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To Secede, Or Not...

...To Secede: That Is The Question

[Tea e-newsletter site, thread to article 'Secession petitions flood White House website' subtitled 'Citizens in Four More States File Petitions To Secede From United States' - Nov. 12]

As much as I am against Obama...I hate to see this country dissolve into fractional states, shouldn't we all be working together to change the complexion of the Senate and House so we have real representatives in Congress instead of the corrupt bunch we have now....have so many forgotten that "United we stand, divided we fall"?
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  • Ethel Specht · Top Commenter · Draughon's Business College  
  •           We haven't forgotten but some idiots did not get the message (like the Unions and the fraud that got Obama elected)...... that we no longer wanted Obama as President. He is a Muslim and is destroying our good old USA. We can either leave now with honor or lose everything we have. Those Democrats in the Senate will not stop Obama from destroying our Country and Obama does not have sense enough to understand that.

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    • John Rogers · Yreka, California
    • I agree, but personally I would rather fight and lose everything than walk away. I truly believe this country is worth fighting for and saving. I may not win but it will not be from a lack of trying. We as a people cannot simply leave...what honor is there in leaving? We need to fight to take back our Constitution and all it stands for.
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      Jeff Clark
      · Top Commenter · Coe College, kirkwood college
    • I would like to agree but I cannot, we will have to fight if we secede and our origanality will come with us, we are just removing ourselves from the chaff
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      Bryan Burgess · Traction Power Maintainer at Dallas Area Rapid Transit
    • Don't you see, we are now outnumbered, especially since many states do not require citizenship to vote. America is lost. You want to keep your liberty? Move out of California and into a state that will consider its withdrawal.
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    Boyd Postell · Top Commenter · Baytown, Texas
    it hard to chainge something when the election are fix for Obama
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    Jeff Clark, listen to John, all or nothing. Is cowardice a new course they teach at the liberal arts college (Coe)? I'm glad Wahsing, Jefferson, Adams & the bunch didn't turn tail and run
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    You cant really change anything as long as the dishonest are aloud to steal elections and votes and nobody seems to be able to stop them or do anything about it!
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    @ Bryan Burgess - No we are not out-numbered, if you analyze the results you will see that fraud had a lot to do with much of the voting in certain states. A state by state effort can change voter id laws it has been done and it works. It just takes a lot of work and effort. It may take an Obama second-term for people to realize what they have lost, but I for one will not give up on the United States and will continue to fight for our freedom and our God given rights. Whether this nation survives or not is up to the can cut and run or you can stand up and fight. I just happen to choose the latter.
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    Good point, John; especially as TPTB WANT the U.S. broken up, in order to get rid of its Constitution, which is the one key thing standing in the way of their takeover, in order to establish their slave-state NWO. It's also what the La Raza people want: to take back portions of the U.S. to 're-establish' their Aztlan. No; you're right. Petitions for secession can help indicate the deep degree of frustration and anger there is in the body politic over 'the way things are'; but the high degree of voter fraud is an indicator, and a key one, that the Left doesn't have the numbers for a direct takeover - yet. 

    So the best bet for Tea Party types is to organize in every State that does not yet have a photo ID requirement to vote, to get that through those State legislatures. Next step: to organize in ALL the States to discard the electronic voting devices and go back to a clear paper trail. To recognize that both sides of the political aisle have engaged in corrupt voting practices, and The People are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE, from either of those corrupt camps. And thus to start fresh, with a renewed love for the founding principles of this country. Which action will bring a lot of the pus in the country to a head; finally to be dealt with systematically. 

    All systems go in that direction, folks. And may the better 'system' win.
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    …and, to prove I'm not blindly partisan; this today, from the '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' e-newsletter site:

    One Response to PressTV: Now it’s payback time! Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11
    • 45017dc20ce2dd468632e1029df454c2.png
    • kibitzer3 says:
      November 12, 2012 at 9:02 pm
      Former President Carter to head a second 9/11 Commission? To “expose the full, horrible truth about the 9/11 attacks”?? THE ex-President Carter; who was selected and put in place by the CFR and the Bilderbergers???…

    • I agree, Jean: Something at the least ‘unaware’ in Kevin Barrett’s take on 9/11 matters.

    • A shame. Since he has gotten so much else right about that atrocity, as part of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Maybe he believes that Carter is just a Democrat do-gooder. That that ‘clean Gene’ could spill the peanuts about 9/11, just because he is on record as wanting some justice for the Palestinians. Which, of course, would jeopardize instantly any sense of his impartiality in any investigation involving the state of Israel/the Mossad…

    • Back to the drawing board, Kevin. A nice idea, in principle. But let the chips TRULY fall where they may, in the atrocious matter of 9/11.


    P.S.  Today I have been mulling over this business of 'guidance'.  I also recall that it was always a bit of an issue at the spiritual community where I 'came from'.  We trusted our Founder, Eileen, with her guidance, because she had a lifetime of their following it;* and in doing so, their lives had worked out beautifully, to the point where what they started - in the former garbage dump corner of a humble caravan park on windswept sand dune ground - attracted thousands upon thousands of people to their little community in the north of Scotland, looking for a combination of philosophical spirituality and practical spirituality - the latter consisting of, and expressing itself as, how to live one's daily life, and grow one's food, on Love (and for them, on little else).
         The community - known as the Findhorn Foundation - happens to be celebrating its 50th Anniversary this week.  And I am sure that one of the subjects that they - the members, and all the guests who will have come, including many ex-members, to celebrate the occasion with the current membership of this international spiritual community-cum ecovillage - will delve into, is this one; namely: How do you know if your 'guidance' is true guidance or not??
         Personally, I think I'm getting too self-conscious now.  I'm not sure where any of what I 'get' is coming from.  So, I'm going to go back to feeling that it's just coming from me.  From different parts of me, perhaps; from my daily conscious, or my subconscious, or my superconscious, or whatever combination.  But just me.
         Although, if We Are All One; and All IS One - as I find myself 'channeling' a lot these days, lol - who is 'me', anyway?...    
         And maybe this is going to become an 'issue' for many, as we - humanity - approach Ascension; and therefore the 4th and 5th dimensions (at a minimum) will bleed more and more into our 3rd dimension vehicle...
         This could make for interesting times, indeed, in the coming days.
         And note the 'days'...

    *Of the three of them, Eileen (Caddy) got the direct guidance, complete with a voice; Dorothy (MacLean got 'messages', from what she called the Devic Kingdom - a sort of angelic kingdom behind the forms of Nature (including entire planets, etc.); and Peter had a strong intuition, and a Will developed to such an extent that he faithfully executed whatever guidance came through Eileen.  Many's the time - well.  Another time, perhaps.  :-)  


    P.P.S.  And my last thought for tonight; on this Secession business; this to the '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth' e-newsletter site; to a blog titled 'Secession petition filed in 20 states...the chaos increases...' on Nov. 12:

    Roberto says:
    I believe this is mostly a protest against big government.. If it is just against O, that’s sad.
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    • cadesertvoice says:
      November 12, 2012 at 5:06 pm
      I agree. These are all Republican states along with NJ, NY and OR, which is odd because they are Blue states. These petitions are filed at the site, where anyone can file. In order for this to be legit, the request must come from the governors of these states through the legislative process. This is nothing more than disgruntled anti-Obama voters going nowhere.

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    • kibitzer3 says:
      November 13, 2012 at 2:56 am
      I have been following this thing on a number of sites, and it’s a bit more complex than that, Roberto.

    • (1) A lot of it is due to a tremendous number of examples of voter fraud that have been coming out. Most for Obama (BO did not win a single state that requires photo ID to vote, e.g.); but a lot of the people behind it are just sick and tired of all of the corruption going on regarding the federal government, and want to get their own state’s responsibility back.

    • (2) There are some sinister players lurking in the b/g of this initiative, that WANT to see the U.S. broken up; because the U.S. Constitution is the single most important stumbling block in their way to merging the U.S. into a region of their planned New World Order. Both the socialists and the fascists have their own versions of that slave-state initiative, but both camps want the Constitution out of the way. 

    • So this whole thing is going to require a lot of discernment – and for the citizenry to begin to look beyond the current ‘players’, and see the larger picture: that it’s time to leave the whole 3D play-action behind anyway. 

    • At least that’s my take on all this.


    And that's 30 for tonight, folks.

    Goodnight to Mrs. Kalabash, and all the ships at sea.

    (And if that doesn't give away my age, nothing will.)

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