Tuesday, 22 September 2015

On Being A Good, Responsible Citizen

To: Gov. Jerry Brown

Subject: AB1461 - the Motor Voter Act

Date: September 22, 2015

Position:   Pro   X Con

Dear Gov. Brown,

A few years ago I returned to live in my home state of California after having lived abroad for many years.  In registering to vote, and going to vote for the first time in all those years, I was appalled to find that they did not ask me for ANY ID, let alone the most desirable form, of photo ID.  All I was asked to do was sign my/a name against my/a name on their registration list. I PERSONALLY could have been ANYBODY.

In looking further into the matter of voting in this state, I was appalled even further to find lax regulations regarding somebody getting on the registration rolls, and/or voting early.  I won't belabor the point: 

This legislation is going the WRONG WAY in regards to citizens having confidence in the voting regulations in this state.  I refuse to vote in a charade, a fake, a fraudulent affair - and I resent that I can't trust the voting regulations in this state, to allow me to exercise my rights and responsibilities as a good citizen in this regard.  And ESPECIALLY now that you have authorized illegal aliens the ability to get a driver's license in this state.  The corruption of the process will only increase from here, if you sign this misguided piece of legislation.  We need MORE scrutiny of the voting process - not less.   





P.S. I see by my emails that the DCCC* is urging people to register to vote, and to let as many of their contacts know about it as they can - and is putting their sample email to them also in Spanish.

Excuse me; the last time i looked, you had to be able to read and speak English in order to become a citizen.  What am I overlooking here??

The second time I went to vote - this time in local elections - in order to ask some questions and get some answers (the first time, in the national elections, I simply left, in disappointment and disgust, when I found out they only required me to sign my/a name alongside my/a name on their rolls), I started out by stating to the voting precinct person in charge, "You have to be able to read and speak English in order to become a U.S. citizen; right?"

Apparently sensing where my question was leading, she somewhat grudgingly concurred.

"So," I asked, "why is the voting material available in other languages?"

It is apparently because of federal regulations.  But one of the guys at the check-in desk quickly denied the truth of my statement when I made it.  And later, when it was apparent that I was a really disgruntled member of the public - or, more accurately, citizen -  he said, "We're trying to get people to come in here and vote, and you're trying to keep them out."

Only partially true, fella.  I'm trying to keep people out who shouldn't be in here voting.  And making a mockery of the whole process.

With people like you egging them on.

And P.P.S. The people of California - that is, the U.S. citizens of the fast-transforming state of California, into a key part of the new Aztlan being planned for the Southwest states - really need to get Brown out of that office.  He is apparently doing the bidding of his Jesuit masters, in signing legislation from the liberals and the Hispanic mafia in the state to let illegal aliens apply for driver's licenses, and such nonsense.
     Another example of that sellout is how he is letting the state suffer under a man-made drought.  Not as in 'Global Warming,' transmogrified into 'Climate Change' when the first moniker failed to live up to its name.  But as in HAARP technology, complete with chemtrails out in the Pacific, breaking low-pressure cells from forming - and thus rain - and diverting the jet stream northward, to bypass America's Breadbasket in California's Central Valley.
     'Tain't funny, McGee (speaking of the good old days here in this state).  'Tain't funny at all.    


* I like to keep an eye on what the opposition is saying and doing

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