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'The Way Things Are'...& Are About To Be

Item: from '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?', re-post of blog entitled 'Ben Fulford: What the West lost to China and what it can do to recover' - Nov. 20 (posted on Nov. 19):


sharir27 says:
One more thing to say: GMO foods are causing the obesity also. There is less nutrients in the food, thus, the people eat more for their bodies to get the nutrients. Then, they get sick, go to big pharma, and get a “pill.” That pill does nothing but cause more harm. Not all American’s are fat, either. But usually, the people who can eat the better food do. But, look around at our food prices. Can the poor buy good food? They make just enough not to qualify for “food stamps” but not enough to buy quality food.
These are not excuses, but FACTS. After all the hormones, pesticides, and all the other things being added to our food, fluoride, vaccinations, chemicals sprayed in the air… what do you expect? Our legal system is really messed up, because they seem to believe that we don’t need to know the truth about these things. We have been the “test subjects” for more years than I have been alive. It is SICKENING. People want change, they want to know the truth. But they have been indoctrinated in every fake thing you can think of through fear and manipulation. Ben, you lived here, you KNOW the truth.
Plus, we have WAY too many people in the prison system right now. Most are non-violent, but it works for the corporations who make money off of them. We do not want to get free things from other nations. We are a good people, but the politics and media is lacking what is really needed for change.
kibitzer3 says:
What is “really needed for change” sharir27, is the planetary recognition of the spiritual factor in human existence; not more of trying to solve problems on the level of the problem. Which includes merely religions. But that whole picture opens this discussion to another level. To another dimension, as it were.
But we need to go there, to find our ultimate answers.


I was just thinking about this sort of thing this evening, and lo - it pops up right in front of me, in my emails.  My thoughts on the 'subject':

It's almost - almost - comical how so many people these days talk about 'the way the world is' and what to do about its various aches and pains without mentioning the one thing that contains the answer to all of its problems: namely, the factor of a spiritual component/dimension to the life experience.

And I'm not talking about the 'religious' factor; which obviously is part of the problem - of the things that divide us - not the solution.  I'm talking about all the evidences that there are in our time for the existence of such a 4th dimensional factor in the equation of human life - of life itself.  And 5th.  And 6th; and so on - the evidences, that is to say, for there being more dimensions than the 3D one we exist in; and far more at that.  Through the findings of modern science, and all the evidences there are - in case histories and studies and books and videos and such - for the reality in fact of the ancient idea of reincarnation, we really need to get our act together on this matter; simply must face the facts of our time.

And the most salient of those are, first, that

* the world is in dire straits - economically, politically, socially - is ripe for the 'plucking'; and secondly, that 

* deliverance is at hand; in the form of
     a) the sort of awareness that I refer to above, about the spiritual factor to the exercise, the learning lesson, of life; and  of
     b) the larger factor of Time.

That it is cosmological Time as well for humanity to move into a new state; not just of awareness.  But of being. 

The latter factor in the equation, of 'life and what to do about it', is called Ascension.  Which is upon us, as we speak (and wonder about these sorts of issues).  And it involves not only us.  But the Earth Herself.  As a live being in Her own right.  And a magnificent one at that.

So, come.  We have work to do: to set things right.  For that takeoff; into a New Heaven, and a New Earth.



P.S.  And this; to finish the day with.  To a blog on WorldNetDaily by Joseph Farah titled 'Why Christians Are Losing the Culture' - Nov. 19  

This is such a sad subject.  I hardly know where to begin.  But: to begin somewhere.
Many years ago (more than I care to remember, right about now) I set out on a search for capital-t Truth.  I looked into all the religions, and all the 'spiritual' speculations; the philosophies, the practices - the works.  And I discovered that this is a never-ending process, because we humans, with our 3D minds, just can't comprehend the vastness of The Plan of Life.  And I have to say, on this thread, to this sincere blog, that Joseph Farah doesn't have the Truth; nor did Dr.  Dobson; nor do any so-called evangelists and fundamentalists.  They have a story handed down to them in a book that is hopelessly corrupted by the hand of Man.  (And Christianity was pre-figured anyway; see, e.g., 'The Christ Conspiracy' by Acharya S.)   
The only way that we in our day and New Age (for yes, we are facing in our time a major change, of consciousness/dimension) are going to be able to find the Truth is to a) KEEP SEARCHING (many truths about Life are coming out in our day; via science, and via sincere researchers of various kinds; and to b) KEEP LISTENING.  You have a direct line to the higher realms, through your own higher Self, and through various guides and guardians, here to help you, and all of humanity, in your sincere seeking on The Path.  
So, stay on The Path.  But don't get lost in the thicket of human dogma.   
And on that note:  Goodnight.


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