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'My Question To You, Then...

...Concerning Not Voting'  - blog on her own blog site by Jean of  '2012: What's the 'Real' Truth?' - Nov. 2

kibitzer3 says:
My take:
We’re helping to create a field of thought, Jean; a thoughtform, if you will. We’re saying – and ‘advertising’, to our friends, our Congresscritters, to blog sites, to Comments threads – that we won’t continue to go along with a corrupt paradigm (to ‘get along’) and are withdrawing our support for it, not helping it hobble along any further. We’re being a Withdrawal Movement. A piece of grit (true grit…), that a pearl can grow around, that just stays latent otherwise/without. A Harbinger of things to come – announcing a New Era, by our refusing to support The Old tired rag of a piece of a cloth barely obscuring any longer the fact that the emperor has on, really, no clothes at all. And we welcome all to join us in leaving The Old behind.
It’s the movement of a new flag to rally ’round. It has to start somewhere. Let it start with me, is the idea. And from that start, the Me grows, and grows, and grows.
I repeat: It has to start somewhere. Or it never will.


...and some follow-on good thoughts on this subject:

    • Jean says:
      Yes, Gloria, Kibitzer3 said much the same thing. . . and it certainly is food for thought. I really need to sit with this idea and contemplate it. . . Thanks for taking the time to share with me. . . Hugs, ~Jean
  1. Richard says:
    Alright Jean, here goes nothing, my feelings are this, as you referred to it so many times, the system is already on the collapse. This system was built on a lie since the English landed on our shores, let me state this, I’m coming from heart, not hate Jean. When anyone builds their word on a lie, then the imbalance of life creates a cancerous effect. Then soon one day as this day, it has finally come to this point in time. where a ballot, being part of the system that is collapsing is of no use!. As you start to see Jean, people are coming together in unity. This system is exposing itself, for what it is. Control, power, corruption and chaos! Were on our way Jean, to the “Golden Age”
    Peace. Richard
  2. Ken says:
    Hello Jean, I choose not to vote because I don’t want to be complicit in the aberration that has been substituted for the democracy that is supposed to be “by the people, of the people, for the people” which it clearly is not. It appears to me that we have a completed merger of the state and the corporation which is the definition of fascism.
    We have “career politicians” who only serve their self interests and will legislate for the highest bidder. We truly have the best government money can buy! Have you noticed that in many cases the result of legislation passed is in direct contrast to the will of the people? Most of our politicians have sold out a long time ago and to think our vote is going to buy us political clout against money bearing lobbyists is illusory at best.
    I don’t pretend to have all the answers but by not voting we are making a political statement, not about the candidate but about the whole system. We are basically telling our politicians that the emperors have no clothes, that they are naked without the will of the people. I’m not a proponent of violence to affect change but willful civil disobedience. It’s a travesty our vote doesn’t matter but we can shine a light on the hypocrisy if we can get enough people to not vote or we can continue to ride the merry go round! I’ve chosen to jump off!
Jordo says:
Our votes are meaningless, and I can better spend the time and effort raising other people’s consciousness out of the illusion they’re logged into.
For me, it is about the science of “energy flows where focus goes.” It is my very deep and firm belief that when I focus on (not “wish for”, not “hope for”) a world of freedom, peace, love, and prosperity, that that is my reality. I have read enough and experienced enough to prove to me that this science is real.
I am not against anything – rather, I am for humanity stepping into our greatness – embracing the untold “powers”, if you will, that we are capable of demonstrating and using to benefit the Universe.
When I see something in the world that I believe comes from somewhere other than love, I choose to accept it (that doesn’t mean approve of it) and realize that others have the right to choose their realities.
I don’t choose to vote because, for me, that means that I perpetuate energy that does not come from love and therefore does not benefit the Universe. Will not voting change the system? I doubt it – however, my continued focus on love rather than fear will.


...and a direct response to my contribution:

ohnwentsya says:
kibitzer3 please see my reply to Gloria, below. I respect what you are saying but I hope you will come to realize that it has already started somewhere, with many of us who reached the realization you have now, decades ago and have been working our butts off both in the physical and the spiritual levels since then.
Many of us who now do choose to vote went thru the phase you are in now long ago, and have long ago withdrawn our support for the corrupt system. Voting does not have to mean support for it-it is all in how you look at and how you go about it.
Voting is just another TOOL and we have to use every tool we can to stop the cabals who feel themselves entitled to control us.
They want us to feel there is no alternative that everyone is working for them but it is not true-they just have the power to make it appear true thru their ownership of 97% of the media in our country, and their extensive disnfo programs.
There are many effective ways to REALLY withdraw support-not voting just gives them what they want. Not BUYING upsets them a LOT;-)
Decolonizing our minds and our actions destroys them and their system. I believe the name of the book is horizontalism but I am not sure-the concept is lateral based power instead of power over and it completely cripples a power over based system.
if you truly want to withdraw your support for this system then look into lateral based power and horizontalism.
I will look up the reference i have and post about it on my blog soon, i have a great primer on using it in activist groups by the may 15/indignados in Madrid Spain that I will post as well.
I respect those of you who don’t wish to vote-if it feels wrong to do, then don’t do it-but take it from someone who has tried it and thousands of other ways to stop their system, not voting won’t change anything at all. If you really want to change things there are tons of tools and the more of us wielding them the faster the change will come.
I think it is important that we not let their disinfo tactics come between us or ruin the positive atmosphere of support in lightworker communities.
I accept that perhaps my take on the disinfo is backwards–perhaps I am the victim of it and Obama really is one of them-but my deep awareness tells me he is not. Either way, as long as we all keep sharing tools, respect and support and keep *Acting* in whatever ways we are inspired to, then the changes WILL come, and sooner than most think is possible.
  • kibitzer3 says:
    Thanks for your thoughts, ohnwentsya. And I’ll look up this ‘lateral based power’ business; thanks for the lead. And I hope it goes without saying that I never meant to ‘put down’ in any way the energy that some people have put in for varying lengths of time to ‘change the system’ in the voting charade. Good for you; good for them. But please know that it doesn’t make any sense to me for me to go against my inner sense of integrity for what is right for me.
    I have said somewhere else, in response to another of Jean’s blog site blogs on another subject (I believe it was a comment you made comparing the Bush II 2000 ‘stolen’ election and Obama’s ineligibility for the office in the first place; or it was about Bush I being, apparently, not a natural born citizen himself; although that wasn’t known about until just recently), that two wrongs don’t make a right. It would be a wrong for me – at least at this point in my development/attitude – to vote in a corrupt system, thus lending my support to its status. And, I might grow out of that attitude. To clarify that last remark:
    If it were to be for ‘the long haul,’ I feel, in thinking about the matter, that I could entertain your conceptualizing of the situation as a possibility for me as well – the old hold-your-nose-as-you-vote routine. But since we are clearly at a gamechanging time anyway, I guess I’m feeling particularly sensitive to living up to my highest self-standards, and ‘getting away with it’, as it were… :-)


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