Friday, 9 November 2012

For A Perfect Ride

(Today I have been tuning into what has been coming through me the last couple of days - anent the American elections, and what all that is bringing up for me - and this is what I got.  I'm still trying to get my head around it. all  Anyway; for what it's worth.)

Based on my last couple of blogs, I feel a judgement coming my way; ironically.  It goes/sounds/feels something like this:

'Question: Do I realize that I'm being rather judgmental?

'Answer: Absolutely.  Further answer: Someone needs to be, and 'do', judgmental.  A lot of people are getting away with a lot of low-consciousness thinking and doing; and ultimately they will not be able to get away with it.  Because it will catch up with them, and weigh them down, vibrationally speaking.  And therefore, and thereby, jeopardizing their transition up.  Rather than merely sideways.  

'So Yes: Consider yourself judged.  And the rest of that process is up to you.

'So: Over to you.

'"I don't like that hardline approach," you say?  Then that's the way it is, for you. 

'I'm not here to make nice.  That's not my thing.  All meek and mild I am not, constitutionally speaking.  I am here to shake you out of your comfort zones.  Get your 'nice' out of your teddy bear; whatever form that takes for you.'

(Around here/at this point, I began wondering, Where in heaven's name is this coming from??  This doesn't sound/feel like me.  I don't usually come across this strong, even in my private moments to myself; grinding my teeth, metaphorically speaking, over various aspects of life that give me and my sensibilities a hard time.  But I then figured: "'Everybody' is getting guidance these days.  This must be mine, for today.'"  So I went along for the ride.  An expression, incidentally, that I found myself picking up on in greater depth.  But to move on 'with the flow,' for now; as it continued right on:)

'We have work to do to get this human society through to its next stage of operation, wherever that is to be for the individual souls.  We need to be about our work.  [This came through to me as 'You have work to do…You need to be about your work…' but I transliterated it in my mind as 'we', since, of course 'we' are here, involved in our common work.  But to continue.]  Remember your contract, that you 'signed' when you came here.  That you signed to come here, and help out at this crucial time.  

'Wake up out of your status-quo stupor, your infatuation with your material-level goodies.  It's time to get to work.  [That line came through very strongly; from deep in my feeling body.  Or through my feeling body…] 

'I'm about my Father's business, and I encourage you to do and be the same.   [Here, I began wondering, Who's talking here??  Is it me, or my Higher Self, or some other Self???  But I couldn't pause to mull that over, had to keep writing furiously as this 'message' came through to me.   Came through me, it felt…All very curious.  I'm new to this sort of thing.]   And if my approach to the job feels too harsh for you, not 'loving' enough: Do your work your way.  But do it.


'There is a certain amount of urgency here.  We [You???…] don't have all day, as it were.  There is a New Day dawning.  We need to catch it at its rising; like a perfect wave.  For a perfect ride.  Come on.  You can do it.

'You can do it.'   [There was that deep, solid 'note' again.]

'So come on.  We don't have all day.  Just the day.'

Whatever that was supposed to mean…

And when I tuned into the feeling of 'Whew; where did that come from, is that coming from?', this is what I got:

'I Am Limitless Love and Truth.  I Am Love.  But I Am also Truth.  And I will shake you to your core in limitless Love and Truth.  In order to serve you well.

So be it.'

And so be that.

Offered.  For what it's worth.

Except just to inquire, in closing, of all you astrological types out there:

Is there something going on, that the rest of us should know about??

I know about the 'idea' of this year's winter solstice.  And that feels spot on to me.  But is there something before that, that might mark a Turning Point; a Portal in Time???

Sign me

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