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America's Role In The New Era

It is America's role to lead the world's nations into the New Era.  It is my role to help lead America in that grand enterprise.  And let's not call her the U.S.S. Enterprise, as the flagship of that fleet.  Not just to distinguish reality from fiction (even though 'reality' itself is a fiction; but let's not go there right now), and leave Capt. Kirk and Crew out of the picture.  But because the world 'enterprises' can include dark enterprises as well.  (As we well know, by now.)  So, to be totally unambiguous about our mission, let Her be called - if anything - the U.S.S. Integrity.1

America as America held up just long enough to get to - limp to - the eve of her greater mission, than just the America of old.  People on the extreme Left and on the extreme Right of the political divide have wanted to merge her into their differing versions of essentially the same thing: a state-heavy New World Order.2  And the only way that either of those camps could do that, could accomplish their goal - and in the case of the far Left, think to accomplish their historical mission, of bringing about a Marxist-Leninist state of communism on Earth - was to at the least weaken the Constitution, and its built-in brakes on an oppressive, too-big central government, by its positioning of the individual at and as the center of the political universe.  Not the all-powerful state; which could control the mere subjects to within an inch of their lives, and bring in a Golden Age of the people-controllers' making, and liking.3  Not the real thing.  But with theirs made of fool's gold.  Material-level stuff.  Not the equivalent of monoatomic (or monatomic) gold: matter that blends energy with it, and combines levels of reality (aka quantum domains); thus surpassing the merely physical level of reality, and consciousness.4     

And that's what this whole thing - this whole  process, of 'life' - comes down to: consciousness; and the 'matter' of.  

Thus, America will change its form -  like turning basic gold into its higher, monoatomic form - to lead the world's way into the New Era.  But it will be - needs to be - with the right consciousness.  And 'the Right' consciousness (as opposed to 'the Left'; see f/n 2): honoring the individual as a sovereign entity.  Not regarding people as sheep to be sheared, cattle to be culled, by the superior power, the supreme say-so of the state.5

And so, e.g., ultimately there will, indeed, be no borders (one of the 'bonnet bees' of the Left); but only with the right consciousness attached to the initiative/attending the process.6  The process of, essentially, unfolding a moneyless society; and thereby living in Abundance.

This little essay is beginning to bring up the nature of change; the role of a process in the evolution of society.   Let me address that briefly.  And this is only from my personal perspective; and perspectives can change,7 with additional information made available. Or accessed/taken on; by an open mind.

There are a number of models for this sort of thing - i.e., the evolution of social structures - that have been advanced.  And the one that I have most been able to relate to is the one put forth by the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel, which is called the Hegelian dialectic; whereby a condition is 'stated'/put into being - the thesis; which then generates a countering response - the antithesis; out of which state of tension between the two is generated a synthesis, containing elements of both factors; but which, being still incomplete - still in 'play' - becomes, then, the thesis of a new/higher level of evolutionary unfolding of the inherent potential.8  

We are now at the ultimate level of social Synthesis on this planet.  When the state of 'globalization' was reached - in economics, in the 'reach' of the Internet, and of movies/books, etc. etc. -  we entered into a new paradigm; a new level, which is complete in itself.  Oh, a globalized social structure could, in theory, generate a reaction to it - if it weren't complete. Which a 'statist' form - i.e., either partial or total control over The People - would not be; for not containing in itself Completion.  Just an element of Completion, in the globalized nature of its potential.  

I don't went to get bogged down in a lengthy philosophical discussion on this point.  I just want to point out here that

we're here.      

Are at the culminating point of our experience in 3D on planet Earth - Gaia; this lovely, living Being that we have called Home for eons of time.  And are now about to ascend with, to a higher level of consciousness.  Because

it's time. 

We've made it.  

Just barely.  But

we're here.   

Hold onto your hats.  It's going to be an interesting ride, from here on out. 

Or to say: Up.    

For most of us.

To those who are not quite ready to join us, in this next stage of the spiritual evolutionary process, I say:

You still have time.

But barely.

Because Time is running out.

At least, the timeline that we are on.  

Various timelines have come and gone.

This one, that we are on now, is It.

So: Your choice.

But your choice is limited.


Or back.

To the same old, same old level of lesson-learning.

The Wheel of Rebirth, in a 3D realm of consciousness.

Haven't You - really - had enough???……

Come on.  Join the band, of Ascendees.

You will be glad you did.

In the end.

The end, that we are all faced with, anyway:

Of Going Home Again.

Except for those few Sparks of the Divine Flame who are determined to hold out, and stay stuck in their consciousness state of Separation.

To them, I say:

Your choice.

The rest of us are going to have a Party.

Free from your sort of control - your learned sort of control; your habituated sort of control - forevermore.  

It certainly did not, and does not, originate from your Creator.

Your Creator - the Most High, in the pantheon of Gods; of Wise Beings; where the buck truly stops - is a God in Essence of Love.

And that's why you still - 


have a choice.

But not for much longer.

Because Time - as we have known it - is at an end.

And you will, then, have three choices.


Or back.

Or farewell.

As you are turned back into pure energy.  And are used for more constructive purposes, in a universe of, and with, Purpose.

Plan.  And Purpose.

That is to say:


Thank you, Beloved.  For the opportunity to serve; in a creation with Meaning.



1 Although there is 'honor among thieves, isn't there…Well; you know what I mean by it. 

2 This business of The Left and The Right is, or at least can be, a bit confusing.  The more accurate political diagram, I feel, is the one 'drawn' by the John Birch Society: is one with total individualism/Anarchy on the extreme Right and total collectivism/state power on the Left.  Though I 'get' that, in people's minds, they have found it helpful to picture fascism - i.e., an unholy alliance between the corporate/private sector (the 'owner class') and the state - on the extreme Right, and communism - i.e., no private sector whatsoever; everything 'The People'-owned; i.e. in reality the total state.  
     Either way, it's the state over The People.  And a pox on both their houses.  Read on…

3 America is a nation of freemen and -women, blessed by their Constitution with individual rights; ideally - and ideologically - to be replaced, by the collectivist-minded, with collective rights, awarded and enforced by government "for the 'common good'".  As referenced by the American Policy Center back in Dec. of 2008, when the threat of a Constitutional Convention - to change the Constitution from a 'negative rights' document (of what the government can't do to you and your individual rights) to a 'positive rights' document (of what the government should and must do for you.  Thereby making you dependent on/beholden to the state for your rights.  As, say, in the former Soviet Union; and which is the sort of government that Obama has long advocated) - was being raised, following on from Obama's (illegal) election, and the Left comrades were feeling their oats; wishing to 'bring the country into the 21st century' by making it a slave state.  Thank you; no thanks very much anyway, guys and girls.  Go play your collectivist game somewhere else.  This is MY country; and it will not be infringed.
     You can try.  But do it legally.  Not this backdoor business you have engaged in, by 1) just simply ignoring the Constitution's 'natural born citizen' requirement for the presidential office, and by 2) massive electoral fraud.  Under the (Marxist/Alinsky) 'principle' of 'Whatever It Takes'.  Or 'Whatever Is Necessary.'   Whatever the cynical 'principle' it is that you operate by, to achieve your ends.
     And which causes me to spew you out of my mouth.
     (My thanks to Bob Unruh at World Net Daily, with his article titled 'U.S. Now Only 2 States Away From Rewriting Constitution' posted on Dec. 12, 2008, for his summary of this matter.) 

4 The question of 'what is real' - really real - is another matter.  Let me just say to it at this point: what we have taken to be 'real' - third-dimensional life - is a construct; a matrix; a projection.  To say as well, in this context: fool's gold.  So the 'matter' of 'what is real' is a relative one.

5 I have read the thinking of some of Obama's czars.  Thank you; no thanks.  And the same with czaristic thinking on the part of the fascists' 'intellectuals'.  
     A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  Especially when it is not combined with wisdom. 

6 I am reminded here of the scene in the film of Dr. Zhivago where the good doctor returns to his home after some time away and finds it taken over by 'the people', in the form of a rabble.  That sort of thing is NOT what I am talking about.  The only way that what I am talking about can come into being is with the right consciousness.  
     First things first.    

7 they had better be able to; else we are not going to be able to get to there from here

8 There is something of the nature of the Second Law of Thermodynamics going on here; which states, in effect, that you can't unscramble eggs.  A process can't simply reverse itself; something new has been added to the equation.  When you have reached a certain stage of unfolding what is within the potential of the form, you have to keep on.  To paraphrase Thomas Wolfe: You Can't Go Back Again.
     (The actual title of his book is You Can't Go Home Again.  Which contains the same idea/principle.  Things constantly change, etc.  But I didn't want to use his precise title, because in this case - our case; the soul's case - we are 'going home again'.  To our Source; ultimately.  But with the benefit of the process with us.  The process of experiencing seeming separation; learning from it; and then 'returning home', the wiser for the experience.  And adding that 'evolution' to the pot.  As it were…)
     It's the same with coming to the consciousness level that We Are All One.  Once you get that - really get it - you can't go back in consciousness to a lesser stage of consciousness.
     A lesser stage; and 'stage', as in 3D play-acting.  Oh, you can.  But only to help out others on The Path.       


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