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The Matter Before Us

starting with this thread from ObamaBallotChallenge:

'This Clown is NOT Eligible to be President Either' - George M - 19 Nov.  (over into early 20 Nov.)     (re: Marco Rubio)

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    The republican party and some in the media ( Mr Hannity of fox news ) have been pushing Marco Rubio for VP sense before the 2012 presidential election . They claim they know what Natural Born US Citizen means but they don’t . And I believe the reason the republican controlled house won’t investigate barack hussein obama’s qualifications to hold office is because they have their own candidate that does not meet US Constitutional qualifications to hold the office of US President . They are trying to go around Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . Our US congress people are turning their backs on the oath they took to the US Constitution to protect and defend that constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic . We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .
    Charles, 11 hours ago

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    This is a perfect example of why the conservatives/constitutionalists in America should depart the Republican Party forthwith, and create their own political party: the Republican Party has obviously been taken over by the Establishment, which includes NeoCons, who have no business determining this nation’s foreign policy. For one thing, they engineered 9/11 into being; and need to face a court of law – after [the] reopening [of] an in-depth investigation of that false flag op – for that despicable crime. For another, they obviously did a quid-pro-quo with the Democrat Party honchos to slip around the NBC constitutional requirement for the presidential (&, by amendment, the VP) office, and need to be taken down for that crime as well. All in all, they are a criminal enterprise (also, look at what they did to the legitimate Ron Paul supporters in the Nominating Convention fiasco), and need to be called on it. 

  3. Constitutionalists: Man your stations. And take no false boarders.
    Stan, moments ago


Note.  If I were asked to enlarge my thoughts on this subject, this is what I would say:

'To all those citizens who are angry about and incensed over the now-obvious stealing of the 2012 elections by the Obama camp: come aboard.

'To all those citizens who want to see America returned to her basic principles, in particular of Liberty, come aboard.

'To all those citizens who want to see the good ship America sail the New Seas of a New Era for ALL of Humanity, come aboard. 

'We have work to do.  Sweepers, man your brooms.  We have a government to clean out.'

And, in further detail:

The matter before us is really very simple, in its essence:

Either the individual is sovereign, or the state is sovereign, and the individual is but a subject of the state.  In the new nation of the United States of America, a man became a freeman; and thus became the sovereign, to whom the state was subject.

You are about to squander your birthright.


If only for the sake of all those who sacrificed so much to make you free:

Don't forsake your inheritance.

For your sake, and the sake of your children, and your children's children, I implore you: Don't let this cup pass from your lips.  It is for you, the living at this time, to make that choice: to drink from the cup of freedom.  Or see it pass forever from the lips of humankind, as they fall into slavery, as mere subjects of and to those who crave power over people, as opposed to those who, in governing positions, would be the dutiful servants of The People; standing tall in their power, and their responsibility, and their legacy, from the Founders of this special nation.  Which exists for all of humanity; not just for its own citizens, and its citizens' offspring.

Take this cup; and drink deep from it.  You will be eternally glad that you did.

And so will we all.  Ultimately; All.  Finding our way back to our eternal Home; as One with the All in All.  With The All That Is, That Ever Was, and That Ever Will Be.  Proud, that we ultimately stood up for what is Right.

And speaking of Right, and rights.

As for the election just past.  Besides the illegality of Obama to hold the office of the presidency, it was fatally flawed by - from all the reports coming in - massive voter fraud and electronic voting machine chicanery.  By rights, it should be annulled.  Declared null and void.  Cheaters should never be allowed to prosper.  We must alter the outcome; must not falter now.  Too much is at stake.

We have a world to win, for the Light.  For the side of Right.  Not the 'right', as in (now-past) political parlance.  But the Right.  As in Truth, and Justice.  And those qualities are not served by having a man at the helm of the USS America who is not fit to serve in that capacity, for not being eligible for it, according to the rule of law: which is the Constitution of, and for, the United States of America.1  

This matter of Obama's eligibility - or to say, the lack thereof - is not just the opinion of the Right in the country.  The Left has KNOWN that their man is a usurper.  Have known all along.  They tried as far back as the mid-2000s to get the Constitution changed on this issue (among others) when there was a major push to put a Constitutional Convention in place, that could alter or even abolish the Constitution as it was; and still is. 

Bob Unruh, now of World Net Daily (since 2006; before that, with Associated Press for many years) reported on this in a blog on December 12, 2008 titled 'U.S. Now Only 2 States Away From Rewriting Constitution'.  Left-wing 'academics' have called, and considered, the Constitution 'archaic'.  Which is why they keep trying to sell the American people on the (ideological) idea that it is 'a living document,' capable of being interpreted by activist judges according to their personal political proclivities -hopefully, to them, of a liberal bent of mind (showing their arrogance; since such a sword could also cut against them as well) - because the process for amending the contract - which is built into it - is too 'cumbersome'. (On purpose.  So that the contract should not be altered for 'light and transient' reasons.  Having been carved out painstakingly to last the test of time.  And which is all that stands in the way between the rule of law and either anarchy or despotism; don't take your pick.  It will -would - all end up in the same gutter.)2  

This is all by way of pointing out that the foot soldiers - and trolls - of the Left were quietly massed in irregular formation and all ready to go with their blunderbusses when individual citizens began to query Obama's credentials; the revolutionaries trying to stifle the counterrevolution by calling their adversaries names like 'birthers', using an old Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' trick of ridiculing your opponents.  And they got away with it, when right-wing talking heads thought more of their egos than of their jobs, as so-called journalists and opposition commentators.  

And the Republican Party itself, and its representatives in government??

Conspicuous by their absence.

The Republican Party has obviously been in on this caper; when, with the failure to get sufficient states to swing for a Con Con, both sides of the political aisle (although mostly from the Democrat side) tried, for a total of eight times in the five years between 2003 and (the election year of) 2008, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress particularly on this NBC issue - and failed each time even to get their various proposals out of committee.  So what did these plotters do?  They (obviously) decided to just ignore the constitutional issue.  Decided to try to brazenly buffalo their way to success; buffalo the American people on the matter.  Since the Republican Party was in on the scam - obviously having arranged a quid pro quo with the Democrats out of the deal, for their own candidate(s) to be able to thus 'qualify' - there was no organized opposition to the Democrat's purloining of the American presidency.

Just the people.  Who will hopefully become The People; and take their country back from the criminals - rise to the occasion, and put such calumny where it belongs.  

In the bin.      



1 I am aware that there is some question about the form of the United States; that it apparently became a corporation somewhere along the line, which has affected its legal structures.  But I don't have to get into all that in this paper.  Any confusion along those lines will be cleared up anyway; as part of the cleansing that will now take place, as The People take back their country, from their erstwhile Masters.
     There is but One Master of this ship  And He is not amused, at all the chicanery that has been taking place regarding it, while He was engaged in other duties, and it was up to The (newly-freed) People to take the helm and steer a true course.  Sadly, when it became up to Everybody, it fell on Nobody; and the course has faltered.
     But it is not late to set things Right.   

2 This business of a Constitutional Convention is worth going into in a little more detail.  The cover-story intent was to "change the U.S. Constitution's 'problematic' provisions to reflect the philosophical and social mores of our contemporary society," to quote from a public policy organization - the American Policy Center -  in its attempt to warn the public about what was really going on; with the intent by the Left to "revise the First Amendment into a government controlled privilege, replace the 2nd Amendment with a 'collective' right to self-defense, and abolish the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments, and the rest of the Bill of Rights."  
     However, a key objective was to abolish the 'natural born citizen' requirement for the presidency.  Listen to an associate at a Chicago law firm (whose partner served on a finance committee for Obama), who advocated, in a paper written in 2006 (after Obama had won a seat in the U.S. Senate, and was on his way up), "simply abandoning the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a president be a 'natural born citizen'" (quoting Unruh).  The paper, written by one Sarah Herlihy, says, in her introduction to it: 
      “The natural born citizen requirement in Article II of the United States Constitution has been called the ‘stupidest provision’ in the Constitution, ‘undecidedly un-American,’ ‘blatantly discriminatory,’ and the ‘Constitution’s worst provision,’”  (The paper is titled, “Amending the Natural Born Citizen Requirement: Globalization as the Impetus and the Obstacle.”)
     So this has been the Left's game plan from the very beginning.
     And the ultimate goal??
     Obama, who wishes the Constitution "to be interpreted through the lens of current events," wrote Unruh, is a key part of a team effort by the hard Left to take over the nation for their collectivist/statist purposes.  Unruh goes on to note that one Melody Barnes, a senior domestic adviser to the Obama campaign at the time of the '08 elections, said of their Dear Leader:
     "His view is that our society isn't static and the law isn't static as well.  That the Constitution is a living and breathing document and that the law and the justices who interpret it have to understand that."
   Got that?  Humpty Dumpty is declaring, "Words mean what I say they mean."  Another way of putting all this is in the words of Hitler, who said: "I am the law."
     I commend Bob Unruh's full article to your attention.  It's an eyeopener of major proportions.

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