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On Getting Shorter...

from ‘Federal Court Opens Door To Shutdown Of NSA Spy Program’ - Bob Unruh - September 17
('The government has to obey the Fourth Amendment no matter what' - Larry Klayman, of Freedom Watch.  
But, you see, Larry, it doesn’t think so.  It doesn’t think so because Obama is not a legally sitting president, and he got away with it.  And so the rule of law in the nation is dead in the water.  And I am disgusted with the whole situation almost beyond measure…)

Captain Crunch 13 hours ago (September 17)

Just go to u tube and watch some of what the Military (Navy) did to Charles and Mary Ann Strange. He is the father of Michael Strange, one of the Navy SEALs Dev Gru (team Six) kiIIed in Extortion 17, 3 months after the Bin Laden raid. He asked a lot of questions during the briefing for the families in Va. and was told that all of the information they were going over in the briefing was also included in the sealed book and CD they received at the briefing. When he got home he opened the book and found that there was NO ink on the pages. He called down to Va. to get another book because his copy of it did not have any ink, He was told that the Navy destroyed their copy (no joke) the Navy also asked him for the CD back. He tried to run the CD in his computer and it gave him a virus that an IT friend who looked at it had NEVER seen before and was gov't generated. It took him hours to finally remove the virus and when they opened the pages they were nearly ALL redacted thus unreadable. However, the IT guy ran a program to un-redact the files. They recovered 1087 pages of information of the After Action Report and what they found was unbelievable.

They tapped his phone, installed a camera into his home computer, listened to their conversations while in their own bedroom, changed the ringtone on her phone, and tried to intimidate him just for questioning the downing of Extortion 17, because the Navy explanation of what happened didn't make any sense and proper protocols were not followed such as, putting ALL of the SEAL Six team on ONE CH-47 instead of an MH-47 flown by the 160th SOAR, and not by less experienced National Guard pilots flying the CH-47, a helicopter gunship escort, a bombardment of the LZ to clear the area of any potential enemy fighters (that were seen by pilots flying over head moving toward the LZ of the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) in a tactical manner, the pilots asked for permission to engage them several times and were told NOT to that they were just hanging 2 am), keep in mind there was a battle going on for 2-3 hours by Army Rangers to capture a HVT and did not request or need the QRF) and also the changing of 7 Afghan Nationals that the SEAL team trained with and trusted with 7 unknowns that were not changed and put on the flight manifest. They were then told that all of the remains of those on board were burned beyond recognition and had to be cremated, he requested the autopsy report from the M.E., in the DVD there were photographs of his son, on the slab, completely intact with a badly damaged right leg. HE received this info just before Christmas. He took ALL of this information to Rep. Jason Chaffetz and showed him. His response was "where did you get this?" He assembled yet another committee, that went NO where, to investigate, in which many of the parents were invited to attend but could NOT ask ANY questions although they were able to submit questions on index cards but were not allowed to speak...there is so much more and it is a disgrace!! 

Check into it for yourself on u tube and you can read the book "Betrayed" by Billy Vaughn father of Aaron Carson Vaughn, slain on the same mission.

It would, could and should make you sick!

That is ONLY ONE of the above cases in the article above. Look at what happened to Sheryl Attkisson, the former reporter of CBS who got to close to the Benghazi fiasco.

What is worse is that NO ONE is held accountable for any of it. Yet they investigate James O'keefe and Project Veritas, and also the group that did the Planned Parenthood videos, Center for Medical Progress. Mostly on technicalities, or violations that pale in comparison to what the NSA has been and are doing.

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 18)

This is all just Kabuki theatre crap. These effers in charge of the federal govt. these days, and sitting pompously on their judicial benches, are going to go down BIG when Americans take their country back.

As we will. As we will. And it will go worse for these, our erstwhile masters, the more they stonewall the day of reckoning. The modern-day equivalent of Madame Defarge is clicking away at her electronic knitting needles, taking names and checking them twice. All you effing stonewallers: Your days are numbered. The People will not stand for this hijack of the nation much longer.


Short of 10 million people marching on Washington and physically removing every last politician and bureaucrat from every last office and cubicle, I have a hard time seeing how We The People can "demand adherence" to anything with this "government".


How about it, America.  Are you up to the job  Or aren’t you.

I’m waiting.

Your move.

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