Saturday, 10 November 2012

And The Loser Is...

You.  The American public.

It is as I thought.  I have now checked out the papers at our main Public Library.  And have returned home to find out, via the Internet - that independent source of info; with some things on it that you can't necessarily believe, but also some things that are just plain fact, and are, more often than not, not carried by & on the MSM - that there is indeed something decidedly suspicious about the elections, when Obama did not win a single State that required voter photo ID.

Let me repeat that, in another way of putting it:

Obama lost in every State with photo ID laws.

And it turns out that the Democrats fought hard, and vociferously, in the leadup to the elections, against attempts to establish that requirement in the States that don't have it.  (Which many, if not all, of the so-called swing states don't have.  I haven't investigated that little factoid down to the rock bottom of it yet.)

Their excuse in large part was that poor people don't have easy access to such administrative matters.  Excuse me?  I've had to show my California photo ID card - which I had to produce my birth certificate to acquire - to engage in any number of everyday things in my life, back in my home country (where I didn't realize how bad things had gotten along theses sorts of lines).  No.   This is not about inconvenience, or cost.  This is all about what can be called, and seen as, situational ethics.

I can hear all of the excuses - rationales, from that perspective.  Rich people don't know what it's like down at the bottom; they need a wakeup call.  Nobody's looking after us but us; looking after the poor but us Democrats.  'The system' is fixed for the rich, so we're just getting our own back.  We minorities were and are victimized by the oppressor white class, so you owe us.  Etc., etc., and etc.  Oh; and in particular: 'Everybody does it.  We're just getting real good at it.'  

My answer; gently, at first:

'I hear you.  And if I thought that life was just horizontal and linear, and that therefore there was really no right or wrong, good or bad; that everything was merely situational, then I might see things the way that you do, too.  But it isn't; and I don't.'

So, now we know two things.  Well; three, counting the fact that the Democrats were particularly keen on getting their people to vote by absentee and early ballot.  (Get them in before too much attention was being paid to the voter ID question - to the fix that was in.  Alinsky style.)  No. 2: A lot of people are walking around today with smugness in their hearts, feeling that they put one over on a) the white folks, b) the patriarchal bastards, and/or c) the power structure as is.  And No. 3: Are feeling smug in their victory because they don't believe that there is anything more than life on Earth.  That this is it; the be-all and end-all of existence; and therefore, it's the survival of the fittest, and they are starting to feel that 'the numbers' - the demographics - make them the fittest.

I could cry.  If I weren't just drained by it all.

But still had enough juice left to make a couple of comments on a couple of blog sites after coming back home today, that reflect my thoughts on the subject in part.   The first is from something called the Tea Party Command Center:

'Urgent: Election Fraud Volunteers Needed In WI, OH, PA, VA, Fl'  - Nov. 10 (Re-post of Devvy Kidd's blog at this date)

Permalink Reply by Michael C. Spearing 24 minutes ago
But ... I thought the UN was there protecting us.... And, Devvy, it IS defeat, short of armed revolt, it is defeat and the 50% entitlement tipping point is GUARANTEED by this election. I'm willing to listen otherwise but I see what I see.
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield just now
If ever the tide is to be at its peak for instituting transparent and fair elections in this country, it is now, Michael.  It should have been instituted long ago.  Unfortunately, both sides of the political aisle are culpable in this mess.  I guess they each thought they could outcheat the other side.  A terrible, terrible attitude developed in this country over the years on this issue.  What's done is done.  But it SHOULD be corrected.  Else what was the American experiment in self-governance all about, anyway??  And a number of wars fought over???...

Devvy Kidd deserves all the support she can get.  She has been fighting this good fight for years.  Don't give up WITHOUT a fight.  You'll be eternally sorry you did.


...and I followed up more personally:

To:  -  Nov.10

Dear Devvy

I just wanted to thank you for continuing to step up to the plate over this voter fraud issue the way that you do.

This matter should have been taken care of years ago.  So, it is as it is.  But it can STILL be dealt with, and following your lead.

The way 'it is' is embarrassing, and insulting - insulting to the Founding of the Republic, and to the memory of all those who fought and died for this country, and its principles, of self-governance and self-responsibility; for this nation to be a beacon of such principles to all the other nations of the world. 

It can still prove itself worthy of such emulation.  But just.

Well done for all you do in this regard

'Stan' Stanfield 


As for the fact that I follow a Tea Party e-newsletter; let me say:

a) I know that 'the Tea Party' is anathema to those on The Left.  But I wonder how many of those people really know why they have been led to believe that.  (Hint: The Tea Party is not really about the Koch Brothers.)  And

b) The principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility, the bedrock principles of the Tea Party - and which at least used to be those of the Republican Party itself - are mine as well.
     (The Republican Party seems to have morphed into a body that supports money-making to the point of enlisting the federal government in on the act.  And in doing so, has given the Democrats every reason to seek its support for 'their' people.  They may think that they are absolved from their cynical use of the federal government to accomplish their ends because they are the 'job creators'.  But they know, like everybody else, that they are doing it because they like the role of being - playing - a plutocrat.
     And they will be called to account for their actions, every bit as much as those on the Left will be called to account for their cynical actions.  Because
     life is not just a horizontal and linear thing.
     There is far more going on than just that narrow view of it could ever account for.
     Speaking of accounting...)


P.S.  And just for the record; this from today, blog entitled '[Michelle] Malkin: Impeach Obama For Benghazi 'Jihadi-Coddling'' -  Nov. 10:

  1. SAnn says:
    AND, who has the guts to get off their backsides to bring impeachment charges against him? Boehner? Ha! Ha! Ha! That wimp cannot stand up for himself much less the American people. Neither can the gutless Republican Party. I am a Conservative Republican and have no faith in them because they have been as wimpy as Boehner and the rest of the RINOS who are gutless. I will become an Independent because I do not want the ‘R’ beside my name!
    Give me a name that would actually do the courageous and the constitutional that would bring charges against obama and the rest of his illegals that serve him and I will back them.
  2. Avatar of kibitzer2kibitzer2 says:
    To those on this thread who are talking about the Constitutionality or not of the impeachment avenue, or otherwise how to remove Obama from the office, a couple of thoughts:
    1) I agree with those who say/believe that the impeachment process is not the way to go because BO is ineligible for the office. Why? Not just because he is does not fit the NBC requirement for the office. (The legal beagles could try to hem and haw over that one for donkey’s years.) But because he authorized a fraudulent document about his birth to be posted on the official WH website. On that basis alone, he can be ousted. It was/is not just a criminal offense; it is a felony. He is, by definition, a criminal. As to how to oust him for being so:
    2) There is an alternative constitutional process for this sort of thing. If the Courts fail to pursue it,, and the Congress fails to pursue it, then The People can take their country back from such despotism and into their own hands. It would undoubtedly require a March on Washington of The People, Assembled – led by Oathkeepers, and followed closely by Article Twoers and Tenth Amendmenters and Secnd Amendmenters and Tea Partiers and those Occupy Movementers who understand the constitutional aspects of what is going down these dark days, and any other non-specifically-affiliated citizens, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore – who dissolve their agents the Congress, for not doing their constitutional job in this sort of matter AND for being an accomplice to and after the fact of the said felony (thus making themselves subject to criminal proceedings themselves); and who appoint an Officer OF The People (Art. II, Sect. 1), who will declare new elections to be held ‘within a time certain’, and in the meantime, clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government of all those servants of The People who are not doing their job properly/are simply shills for the very enterprises that they are supposed to be regulating. Oh – and to eliminate the income tax and the Federal Reserve, since, as I understand it, the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified anyway. (Now, if The People want to reinstate those institutions – through the proper constitutional channels for that sort of purpose – that is their business. Their rightful business.)
    And let the chips fall where they may.


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