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...And As For Romney & The Republicans...

(My response to a blog titled 'How Mormon Doctrine Shapes Romney's World View' by Kirk Robinson, Nov. 3, originally on, reposted on '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' on Nov. 4)

kibitzer3 says:
I would submit that this is a pretty good explanation of the “extreme political and moral polarization” that we are faced with; here in this country and in the world. (On the one hand, untrammeled free-enterprise capitalism with an emphasis on ‘competition’, and with a helping of religiosity about it – reflecting the role of the individual soul in the life experience, and thus the importance of/emphasis on the individual – and on the other hand, socialism-cum-communism with an emphasis on ‘cooperation’, and with a basic, reaction-rejection of any sense of religiosity – of any reality beyond the material – and a corresponding emphasis on the state being in charge of the social construct instead, and organizing all things ‘for the greatest good of the greatest number’, i.e., with the emphasis on the collective.)
I would further submit that this is a classic example of what is called the Hegelian dialectic, a philosophical tool for looking at and understanding the historical process of unfoldment in the socio-econo-political arena. It posits a thesis generating an antithesis, out of which comes a synthesis – of parts of both elements to the process. And, with the outcome not being complete in itself, the synthesis stage is merely a thesis for another turn of that spiral.
But considering the rather stark completeness of the polarization of the two present positions in the dialectic, as this fellow describes (a ‘Tipping point’; marking an “irreversible turning point in our nation’s history”) – and considering that the historical process has now been taken to the global level; an important addition to the human social picture – I would suggest that we are at a crowning Synthesis stage. That is, that the answer to the present ‘dilemma’ – dialectical stage – is to go neither to the Left nor to the Right. But Up.
And – lo and behold – Lightworkers, and others, are here to help Humanity make the step up to that level of the Synthesis stage to our long-developing process of unfoldment on planet Earth – Gaia; a live being in Her own right (not to be treated merely as a commodity). It is time, that is to say – beyond just intuitively; but geopolitically as well – for Ascension, and its culmination of the Human process.
Hallelujah, Brothers and Sisters. We’ve made it. We’re here.
Now all we have to do is recognize it[, for what it is]…


Nov. 5

P.S. Another anticipated question (in line with my just-previous blog):

Q: So if there were a hung election, what would you do, practically speaking?

A: I would say to the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama: You are in the seat of the presidency illegally: Vacate My People's House - the House of The People living under the rule of law, not arbitrary law and therefore the rule of despots - forthwith; and apologize to The People for falsifying, and sequestering, your credentials.1  And I would say to his political opponent, the man who calls himself Mitt Romney: You have some skeletons in your closet, too; confess your sins.

 And to all of us, I would say: Even during the midst of a Truth & Reconciliation time - to learn all the lessons that we can from our recent life experience (and its deep-past roots) - let's start the process of moving on.  We have serious, and glorious, work to do: to clean up our act on our Mother Earth, and start living in a more harmonious way with Her; as we do with each other, as sisters and brothers in this sector of the Creation of our mutual Source, the All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  (Hallowed be the name of our Father/Mother God, the Ineffable One.)

So: we have our work cut out for us, business to be about, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.  A great work.  Let's be about it: the preparation for Ascension, to a higher level of being than we have been inhabiting for eons of time.  For long enough, now.2

As for the form of "the preparation for Ascension;" and in terms specifically of America.  It will not take the form of the proposed New World Order for Humanity from either the socialist Left or the fascist Right - that is, command economies from an all-powerful state, lording it over The People.

I have a serious bone of contention to pick with the socialists/communists (to look at the Left of the political process for the moment).  If a people choose to live that way, that's their business.  If it's a matter of a people having learned that they can vote money out of other people's pockets - i.e. to say, the more productive of the society - and doing so, then that's theft, and otherwise immoral; and a just person should have nothing to do with such a scheme.  For scheme it is; and all it is.

We here in this country were well warned about such a possibility by at least one of our Founding Fathers.  As Benjamin Franklin said:

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

As wise old Ben further said, in this vein: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

Sound, and feel, familiar??...and a couple more words of wisdom and sentiments from the old codger before leaving him to rest uneasily in his grave.  First, an observation, and warning: "Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God."  And a closing, and fitting, sentiment: "Where liberty is, there is my country."

And mine too, Ben.

And one last comment from the past, in this vein.  From another of this nation's Founding Fathers:

"In matters of principle, stand like a rock."

That's Thomas Jefferson speaking, to us.

(Now, I appreciate that 'revisionist historians' will have a bone of contention to pick with me at this point; saying, in effect: 'He should talk,' having been a slave owner, and all that.  What do I say to that??  I would, and will, say: Yes, indeed; the Founding Fathers were men of their time, slave owners and land speculators and such.  And, they 'rose to the occasion', of establishing a nation dedicated to the wellbeing of The People - to the principle of the Common Man being an autonomous, sovereign free agent; not a subject to any Power standing between him and his God, but standing on his own two feet.  Not with knee bent, and head bowed, to any temporal Overseer.  And all of Humanity is the better for the United States having been born, in that humble manger, as it were.)       

As for the fascist take on a New World Order, in total control over The People from that side of the political aisle. I have a simple response:

Over my dead body.

And I wouldn't count on that, if I were of the dark Forces.  Because I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.  And miles to go before I sleep.  (A little emphasis there, for 'you' to get it.  Got it??)

So let go of your best-laid plans, you elite temporal Powers.  Your day - of control - is over. It is the time for, and of, a new day, dawning.  For Humanity.  For Gaia.  And for this entire Solar system; having reached its own special Time and Season.

Cycles within cycles within cycles.  As Above, so Below...

Here we go.


And on a proper note.

Not that of control over people.

But with them.

Into a New Era.  A New Age.  A Golden Age.  The Great Shift...

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

'And they rose on that day...

...and it was Good.'



1 He is not a 'natural born Citizen,' as required by the Constitution.  Which is NOT "just a damn piece of paper," contrary to what George II had to say about it, during his last term in that office.  (Let me qualify that statement, to "what George II was reported to have said about it," etc.  You can't always believe what you hear and read, these days......)  So this is not just a partisan matter.  It's a matter of the law.  And in addition to that breaking of the law, Obama has posted fraudulent documents on the Internet; federal crimes in themselves.
     (Both the COLB and the LFBC have been analyzed by a number of electronic document experts, and have been found not only to be fraudulent, but poor forgeries at that.  Someone has been rubbing the citizens's noses in this scam.  It is unseemly.  It is an insult, to the American people and to the office.  It must not be allowed to stand.  Or there will be hell, ultimately, to pay.  And on his way out, he needs to level with the American people about what all has been going on, from his perspective, leading up to his run for the office, and during his tenure.
     Do I anticipate 'hell to pay' if he is forced to do this act of homage?  It would be counterproductive.  And it would also be overlooking the fact that there is going to be a reopening of the book on the 2004 election as well.  I have come across persuasive info that that election was stolen by the Bush mob, in the lynchpin state of Ohio.  So he will face his day in court as well - at the least, the court of public opinion.  As well, for the truth that will come out of a reopening of the 9/11 Commission investigation, which by many solid investigative accounts was a coverup.
     The Truth will out on all of these matters.  Only atheists would have thought otherwise.)  

2 And to those souls who are not quite ready yet to join us, I say: Join us just as soon as you can.  We won't be waiting for you; have ongoing 'work' to do, to progress back to Unity with our mutual Source.  But we will rejoice when you join us on the further steps on the stairway to the heavens.
     And some of us will be coming back, now and then, to lend a hand.


P.P.S. And one last quickie:

Q: With all this Change going on - that you and others see - and all the chaos that might ensue therefrom, do you feel, in effect, that 'God is in His heaven, and all's well with the world'? 

A: I understand the question.  And I believe that the world has a lot of karma that it needs to clear - collectively and individually.  But there is always the Grace of God to consider.

And on that note: I bid you farewell.

For now...

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