 'imperial executive' in America thus now at an end; no longer capable of steering the ship of state into the unholy waters of either a socialist or fascist New World Order;

* A reining in of much of the regulatory activity that has been going on from executive-branch administrative bodies on the one hand, and the proper use of proper regulations on the other.  Which currently often favors the very industries and societal areas that they are supposed to be regulating, in the public's interest, not those of vested interests.

Much of such perverted activity will become moot anyway, as the western monetary system collapses (under the weight of its own internal contradictions), and the U.S. joins the world in a replacement of the fiat currency that got the world into such a financial mess in the first place, with a 'hard' currency; at first based on precious metals, but soon to come off even that guarantor of intrinsic value, into a system of exchange that relies 'simply' on Love - with The People of The World sharing goods and services with one another, and giving of their best in the process, not out of the profit motive, but out of a higher motive.  Out of the highest motive that there is, and could ever be: out of gratitude to their Creator - the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be - for life with meaning.  Out of, in a word; Love.  
   And that 'system' will work, because a) it's time for it, both historically and cosmologically; and b) we will have the support of both the Galactic and the Celestial realms in heralding the New Era  - the fabled Golden Age.  To be characterized by free energy devices, for both personal and general use, and energy replicators, for transforming energy into various useful forms; and so forth and so on, in a combination of Humanity's own ingenuity and that of our more-advanced neighbors, here now to celebrate with us our Coming of Age, as we move into our Ascension mode with the simultaneous advent of their Disclosure.                  

And so forth and so on, in that vein - the 'vein' of releasing the Old, and heralding the New.4  For example, we could have a Truth & Reconciliation process, whereby those who have been working with the Dark forces in their attempts to control humanity will have a chance to tell their stories and make their admissions and apologies.  But they will be their own judges; so it would be mostly simply for information's sake: for all to understand just how far afield souls will go when given free rein - i.e., free will - to, and in the process, lose contact with their Source, through their essential Self.   Lest we - on our way up a notch, on the stairway to the heavens - forget; and for the benefit of those souls who are not quite ready yet to 'make the grade', and move up with the rest; needing a little more seasoning in 3D duality/polarity life yet.  

But no longer capable of holding the rest up, in their progress on The Path.  And including Earth - Gaia; a living being in Her own right - in that process.  So those self-serving souls amongst us will have to work out their lessons in another place, on another timeline.

This one is going Up. Into timelessness; and further into Unity.

And so: If we were going to continue on the present timeline, as the Officer of The People I would protect our borders from all illegal boarders.  But the leftists amongst us have a handle on the New Era (all unbeknownst to at least most of them, and thus for the wrong reasons), with that New Era now facing all of humanity.  Which does away with the old forms.  Including, yes, the United States herself, as she has been known; in the creation of a New World Order, alright.  Just not the one envisioned by either the Left or the Right.

As always; The devil - and only so to speak - is in the details.5



1 My suggestion was for said Officer to call for new (clean) elections 'within a time certain', to be set by mutual agreement between said Officer and The People,Assembled.  But circumstances may intervene in the matter.  Read on.  

2 To those leftists who say that 'the poor' are discriminated against in those States that currently require a voter photo ID, I have to ask: How in the world do they already navigate all the requirements for ID that already exist in numerous areas of social life??  I have to call this a red herring.  With the emphasis on the 'red'.  

3 To inject a parallel note in here, about the state of the education of the citizenry in the country, in order to be able to BE a responsible citizen in such a country: lack of proficiency in spelling - a condition which is omnipresent throughout the Internet's Comments threads to articles - is a sign that the individual's brain has not been trained in precise thinking, in noting the detail of things. (The 'whole- word method' of teaching reading would do that.)  That is to some degree the fault of the parents in the society, in not requiring better education of and for their children.  But it is also an indictment of the education profession itself.  It is almost as if a deliberate dumbing-down of the populace has been going on; in order the easier to keep the herd in a slave state.
     Or am I not saying anything that you didn't already know???  And were just having a little difficulty in articulating…  :-)

4 The Ascension to "the next octave of our learning experience," as Lightworker extraordinaire Patricia Cota-Robles calls the next dimension, on our spiral stairway.

5 America - bless her Soul - has served her purpose.  Barely; but true to her purpose.  The United States, now, needs to (self-) destruct.  The ship of state has become corrupt to its gunnels.  But at least, it got 'us' here - the entire fleet of nations, inspired - or at least moved on their courses - by 'the dream', of people governing themselves.  Of being capable of governing themselves.
     To those who believed in the vision of the Founding Fathers, for such an outcome: Well done; and all involved in this outcome, for all of humanity.  The outcome of Synthesis.

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