Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Writing On The Wall...

...Is In A Foreign Language.

Some more 'food for thought' in from today.  First, an email from a relative, who knows that I am a 'conservative'.1  Titled 'GOP Showing in Calif. Worries Party Strategists,' it went into the demographic changes in the state since the Nixon days, and pointed out the obvious of today's picture.  Well; pointed out some of it.  I pointed out some more of it, in my response to my relative.  (For none of which do I apologize.  If the Truth hurts: wear it.)  Herewith:

This whole thing, in the whole country, is a product of the Republicans, in their salad days, not being fully aware of the plans of the Democrats - the deeper, ideological plans, than just representing 'the little guy' - to take over the country, and turn it into a sociaiist state (part of a socialist New World Order), by, first, creating a welfare class beholden to them politically - for 'their' handouts - and then using that 'ramrod', that foot in the door, to open it wider for more, and more, and more socialist schemes.  A key 'player' in this picture was the political policy of, in effect, paying young single females to have babies; and then opening that door wider by engendering and then manipulating the feminist revolution - with the intention of eliminating the nuclear family, so as to make the state the all-pervading 'parent' - so that the whole age-range of females could have financial support to have babies (and babies, and babies, and babies) and thus not need a husband.  This scam got derailed a bit in the mid-90s with the bipartisan welfare reform policies under Clinton; but the Republicans didn't bite the bullet when they could have, earlier on, or under Bush II, by standing on principle: that it is immoral for a female to have a child - let alone children - that she can't take care of properly.  The state can provide females with contraceptive information or, in the most financially straitened of circumstances, the materials themselves; but it should never have gotten in the business of 'playing Daddy'.  Of being blackmailed by Democrats with an agenda, who would cry crocodile tears if anyone tried to stop that gravy train.  

The political Right has, simply, not been 'fit for purpose' - up to the job of keeping tabs on their political opponents, and seeing where they were slowly slowly leading the nation.  Life got just a bit too comfortable for the Republicans; and now the nation - the American dream; the true American dream, of a self-governing, and self-reliant, people, living life for a purpose beyond just in and for itself only - is suffering for it.  Result: the Southwest, and especially California, being inundated with Hispanics, breeding like rabbits, overwhelming the education and health systems, and many of whom have an agenda within an agenda: to create Aztlan, as part of the collapse of the United States.  (If I see one more flag flaunting La Raza, I may lose my spiritual cool.)

I've ranted enough here.  But you get the idea: I am NOT a happy camper with the way things are going, in this country.  And about to go further, under another term of office for the Usurper Marxist illegally occupying the dishonored office of the presidency of the United States of America.  Or whatever it is about to be called...

I guess I'm saying, that the Republican Party deserves to collapse; with something more honorable, and farseeing, to take its place.


The bottom line: If a female knows that she can gets money and all sorts of goodies for having a baby, she is quite likely to have a baby.  Duh.

Yes, it's her fault'.  But it's society's fault too, for seducing her so.

And the American people in general have been seduced into being immoral.  You2 are living beyond your means - FAR beyond your collective means. The federal government is spending more than it is taking in - on the order of trillions.3

Got that?  Trillions.  A $3.7 trillion budget with gross annual revenues of $2.6 trillion.4  $3.7T - $2.6T = $1.6T of unfunded spending.

Didn't quite hear that?

That's $1.6T of unfunded spending.

'Oh.  Yes.  Well; we can always borrow the money to cover it; yes?'


'Oh.  I see...'

Do you?  Really??

'Hey.  What about printing - money............Yes.  I...get it.  Now.'




1 Actually, I am more of an independent; my own man.  I believe in the basics of what is called the 'conservative' perspective - limited government, more individual freedom; that sort of thing.  But I also believe in 'conserving' the environment; which seems to be a ''liberal' thing.  Go figure...

2 I have been living outside of the country for over 35 years; so I'm not going to take any of the blame here.

3 Figures quoted in this blog come from the Institute for Policy Innovation; as 'blogged' today at

4 Plus interest on the federal debt of $220 billion.  Add that to the $2.2 trillion of entitlements that 120 million Americans receive annually, and that leaves less than $200 billion to pay for everything else - defense, transportation, education (oh; and 'Homeland Security'; so to speak) - the lot.  Is there something wrong with this picture for you, too???...

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