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On Getting Clear

further from ‘Muslims Outraged After Texas Mayor Shuts Down Their Request For Sharia’ - reposted here (from February) on September 18

Further on the Comments thread from yesterday:

kibitzer3 Austinniceguy a day ago (September 18)

The trouble, Austinniceguy, is that in many places, the voting process is a charade, a fraud, a deceit, a con. The People need to "band together" indeed - to see that their state's voting procedures are cleaned up: cleansed voting registration rolls, voter photo ID required, back to paper-trail ballots, properly supervised counts - the works. CLEAN ELECTIONS OR NO ELECTIONS. And if we have to resort to banana-republic measures and dip a voter's finger in purple dye to stop multiple voting, then that's what we have to do. NO MORE CRAP.

Our laws either mean something or they don't. It's up to us to make our form of government work. Or we will be taken over by tyrants.

Oops. We already have.

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  • Montanabear
    kibitzer3 5 hours ago (September 19)

  • No, they have been trying and trying - but they will not succeed ! Once a human has lived in Freedom, he/she will never agree to live any other way.
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    • kibitzer3
      Montanabear 4 hours ago (September 19)

    • I would dearly love that to be true, Montanabear. However, if the termites gain control of the educational system, and start indoctrinating 'equality' over liberty, so that the children have lost contact with the roots of this nation, and don't have any particular sense of loyalty to it; and if they orchestrate circumstances where, in a state of national emergency, you have to go to them for your food and water, and enter their camps...

    • just sayin'......
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      • Montanabear
        kibitzer3 3 hours ago (September 19)

      • oh kibitzer ! Lift your head and open your eyes. We don't have to play along, remember ? Not yet are we helpless victims of those who will try to force their will upon our children. REMEMBER THERE IS HOMESCHOOLING ! 
      • Unless, of course, you vote for the wrong person who will outlaw private classes...
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                                            kibitzer3 Montanabear a few seconds ago (September 19)
        • Which a lot of people would do these days, from their indoctrination by the statists who have gained control of the high ground in this country. (That includes both socialists and fascists; another story.) I 'get' that you are still in control of your life. Well done; and all good wishes to you and yours. I may have to go into the camps, as a sacrifice, along with many others, so that others will wake up to their legacy, and never ever forsake it. May your children know the true history of this country. That includes the bad parts - and there have been some. But not at its roots. At its roots it is, has been, all about the dignity of the individual, to be a free moral agent; not the subject of any master but the Most High. If you live in Montana, and are a mother bear, you stand a good chance of escaping the Tribulation that the majority of us are about to enter into. Blessings on your journey.

And speaking of The Tribulation; and in particular the aspect of it whereby the termites are flooding the Western nations with jihadists, to help break down 'the current order of things,' for them to take over completely in the chaos:
Short of the 'landing' and establishment of the kingdom of heaven, we need to return to nation-states, and their right to control their borders; and that specifically includes the federal constitutional republic of the United States of America.  

We change form on the higher terms.  Not on the terms of the Dark Ones.

They have had their day.  It's time for 

the Real Thing.


from Co-Creating Our Future On Planet Earth:


This is such an important interview that I am publishing it now. ~J
Published on Sep 16, 2015
Thanks to Bamboo-Water
America 2020: Will it be Creative Freedom or Mechanized Tyranny?
'You have never heard an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts like this before in this special extended Dark Journalist episode!
Join Dark Journalist as he welcomes back Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts for her sixth appearance on the show. In what will be remembered as the most amazing, insightful, gripping, stunning and controversial Dark Journalist episode on record, Catherine reveals that her deep research has shown that America is now at a major crossroads and has two choices for the country that we will become by the year 2020: Creative Freedom or Mechanized Tyranny, there is no third way.
The Ultimate Catherine Austin Fitts Interview!
Catherine exposes globalist forces that operate at covert levels throughout our society in corporate, government and institutional roles. She has dubbed this group ‘Mr. Global’ and she had a chance to witness their clandestine actions up close when she worked in the halls of government as the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Bush Sr. administration and as a Managing Partner at Monolitic Wall Street Firm Dillon Read & Co.
America 2020
With this great experience she has learned to interpret geopolitical, societal and economic trends that show the design of Mr. Global’s Master Plan and it is very unnerving: Mechanization, AI, Robotics, Centralized Control, Domestic Militarization and Surveillance, GMO Agriculture, Black Budget Drain on Resources, and reducing the thriving middle class to spectators to their own debt slavery. She outlines the dangers of Common Core as a way to turn American children into Servile Robots who can’t respond to social interaction, but are primed to be programmed and harvested by Entrainment Technology on their smartphones that can devastate their creativity and capacity for mental growth and self determination.
The UFO Economy
Catherine and Dark Journalist deeply investigate the untouchable subject of advanced UFO technology and surmise that whoever is operating that technology has a major role in controlling the power structure on planet earth today. By developing a Secret Space Program, these covert groups have diverted trillions of missing dollars from the American Economy to create a UFO Economy via the Black Budget and are creating a huge Breakaway Infrastructure in Space, but why? What is really happening in our solar system and why has this paranoid secrecy became a way of life for the National Security Deep State?
Fitts sees one last chance for the American Middle Class to rise up and expose the forces that are marshaled against them and their children and she explains what the dangerous stakes are if America fails and gives us a glimpse of the dystopian future world we will inhabit unless the game and the invisible players inside the matrix are exposed. She explains the objective, balanced attitude we must hold and what actions we must take to regain our power from corporate and media overlords that are linked to covert intelligence agencies that want to consolidate power quickly before the sleeping giant of the American People wake up and demolishes their plans for world domination!
America 2020: Will it be Creative Freedom or Mechanized Tyranny?
You have never ever heard an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts like this before!'


‘John Adams stated: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.” James Madison stated: 'We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for Self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to The Ten Commandments of God.' George Washington stated: “Of all dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain it would that man claim the tribute to patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars.”...’
         - from ‘The Shunning Of Our Christian Heritage, Part 1’ - Pastor Roger Anghis - - for September 20


I'm not 'of the Christian persuasion,' have researched enough on the subject to know that the New Testament is by and large involved with astrotheological themes, not a real historical record of a real historical figure (for good example, see the eminently well-researched books of D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S).  But the more things unfold, the more I have to wonder.

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