Tuesday, 20 November 2012

And With The Paint Hardly Dry...

And now there's talk of a Republican Party ineligible candidate for either the VP or the Presidential office itself in 2016…by all accounts a very good candidate; name of Marco Rubio.  Who could - or so goes the scuttlebutt - expand the Republican Party's base with the man's appeal to Hispanics, thus aligning with its attempt to capture some of that bloc of voters at least currently going to the Democrats.1


But that's not primarily what I want to talk about here.  What I want to talk about primarily is attitude, and the role thereof, in our spiritual evolutionary development.

In short: Many Obama supporters will not be able to progress (ironically; given the political terms of the day).  It is your consciousness, your mentality, your attitude, your intention that matters.  And if you had the intention to support him even knowing that he was ineligible for that particular office according to the Constitution, you have shut yourself out from progress on the spiritual path, up the spiritual ladder.

Why is special consideration supposed to be given to the man who calls himself Obama (as if flaunting his uniqueness, in his parentage)??  He has engaged in deception.  Deceptive acts galore.  He has his work cut out for him, to make amends.  To his soul; and to the American people.

How did this ever come about in the first place…

There I was, over in Europe (Scotland, in actual point of fact), attending to other business in my life, and trusting that my fellow Americans were attending to matters of import in my home country - including, I hoped, discovering more about the power elite running things, whichI had read considerably about before heading off across the pond and attending to some personal spiritual business.  (Spending many years living in a spiritual community; and feeling at home there, although knowing that I would return some day to my earthly base, with unfinished business to attend to there.)  And this half-black guy appears on the national scene back home, making people swoon as, ultimately, the Democrat Party candidate for the presidency; having come out of, not necessarily 'nowhere' - he had been a U.S. Senator; and an Illinois State senator before that - but out of relative obscurity.  

He had made a rousing speech at the 2004 Democrat Nominating Convention (featuring his declaration that 'America is not made up of red states or blue states, but is the United States'); which was the extent, really, of his credentials.  But good for him, I thought at my distance; with the American people perhaps finally to be able to put a major national issue behind them; or at least to give it a little rest, a little chance to work itself out, the way these things do, in a (relatively) free society, undergoing organic change - and then I started discovering, on the Internet, serious questions about his eligibility for the office.  What is this all about?? I wondered from afar.  And then started finding out 'what this was all about'.  Finding out that it was all about a major deception being played out on the American people - and many of them seemed to be willing to go along with it, as near as I could read matters on the Comments threads to blogs on the Internet.  To the point even of  people (probably paid 'trolls', I was to find out about later on, as my dexterity in 'surfing the net' got more advanced, lol) making excuses for the situation.  'He got the votes; that's all that matters' seemed to be the attitude of a considerable number of people, that I could gather from my distance. 

What is this?? I wondered, at the mentality going on in my home country - in MY country. 

To me it was a terrible, terrible attitude.  Couldn't they see that??  A very short-sighted attitude; the sort of attitude that could get a nation into a whole heap of trouble.

Similar to the attitude that the end justifies the means.  The attitude - the philosophy; the mindset - of tyrants down through the ages.

And not the sort of attitude that is going to get one holding it far on the spiritual ladder.  in fact, is, rather, the sort of attitude that would slow down one's progress considerably.

And there is that word again.  Progress.  With political 'progress' - i.e., a 'progressive' - being anything but in a spiritual context, when employing such tactics - attitudes - as the above. 

And, to be fair: the Right of politics is just as 'suspect' in this sort of business.  Not just with the Republican Party's collusion in the nomination of Obama for the Democrat Party presidential candidacy (twice); but with a recent Republican president (in point of fact, the most recent of such; but a number of them could do, to make the point) quoted as saying that the Constitution is "just a damn piece of paper".  In the hands of budding despots, yes, I would agree.  That is precisely what it is there for.  Is precisely what such a person, with such a mentality, thinks of the rule of law: that it's in their way.  That it doesn't pertain to them.  That they are a law unto themselves.  Or would like to be.  Or would, in tact, even try to be. 

As is the current occupant of the office.  Which has housed eminent Americans, and their souls.  Washington. Adams.  Jefferson.  Madison.  Jackson. Lincoln…has housed, that is to say, men who brought stature to the office. And lent it the benefit of their positive presence.  

And we have now a man occupying that office who is defiling it.3 

A man who needs to go, for occupying it, not poorly - according to his political lights, and ability to function in it .  But illegally.  

And so it doesn't matter how good, or poorly, a job he does in it.  He is in it illegally.  And therefore - if the rule of law is to mean anything anymore in this country - he needs to go.

Or the nation will rot, like a fish, from its very head.   

Which it is already starting to do, as we speak.   



1 And with Obama's appeal to the illegal alien vote with his partial amnesty…and these people increasing their numbers exponentially, especially by births (but also by bringing family in)…and some goodly number of them being committed to La Raza, and therefore the takeover of current American soil for the re-establishment of their purported ancestral home, Aztlan: things are not looking good for 'the Republicans'.  Or the American nation in general…

2 What's sauce for the goose, hmm???……how ignoble is that.  'If they can do it, so can we.'  
     That's the sort of argument that got the country into such deep trouble with its voting procedures.  Not a wise philosophy to take on board.

3 A perfect example of Obama's defiling of the office, and his despotic pretensions: that he runs a kill list for drone strikes.
     An American president, running a kill list????……No question.  He must go.

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