Saturday, 10 November 2012

Another Post Mortem

In mulling over what 'came over me' yesterday, I have processed it thusly.

Firstly.  This kind of 'take no prisoners' energy felt a little foreign to me.  Or 'alien' may be the word...(which has a bit of an uneasy connotation for me; but bear with me a sec.  I'll get to that.)  I mean, I still bless my food, e.g.; am still humble enough to do that sort of thing.  In other words: I'm not an incipient nazi type; hard-hearted to the point of cold-hearted emotionless.  Although I feel, and realize, and accept, that that 'uncompromising' position yesterday was not of a low quality.  It was more in the nature of merely a hard quality; like a diamond.  Indestructible.  Supremely self-assured.

And today's 'message' - following on from a footnote thought of yesterday, on each of us owning now our 'Christhood':

'You have in your midst your answers.  You don't have to, nor should you, look outside of yourselves for your 'salvation'.  You contain all that you need, to rise to any occasion.

'Don't overlook your Selves in this matter, of Ascension.'

End of report.

For what it's worth.

And now, off to the Library, finally to take a look at how the elections actually panned out, over their time period.

Something fishy there, still.  I don't trust the results; and I'm sure that I'm not the only one.  It may be too late to do anything about it, all.  But we need to learn our lessons. 

And there's that uncompromising quality leaking through again...

I think I'll learn to live with it.

Oh - because actually, something similar to it 'came through me' immediately after the elections, when I was reading some of the responses of people, on both sides of the electoral aisle. I worded it thusly:

'You've lost your way, America.  You need to get back on track by living your true principles.  Your true principles are not 'What's in it for me' and 'Do whatever you need to do to get elected' - in order to keep the gravy train rolling your way.  Your true principles are in living decent, caring, moral, self-governing lives.  Get back to your basics; and all will be well.'

I didn't take it as 'guidance', because I wasn't into that sort of thing, for myself, at that time.

But I'm beginning to wonder......

- and wonder, how somebody who does 'receive guidance', or 'channels', differentiates between their own conscious, or subconscious, selves - or their own superconscious Self - and a true 'other', 'higher' entity.

Or are we all connected through our own Higher Selves to each other's; and it's all One anyway... I find myself continuing to say, these days...

...mainly, perhaps, to myself; to finally 'get it'.

The whole, true extent of 'it':

That it's just 'Us' talking to 'Us'......

Anyway.  Food for thought.

On the day before 11/11.  Which, according to some of 'us', is a Portal day.

Whatever that means.

May, mean...

This is all getting tricky.

And interesting......

A quick, last-minute thought here: Starting to get thoughts couched in 'guidance' terms has reminded me that I spent many years in a spiritual community where one of the founders believed that she got messages from God Himself.  Which started out, in the beginning, as addressing her as 'My Child'; and then, further along, as 'My Beloved Child'.  And lastly, at the end of her life, she believed that she and God were One.

Who's to say.........


P.S.  I just checked something called the Oracle Report for today.*  This appears on a couple of the e-newsletter sites that I take.  I'm not sure what to think about all of this astrology business.  Some of it seems rather artificial.  But some of it, in my experience, has made good sense.  (In the 'As Above, So Below' sense as well.  That is to say: Everything is connected.)  Anyway; because this 'guidance' business has begun to 'get to me', I decided to check out the reading for today, instead of just passing over it like I usually do.  This is what it said, in part:

"All wise owls should locate to their 'inner tree' and be open."  

Woo-woo!  Woo-woo!......

* 'Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment'.  Today's reading is headed:
'Balsamic Moon Phase - Moon in Libra'

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