Friday, 18 September 2015

A Special Announcement

'We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a special announcement.'

'Ladies and gentlemen, this is the real Anonymous.

'This is to announce that the Usurper in the Oval Office has been arrested, and is being held for trial on a number of charges, including perjury and treason, as the nation is returned to its natural form, of a federal constitutional republic; not a centralized form of government run by arbitrary decrees issued by a dictator.

'Arrested along with the Usurper have been a number of the senior members of his faux administration; and as well, senior members of the federal Congress, who failed in their constitutional duty and responsibility to rein in a rogue executive.

'As for the judicial branch of the federal government, it is being dealt with in a manner consonant with the fact that all of the legislation that the Usurper has signed into law, and all of the Executive Orders and Presidential Directives that he has issued, and all of the appointments that he has made, are ipso facto null and void.  And we start anew, with an Officer of The People occupying the executive position, and overseeing the cleaning-out of the would-be hijackers of the Republic in all of the executive-branch agencies and departments, until order is restored.

'More information will follow, as this matter of dealing with the attempted hijacking of the nation unfolds.  And know, that no attempts at reversing this return to the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America will be tolerated.'

'We return you now to your originally-scheduled broadcast.'


Special Announcement No. 2

from ‘Muslims Outraged After Texas Mayor Shuts Down Their Request For Sharia’ - September 18; orig. story on Feb. 6 
(The city of Irving in Texas ruled to back the Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state.  The vote on the city council was 5-4.  5-4!)


Did you notice they needed ONE more vote to tie?? ONE... Next time they will intimidate and win.... That's how they do it.... Read on civilization jihad. It worked in lebonon, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France, Italy, England, it's working in Germany...unless EVERY citizen BE INVOLVED in city council meetings, school board meetings, upfront and vocal. IT WILL happen.... Not long ago those in Dearborn didn't think it would happen either.,.


  • Austinniceguy
    Mel an hour ago (September 18)

  • You're absolutely right. One of the things that bothers me the most is when people complain about how things are going yet sit on the sidelines when it is time to mobilize and be active. When people complain to me about things in government, I always ask if they voted and often times am told they didn't. I tell them they gave up the right to complain when they gave up their duty to vote. We all need to band together.

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    • kibitzer3 Austinniceguy a few seconds ago (September 18)

    • The trouble, Austinniceguy, is that in many places, the voting process is a charade, a fraud, a deceit, a con. The People need to "band together" indeed - to see that their state's voting procedures are cleaned up: cleansed voting registration rolls, voter photo ID required, back to paper-trail ballots, properly supervised counts - the works. CLEAN ELECTIONS OR NO ELECTIONS. And if we have to resort to banana-republic measures and dip a voter's finger in purple dye to stop multiple voting, then that's what we have to do. NO MORE CRAP.

    • Our laws either mean something or they don't. It's up to us to make our form of government work. Or we will be taken over by tyrants.

    • Oops. We already have.

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      No, they have been trying and trying - but they will not succeed ! Once a human has lived in Freedom, he/she will never agree to live any other way.

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          I would dearly love that to be true, Montanabear. However, if the termites gain control of the educational system, and start indoctrinating 'equality' over liberty, so that the children have lost contact with the roots of this nation, and don't have any particular sense of loyalty to it; and if they orchestrate circumstances where, in a state of national emergency, you have to go to them for your food and water, and enter their camps...
          just sayin'......

      Special Announcement No. 3

      from ‘Trump Panic: GOP Establishment Floats Romney 3rd-Party Candidacy’ - Garth Kant - September 18
      (Speculations on what the GOP Establishment will do about Trump.)

      kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 18)

      The GOP is finished anyway. As is the Democrat Party. It is obvious that they colluded in the illegal nomination of an ineligible candidate for the presidency in 2008; Obama not being a 'natural born' citizen, i.e., one born on the soil of two (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents, and therefore the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces not having DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES, the main intent of that eligibility requirement for that particular office (and that particular office ONLY; which is the tipoff as TO its intent). And for having colluded in that crime, they need to be hauled before a (decent, law-abiding) court, and charged on RICO-statute charges, for being the criminal enterprises that they will be found to be on this issue (if no others).

      And the Usurper is arrested and held for trial on the same charge, and including, now, perjury, and treason. And we get back to the rule of law in this country. no longer the rule of men. Which is arbitrary law. Which is the hallmark of tyrants down through the ages.

      America deserves better, than to flame out, as the Roman Republic did, into the Empire, and all that follow-on nonsense.

      Have we learned NOTHING from history???


      Special Announcement No 4
      from ‘Is This a Clever ISIS Invasion?’ - September 18 (“
      When reports of the massive waves of immigrants flowing into Europe first made the media, people immediately began expressing their desire to help. Several countries, including the U.S., rushed to offer to take in more refugees in order to help ease the suffering…”)

      kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 18)

      "The right way for the U.S. to approach the matter of refugees" is to stop calling them refugees. They are jihadists. Sent by the scheming New World Order vipers behind it all, to prepare to disrupt a town near you.

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