Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Tale of Two Nations

Oh dear.  Back into the 'negative'.  But it can't be helped.  It is nagging me.  And nagging me.  And nagging me.

'It'.  The matter of the major injustice in the nation today.

There is another injustice going on, which is another matter.  Part of that one has to do with the attitude in people's minds about 'money'.

For example.  It is immoral to take from some and give to others.  That is theft.  If that is what some people mean by 'equality', have no part of it.

To covet is a sin.

If someone gives to others out of the kindness of their hearts, that is very moral.

Charity is a virtue.

And the larger injustice in all of this is the form of economic system that has grown up, over the centuries, to the point now where there is such a dichotomy between the 'income' of the rich and that of the poor.1  But that is a systemic issue; not just a matter of the injustice going on in this nation itself.  And so to move on, in this particular blog, to that one.

I have been living out of the country for many years; so perhaps that is why I can see this matter than I am about to address so much better - or to say, easier - than those of you who have been living within the 'pot' that has been heating up ever so slowly.  So, with that understanding in mind - yours, and mine - I would like to comment on a curious phenomenon that I have observed upon returning.

In short: You are playing some sort of game, in this country.  On the one hand, you are pretending that the Constitution still means something, along the lines of the rule of law in the nation that it is supposed to be: you have court cases about something being constitutional or not, and often you take those cases all the way up to the highest court in the land, for adjudication by that august body, with all due pomp and circumstance.  And on the other hand, you ignore its basic principles, and even its specific wording.

As to its 'basic principles', I mean, e.g., how the Constitution defines the federal government with, basically, limited and delegated powers - "few and defined," in the words of the so-called Father of the Constitution, James Madison; that is to say, enumerated powers - and then you come along years later and have endowed the federal government - consciously or unconsciously - with all manner of powers not specifically delegated to it; without availing yourselves of the amending process that it allows for such activity, as time goes on, and life circumstances change.2

Why is that?

And the same with specific wording in the Constitution, not just the general flavor of it.

Case in point.


"No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not haves attained to the Age of" such-and-such, and so on and so on.

Seems clear enough.  All you have to do, to understand the definition of the term, 'natural born' - as opposed to any other form of citizen - is to find out what it meant to those men who crafted the Constitution.  And that is a simple enough matter.  All you have to do is read the literature of the day, that they were familiar with - and read their own words on the subject.

And that has appeared to be the way it has been basically understood, all the way up (or 'down') until the primaries period of time of 2008, and the campaign of one Barack Obama for the nomination by the Democrat Party as their candidate for the presidency of the United States of America.

Why is that??

And especially with the fact that both of the main political parties in the country, through heir representatives in Congress, made a total of eight attempts between 2003 and 2008 to get an amendment to the Constitution going through Congress on this very subject: the subject of the understood definition of the term, a 'natural born' citizen; thereby demonstrating that THEY KNEW the constitutional definition of the term, and were trying to change the Constitution.  Change the constitutional requirement for the office.

Not the definition of the term.  But the requirement for the office.

And they failed in each attempt, even to get the particular proposed amendment out of committee.

And then went on and conspired between themselves simply to ignore the requirement; and let said person run for that office - that particular office; out of all the federal offices in the land - anyway.

As I say, and ask: Why is that.

I think we know why.

Because both political parties wanted to fudge that constitutional requirement, for their own purposes.  For a quid pro quo.

'We won't say anything about your candidate, if you won't say anything about any candidate we ever put up in the same boat.'

Regardless of whether the ship of state begins to sink under the weight of such calumny...

To use the common expression: The fix was in.

Well, ladies and gentlemen of The Fix, let me tell you:

Your calumny will not stand.

That is all.

You are dismissed.  From power, over this nation.

This particular nation.  Which was raised up for more elevated purposes than this sordid business that you have engaged it in.

Which business stretches far afield from this - apparently, to you - seemingly simple little detail, about the definition of a seemingly simple little word.

Far afield, from such roots.  But of the same quality.



Insult.  To the human intelligence; and to the intention of the Founders of this special Nation.

And it will not stand.

You can be sure of that.

Just as sure as that there is Justice in this universe.

You can go live in your own if you want.  And run yours any way that you want to.

But not this one.

This one is taken.

And about to be harvested, on a seemingly simple little old planet - just one of a multitudinous many - called Earth, of the souls that have called it home, for a time and a season.  And are about to join it, in an Ascension process to a higher level of consciousness, called a dimension, or a density, or a realm, or a sphere.  There are many names for the same thing; for the Essence of the matter.

But there is one name for you.

And that is: Left behind.

Unless you repent.  And get with the program.

A program that, I can assure you, does not countenance the likes of Injustice.



That choice is yours.

But not the one of ignoring the - possibly seemingly - fine print of the contract that you signed; not only upon coming here, for this particular test in Time.  But to engage in the whole process itself.

The 'process' called Life.

Which allowed you the space to 'do your own thing'.

But required you to toe the moral line, if you ever wanted to advance through the grades, to graduation.  To total graduation,

Which is to make your way back Home again.

Ultimately.  For those who can manage to make the grade, as it were.

And not become the tares amongst the wheat.



1 'Income' from making money on money is a bit of a misnomer; but to let that go for now.

2 Just not "for light and transient Causes," in the words of your Declaration of Independence; since the Founders were looking to establish a nation for the ages.  Thus the process was designed to be a bit of a process; honoring both the People - through their representatives in Congress - and the States, i.e. in the latter case, the other parties to the constitutional contract.  All of this reflecting the very spirit of a Republic: i.e., residing in Law.  Not monarchy or oligarchy or democracy or anarchy any other form of social compact.  All of which contain the seeds of their own destruction, sooner or later.  Well; obviously, a Republic does, as well.  Just that that process takes a little longer, under the rule of law...

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