Friday, 16 November 2012

A Thought For The Day

Getting back to a positive space.  First of all, a comment on the Natural News email site, to a blog by Mike Adams titled 'To resist tyranny and oppression is to redeem your soul in the eyes of the universe,' dated Nov.16.  First, my general thought on his theme, and then my post:

'The Creator wants you to be free':  Yes, Mike.  And, it's not helpful to beat people over the head with the threat of Purgatory if they choose TO 'be free'. 

I like your spirit, Mike, and your dedication to The Plan of Life. It just feels to me a bit too heavy on the 'fire & brimstone' side. The impulse to live a life dedicated to Spirit should come from the positive aspects of it - the Love and Light involved in it - not from the negative, of 'eternal damnation if you don't' sort of approach to the matter. 

We are all souls on The Path. We are all sparks/fractals of the One Divine Flame. Some will make the return to Unity sooner than others. Let's Love the laggards to join us. Not threaten them with purgatorial separation. Life must be hurtful to them enough as it is, for them to have chosen a dark detour, in the wandering in the wilderness of our making that we all have experienced, at one time/life or another.

Peace, Joy and Welcome awaits all, back at the Home of our Father-Mother God.


And, while I'm in a positive frame of mind; this as wrap-up to my little 'altercation' with the man as posted yesterday, at the '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth' site.  First, the woman whose site it is chimed in with her two cents' worth (this is all in direct response to my last posting on this thread, of yesterday):

  • Jean says:
    Kibitzer, I think you will see a very different Obama now: He is saying the tax cuts for the rich WILL expire. He has now accepted the ‘stick’ from Keshe Foundation. Times, they are a changin’, so I’m just asking that you be aware and observe some of them, rather than continue to live in just the past, much of which was lies. He had to go along before, but he does not have to do so now: he has the backing of the very good and powerful Dragon Family, and that was quite enough for the GOP, who didn’t even attempt to steal this election… it was over before it began. . . Hugs, ~Jean
  • Roberto says:
    Hi Kibitzer,
    Thanks for your volley!
    Most of what O has had to do has not been his will but the will of the ones running the show.
    Step back a minute and look at what you would do in similar circumstances. O has a wife and two lovely children, whom he obviously loves, Not pretend but real! He has the threat hanging over his head that if he does not do as he is told, they get their throats cut. Therefore, if you can get by your bias on his being not born in this country, there were a couple of others in our history, as I recall… The most recent being Bush senior, who was a Nazi spy sent by Hitler to infiltrate. He was also party to the killing of Nikola Tesla, according to deathbed testimony of another accomplice, who had been Hitler’s personal bodyguard.
    Whether O is Natural born or not, he has some very interesting credentials and he also has the personal inner power to do the job. Thus I don’t care what the Zionist newspapers say about him, or if he came from the Moon — maybe he did, It is known that he was party to early experiments in translocation… like in “Beam me up Scotty!”
    The Zionist controlled press has attempted to black ball him from the moment he became president. So I don’t pay much attention to their BS. Do you realize that most of what you have said about him is disinfo spread by the press to turn the people against him. How often have you heard anything good in the media about what he has accomplished?
    It appears to me at this time that he has asked for our help in getting activated, Like in “Occupy” and gather into groups and demand the legislation we want through mass propositions. We can do it if we all pull together. We can’t just lay back and expect him to do it all for us. In his first term he didn’t outright buck his handlers. – he had a family to keep alive. I’m sure you would have done the same. But he gained some really valuable experience about the position and who was calling the shots. He walked a tight rope and took the fall for many things I am certain he did not want to endorse like NDDA. But he’s still alive to lead the charge into the next battles – and we have a bunch of them ahead of us.
    “I’ve been seeking the Truth for years and years and years – probably more years, in this lifetime, than you have even lived. And I don’t let my personal political or other preferences stop me.
    And I would suggest that you do the same.”
    I like your spirit! It only seems we are adversarial. Actually we are very close to each other.
    All I can say about those years and years and years you have been seeking the Truth is BRAVO!I
    I do not believe that Truth is found in newspapers or other’s opinions, but within ourselves.The other stuff is information and opinion, which we know can be biased according to our previous beliefs and education.
    I trust you realize that these words we have exchanged are merely one personality to another personality. Since a personality is merely a face mask worn by an actor, neither of us is in reality our personality, it we put them aside, we see that we have ALWAYS been the closest of friends.
    My Brother, thank you for a lively exchange.
  • kibitzer3 says:
    I like where you have taken this little exchange of ours.
    I can go along with that.


    A good note to end the exchange on, I feel.  And feel better now.  About 'it' all.  And about where I am with it all.

    This is a more holistic space to be in, regarding such differences of opinion on the 3D level.

    I'm glad he took it there.

    (I obviously couldn't - at least at the time; feeling as strongly about the founding of the Nation as I do; and about living by the rule of law.  Not its opposite: of living by the rule of despotism.

    But, yes: Let's keep moving, as we agree to disagree, and ultimately come to agreement, on the timeline of Life on Earth, as we approach Ascension.  And, as Roberto says, meet as "the closest of friends".  

    Hey - we're brothers and sisters, all, for heaven's sakes.

    For Heaven's sake.)


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