Saturday, 26 September 2015

Every Part Of Itself

‘Hello, and welcome to the show.

‘Today we have in the studio with us a very interesting person, man, who has been walking the streets of our fair city for some time now, and has drawn some notoriety to himself, for seeming to emit a glow.  But I’ll let him tell you all about that, and more.  Sir, welcome to the show.’ 

‘Thank you.  Thanks for having me.’

‘And first of all, your name is…?’

‘Do you want my incarnate name, or a name closer to the real thing?’

‘ - Well - let’s say, the one closer to the real thing.  For kicks.’

‘Call me, Elder Brother.’

‘All right.  Elder Brother.  And where are you from, originally?’

‘Do you want - ‘

‘Let’s say, the place closer to the real thing.’

‘Well.  Not from here, for a start.  And I’m not what you would call an ET, specifically.  Let’s just say that I’m from a higher dimension.’

‘And that would account for…’

‘The glow; yes.  I can’t help that, it seems.  It slips out of me, sometimes.  I try to keep it under wraps; as it were.’

’So.  Why are you here?  ‘Elder Brother’??’

‘I’m here to help set things right.’

‘Like what; for a start?’

‘Like the Usurper in the office of the presidency of this nation.  He has to go.’

‘ - Well - two things.  Number one, why is he a ’usurper,’ as you say, and claim.  And number two, how would you go about that??  You must know that it would be impossible.’

‘Number one: No, it is not impossible. It is going to happen. And number two.   And here, let me give you an example of the trouble that you have gotten yourselves into.  By letting ideologues take over your education system, to do you in.   Another issue, for another time, perhaps.

‘As to your education: You haven’t learned to spell because, ostensibly, you have Spellcheck on your computers.  You haven’t learned how to calculate figures in your head because, ostensibly, you have calculators.  So, you’ve lost the ability to look at - ‘calculate,’ in your heads - the details of things.  Have been conditioned to not looking at the details of things, for yourselves.  'Close enough is good enough' seems to be your prevailing philosophy.  Hence your ‘overlooking’ the details of the eligibility requirements for that office.’

‘Please explain.’

‘Thanks for being open to the explanation, of what I am getting at.

‘Your Constitution - your rule of law in this country - requires that the occupant of that office - and that particular federal office ONLY - be a, quote, ”natural born” citizen.  What does that mean to you?’

‘ - Well, it’s…it’s whatever the experts in those sorts of things say it is.’

‘So you’re turning the running of your life over to ‘the experts’.’

‘Well; they’re the ones to know…’

‘The details of things.  My point, exactly.

‘Let’s cut to the chase here.  The chase after the facts of things.  

‘And a fact that it will help you to know - to ‘calculate,’ in your head - for us to continue in this vein, is that the occupant of that particular office also becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces.  With me so far?’

‘Okay so far…’

‘Okay.  Now.  That office is the only federal office that the constitutional Framers put that particular eligibility requirement in for.  For all other federal offices, one needs only to be a ‘citizen,’ of which there are several kinds.  Now, what could they possibly have meant, by putting that particular requirement in their constitutional contract for that particular office?’

‘… - Look, we have only so much time on this show; Elder Brother…’

‘Alright.  Let me spell it out for you.  So to speak.

‘They didn’t want anybody in that office who would have split loyalties.  Dual, or otherwise conflicting, loyalties or allegiances.  The person needs to have sole allegiance to the United States.

‘And thereby the definition of that term.  A “natural born” citizen being one born on the soil, of citizen parents.  Plural.  As in, both.  And U.S. citizens, in this particular instance; the term being a generic one.  Meaning that it applies as a fact, of what is called Natural Law.  As opposed to statutory law.

‘l’m perhaps making the matter too complicated there.  Were you with me to that point?’

‘In terms of the definition of the term…’


‘Yes.  I see that.’



‘So why have ‘you’ let a dual citizen into that office?’

‘ -  Look, - Elder Brother - these things are not up to us.’

‘To The People.’

‘Yes.  No.  I mean, up to us private citizens.  If you’re so right, why didn’t the Republican Party call the Democrat Party on the matter, then?  Huh?’

‘Have you looked at the roster of candidates for the presidential office from the Republican Party?’   

‘…You’re saying…’

‘That a number of them are not ‘natural born’ citizens, either.’

‘...Which ones.’

‘I’m not going to do it all for you people.  You have to bring yourselves to the Awakening, too.’

‘…The ‘awakening’.’

‘Yes.  For example.  And to bring this whole thing right home, as it were.

‘So: for example.  I checked out the Akashic record before coming here, to see what it might throw up about you, as it were.  I saw, for example, that on the fifth of this month, you were walking on Third Street, when between Elm and Linden, you passed an alleyway where a down-and-out-man looked up at you and pleaded for help.  And you walked on by.  Didn’t want to bother yourself.   Literally.


‘Not to worry.  You’ll get a second chance.  We all get a second chance.  This is a creation of Love. Not Hate.  Or Vengeance.    

‘You see, we are all One.  All parts of The One.  And The One wants to redeem every part of Itself - ‘

‘I tell you what, fella, person - Elder Brother.  I need to wrap up this interview, now.  Thank you for coming.’

‘Thank you for having me.’

‘Next week, …….

‘Well.  I never expected this interview to get so - personal.’

‘But why not?’

‘Look, person - ‘Elder Brother’: Did you really read that about me in that ‘akashic record’??’

‘Actually, I have to make a confession about that.  No, I didn’t, specifically.’

‘I didn’t think so.’

‘Actually, I knew about it.  Because, you see,

‘I was that man.’

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