Sunday, 6 September 2015

Union Rescue Mission

‘Agent XYZ reporting for duty - suh!’

‘At ease; and greetings, Agent XYZ.  Welcome aboard.’

‘Nice to be back.  I was beginning to feel a little rusty.’

‘We’ll oil you up well with this mission.’

‘Where to, sir.’

‘To ‘a galaxy far, far away…’’

‘Ah.  That one.  Excellent.  I like that one.’

‘We know.  And you will also be glad to hear where your duty station is.’

‘Where’s that; sir.’

‘On Gaia.’

‘Gaia!  I thought She ascended some time ago.  As these things go.  Sir.’

‘She has, in Unity; but She is right on the verge, in Illusion.’

‘And my mission??’

‘You are to go to another place familiar to you: The United States of - ‘ 

‘America!  Great.  My old stamping grounds.  It will be good to see how She has been getting on.’ 

‘I’m afraid that you are up for some disappontments, Agent XYZ.’

‘Oh-oh.  I can’t believe it.  We gave them such a good start.  And did they finally get rid of - ‘

‘Slavery; yes.  Not too long after you ‘did your dash’.’

‘Good.  So what’s happened?’

‘It’s too long a story to go into here, Agent XYZ.  Suffice it to say that they let an ineligible candidate into the presidential office.  A dual citizen.  And - ‘

‘Damn.  How did that happen?’

‘As I say, it’s too long a story to go into here.  You’ll find out when you get there.  The gist of the matter is that they are about to fall under the total control of the Time-bound Ones - ‘

‘Damn. And we warned them.’   

‘Yes, well, we know all about that sort of thing in our line of work, don’t we, Agent XYZ.’

‘Yes.  ‘Shakes head.’  Sir.  How bad is it.’

‘It’s bad.  The power elite in America started bringing in illegal immigrants for their cheap labor, and once those floodgates opened…’

‘Got it.’

‘That’s not all.  It’s to the point now where the federal government is suing those states which try to identify the illegals, by saying that such questioning of them is, quote, ‘discriminatory’.’


‘And it gets even worse than that.’

‘What’s going to keep me from blowing my top?  Sir.’

‘Yes, we considered that.  But the answer is: the extreme urgency of the mission.  Only our best have been called into play.  You will have the support of the ‘A’ team.’

‘Thank Source for that.’

‘Your detailed instructions are already in your cabin.  Deployment time is 0200 hours local time.  We’ll be in touch.’

‘Thank you, sir...I can see that this is going to require me to be in top shape, in many ways.’

‘Indeed it is, Agent XYZ.  Indeed it is.  More even than we’ve let you know.  But, all in ‘good’ time…’

‘That’s a joke, isn’t it, sir.’

‘Indeed it was, Agent XYZ.  Indeed it was.  It never hurts to be a little Light, sometimes…’

‘Got that one too, sir.’

‘That will be all.’

‘Thank you, sir.  And - tally ho!’

‘You left that life behind a long time ago, local time, Agent XYZ.  Be ready for a lot of changes in there, by now.’

‘Can I still have some hounds?  That was an enjoyable aspect of the experience the last time.’

‘No hounds.  But there are other pleasures.  And tests.’

‘So I trust.  I look forward to the challenge, sir.’

‘We knew you would, Agent XYZ.  That’s why we picked you for a major role to play in this one.  Not that you’re going to understand that; for some time… - but enough of the scenario.  You’ll work it out.’

‘Thank you, sir.  With a little help from my friends; eh, sir?’

‘Indeed, Agent XYZ.  Indeed.  Especially now, that it’s wrap-up time, in that matrix.

‘But as I say:

(together, in unison): ‘All in good time.’

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