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The Day After

Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed Up At the Polls Tuesday

Forest Park is a city of about 19,000 residents in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, in Hamilton County.  In 2008, Hamilton County voted for Barack Obama while most of the surrounding counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana voted Republican.
With so many eyes on Ohio in yesterday’s election, it was no surprise to see this news story on the local news.
A couple from Forest Park showed up yesterday at the polls to vote just like they have ever since they turned 18.  When it was their turn, they were both told that they had already voted via absentee ballot.  The couple said that they have never voted absentee and wanted to know how this could happen.
Precinct officials told them that they could fill out a provisional ballot, which they did.


Beyond this one example of voter fraud in America:

What can I tell you.  The bottom line: Barack Obama is an illegal president.  According to the terms of the Constitution, and, therefore, according to the rule of law, he is occupying the office of the president of the United States illegally; and is, therefore a Usurper in and of that office.

It doesn't matter if the majority of the electorate voted for him to occupy that office or not, in moral and legal terms.  Now, if they chose to vote for him even after the full extent of his illegality, and deceit in the coverup regarding it, was known more widely by the American public - and not kept hidden, like the MSM has for years - then that would be another matter.  And would not speak well for the American people.  Because that would signify that they were opting for tyranny.  And hence, opting for the end of the American Republic, and the rise of an American Empire.  Destined to collapse; like all empires have.  Because they are founded on sand.  Not bedrock.  The sand of arrogance and deception.  Not the bedrock of Truth and honesty.

And wouldn't it have been ironic - and the epitome of irony - if Obama had won the Electoral College count, but not the popular vote.  FIrst of all, you have to discount all these figures we are looking at here, anyway - being given to look at - for all the fraud and deceit that characterizes the voting process in America today; and has for far too long.1  That process should have been cleaned up long ago.  But for the sake of argument, so to speak - for me to make a point - let's take such figures, and look at a What If:  What if Obama had won the Electoral College count, but lost the popular vote.  

There would be nothing to celebrate - compounded.  The man who would have won the presidential seat of office, according to the terms of the Constitution, would have done so illegally, according to the terms of the Constitution.  

Which is, really, the bottom-line in this matter - whichever way you count it.  And he is, therefore, a Usurper in and of that office.  

A condition which should not be allowed to stand.  

And what's worse - and almost - almost - unforgivable: he knows it.  And what's even worse: he has been supported in that position, and that coverup, by the mainstream media of the country.  

The so-called free press.  In a so-called free country...

Which used to be governed by the rule of law.  And is no more.  And is, therefore, subject to rule by tyrants.

Like the current occupant of the formerly honorable office of the presidency of the United States of America.2

Now, if the State legislatures want to sign off on this usurpation of the office; and the Congress -according to the lawful terms of the Constitution - that's their business.  I wouldn't, if I were them.  Because it would be based on a deception, and would be therefore not of the Light, but of the Dark.  

Oh - wait a moment.  Just to clarify:

I am them.
As they are me.

As We Are One Another.  And therefore, are One.  In spirit.

So choose, ladies and gentlemen.


Or Mammon.

And a word of advice:

Choose wisely.

Because we, in our time - here and now - are up for Change. 

Real Change.

Major Change.

And I for one would 'hate' for any one of you to fail to make the grade.

To pass.

Or to fail.

On just such decisions - in the nature of moral accountability - as this one.



1 As I have said elsewhere in this blog site of mine, recently: I have been out of the country for over 35 years, and have been appalled, in returning, to find the extent of the fraudulence in the voting system in the country.  It would appear that both sides of the political aisle have been trying to outdo the other side in a game.  What a travesty of the electoral process.  An immoral country couldn't have done a better job of it.   
     And thus, you have had the sort of leadership that you have deserved.  

2 "formerly": as in many years ago.  Before the rot of corruption set in so deeply.
     I am sure that there has always been some degree of corruption in the politics of America.  It 'comes with the territory,' of the acting out of free will, in a realm that allows for the 'play' of light and dark.  For a purpose.  The purpose, of separating the sheep from the goats, as it were.  But nothing has infected the American soul as much as the 'recent' corruption of the political process. And especially with the advent of electronic voting machines.  
     But that's another story.  (And, perhaps, blog, on this site; in more depth than I have covered it so far.)


Oh; and

P.S.  I hear in the background the call from the crowd:  'Sore loser.  Sore loser!'
     If that is a correct sensing; my response:
     You bet I'm a sore loser, if a major constitutional illegality has taken place.
     And you?  What about you?  A believer, then, in the 'principle' that the end justifies the means??  Even if you understand fully that that is the 'principle' of every tyrant who ever strutted the historical stage???  Is that the quality of company that you really want to keep????
     If so, then I feel sorry for you.  For you are, then, destined to no good end.  Speaking of ends.
     A major one of which we are facing as we speak.  And make our personal, and collective, moral decisions.
     It's testing time, ladies and gentlemen.
     As I say:
     Choose wisely.
     As if your life depended on it.
     Because it does.
     Your life, that is to say: in spirit.

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