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On Carrying On. And On. And On.

To: Michael Needham
      Chief Executive Officer
      Heritage Action

Date: September 5, 2015

Dear Michael (if I may):

I am in receipt of your fine letter of August 28.  In it you asked me to let you know how I think that you are doing, personally as a group, and by implication, how we conservatives are doing in regards to all the terrible things that are going on politically in this country.  I am happy to respond.

Yes, you did well on the Ex-Im Bank thing.  But a) It’s only a temporary fix; and b) it is but a symptom.  

I’ll cut to the chase.  The Republican Party is behind E.O. 13603 as well as the Democrats; as well as being behind the Mastering the Human Domain project, put into action by the Jade Helm 15 exercise.  And the whole thing - the whole tyrannical edifice - can be brought down only one way: through applying Truth.  In this instance: the truth of Obama’s ineligibility for the office of POTUS.  And the need for his arrest and removal from that office, under a number of federal charges by now, not just the original, albeit the key, one: of being a Usurper.  An Imposter.  A fake and a fraud.  

See for a good rundown of the case.  And then do something about it.  That would really be an example of Heritage Action for America.    

Most sincerely,


Does it seem hopeless, sometimes?  Yes.  But every time I am about to give up on humanity in despair - in general, but particularly Americans, with their particular heritage of freedom, and who are so easily rolling over and letting their country be hijacked by tyrants - I think of Jackie Evancho.  Living proof that there is a God; and something better to aspire to.

And then I carry on.


And synchronistically, I just went to my emails after dinner, and found this, from Kauilapeli's Blog:

Kp Message 9-4-15 (oops, 9-5-15)… “The Lightness Accelerates”

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_7Somehow it felt “the right moment” to mention something about the momentary input I have received at this moment
…and that is, that I can sense a much more amplified “Light-ness” (aka, “Presence of Light Awareness”) on the planet at this time.
Exactly the details of this, I am not saying. But this is a “Higher D” awareness that I personally see/feel/sense at this moment.
It’s kind of like something has suddenly lifted from the House of Planetary Elements (“Elements” meaning all types of beings, on all levels)… like a heavy blanket used in the winter time has been removed, because the spring and summer is upon us.
By the way, I did note that “House of Planetary Elements” acronyms to “HOPE”. So the HOPE of Earth is really visible now, on many levels, by many many beings, no matter what “level” their consciousness is at.
So, what does this imply for you and for me? Well, in my view it means that we are no longer trying to “swim through mud”… now we are swimming through (and in) the clarified waters of a new ocean… Big time, baby…!!!
The Light which we are, is increasing in vibration, and the rate of increase (the “acceleration”) is increasing. So there’s a lot more Light “here”, a lot more Light “there”, and a lot more Light “everywhere” (even though all of that “Light” is within us, actually).
That’s all for now… 
Aloha, Kp
I would like to think so.
Time will tell.
- And then this, at, article titled 'Lost Secrets of Founding Fathers Revealed' by Paul Bremmer:

'America’s Founding Fathers left succeeding generations a wonderful gift, according to a scholar who has studied and written about the Founders. However, he believes too many Americans today fail to appreciate it.

“It was like [the Founders] wrenched an immense and very amazing piece of gold from the earth called self-government,” said Joshua Charles during a recent appearance on Dennis Prager’s radio show. “But when they did it, there was still quite a bit of dirt on it – you know, slavery, other things like that.

“But what I’m worried about is that the Left, the academia, you know, however you want to phrase it – they make everything about the dirt. And so the great danger in my eyes is that in acknowledging the dirt, we use it as an excuse to do away with the gold.”

Charles, a WND columnist, is well acquainted with both the gold and the dirt. He spent five to six years combing through thousands of pages of speeches, letters, diary entries and other lesser-known writings of America’s Founding Fathers.
“There’s a lot more than people realize,” the author revealed. “There’s the Declaration, there’s the Constitution, there’s the Federalist Papers, which were all of course wonderful, but there’s letters, there’s diary entries, there’s newspaper editorials.
“There’s even books. John Adams, for example, wrote a massive three-volume tome, ‘The Defense of the Constitutional Government of the United States,’ and it’s an immense historical survey basically putting forward the idea of separation of powers. So there’s all sorts of stuff that people have no idea about and which I see rarely quoted, rarely referenced.”
Unfortunately, the 27-year-old Charles doubts whether his fellow millennials would fully appreciate all the writings he has dug up and documented in his book. He shared an anecdote that happened when he was touring the National Archives in Washington, D.C., recently. While he was gazing at the original Declaration of Independence, he overheard a group of teenage girls ask a National Archives staff member, “What’s the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?”
Charles was incredulous.
“I was thinking to myself, ‘These young women have been in public education for a decade or longer most likely, and they don’t even know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution,’” he said.
Charles and Prager, the host, both worried that young people would initially think “white male Christian slave owner” if they saw the writings Charles dug up. Charles acknowledged slavery was a “great stain” on our nation’s history, but he urged listeners not to lose focus on the unique nature of America’s founding.
“The United States was the first nation in the world to be established by reasoned consent of its people,” he said. “It wasn’t by war, it wasn’t by happenstance, it wasn’t by conquest. We had a war for independence, but the actual establishment of our government, the Constitution, that was peaceful. It was through debate, it was through reason, and that was the first time that had happened in human history.”
In recent months, Democrats in some states have tried to distance themselves from one Founder in particular: Thomas Jefferson. Party committees in Georgia, Connecticut, Missouri and Iowa have voted to rename their annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinners because Jefferson owned slaves and Andrew Jackson relocated thousands of Native Americans from the South. At least six other states are considering the same move.
Charles urges Democrats not to let Jefferson’s slave ownership override all the great things he did for America. In addition, the author pointed to one passage from his book that he said demonstrates Jefferson was not a racist. In 1861, Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens gave his famous “Cornerstone Speech.”
“He specifically references Jefferson’s ideas, as articulated in the Declaration of Independence,” Charles said. “And not only does he specifically reference them, he specifically eschews them… [He] said the Confederacy is based on the exact opposite.”
Indeed, Stephens stated: “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition.”
Take note, says Charles: a Confederate official claimed his racist ideals were “exactly the opposite” of Jefferson’s.
Of course, Jefferson and the other Founders wrote about more than just slavery. Charles revealed that, while researching for the book, he discovered numerous writings on issues people still care about today.
“One thing I discovered is you’ll go through their writings and there’s so many things that are utterly relevant today,” he said. “I actually coined a phrase I called a ‘one-niner.’ Whenever I’d be reading, I’d put it in the margins, and it comes from Ecclesiastes 1:9 – ‘There’s nothing new under the sun.’ You can read so much of what they wrote. They wrote about banks, they wrote about financial corruption, they wrote about what we call crony capitalism, they wrote about moral degeneration, they wrote about education in ways that are simply stunning.”
Prager, who is also a WND columnist, offered effusive praise for Charles, calling him “a living, breathing reason for optimism for the United States.”
The host said he was so impressed with Charles’ book that he agreed to write the foreword.
“So he has written this book, and it is so good that I have to say that if you read three books on what America stands for and its founders stand for, this has to be one of them,” Prager enthused. “And if it was the only one, you would do well.”'

As I said in my comment:

Will wonders never cease. I was experiencing despair for the nth time, about America, and Americans, ever waking up to their country being hijacked by tyrants. And this article comes along in my evening emails.
There's hope yet.


So - back into it!:

from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Revealed!  Inside look at why GOP won’t fight Obama’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - September 4 (orig. posted at - Garth Kant - September 3)

Reply by Archie K. BARR 12 hours ago (September 5)

When will some good conservative republican announce to run in the primary against these republicans in name only, house and senate members. I believe they could win.
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Permalink Reply by Kathae 7 hours ago

What about Dr Carson? If he can become a Neuro-Surgeon on a phi beta kappa he can be a very effective candidate. Or Ted Cruz? He certainly isn't a Repub. in Name only. Trump is sucking all the air out of the other candidates. He has the billions to hire and do tv ads or whatever he wants to do, but he certainly isn't Presidential material. His mouth for one will get him in all kinds of trouble. Being Patriotic isn't the only skill needed for President.
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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago

But being a 'natural born' citizen is an eligibility requirement that is needed.  And that rules out Cruz.  And Rubio.  And Jindal.  And Santorum.

And - oh yes.  What’s-his-name.


And please don't try to tell me that two wrongs make a right.  I don't want to think ill of you.

We conservatives/constitutionalists have our work cut out for us.  We need to get behind the rule of law in this country.  Not more of the sordid same who are in power at this time.


...And then right back into the mud of Life In Our Time:

I can’t effing believe it.  This, from ‘DOJ Accuses US Biz of Discrimination for Requiring Proof of Work Eligibility’ - September 2 (via Liberty Headlines - September 5)
(“In its crusade to protect and assist illegal immigrants, the Obama administration has accused an American company of discrimination for requiring employees to furnish proof that they are eligible to work legally in the United States…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 5)

I am so sick and tired of all of this s*** from this administration. It's obvious what these a******* are doing. GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF THERE. The States need to TAKE BACK THE COUNTRY FROM THIS ROGUE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. NOW!


If that brings on the Federal attack dogs:


Before it's too late to call these statist s**** on their statist s***.



And it was going so well there, for awhile..........................

Well.  It has been said:

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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