Sunday, 6 September 2015

On Nearing Completion

As we near completion of the Jade Helm15 exercise, and its practice run on Mastering the Human Domain - that is, developing, with the assistance of a massive, 'quantum' computer, total control over the populace - we should incarcerate in the FEMA concentration camps scattered around the country, not the conservatives and constitutionalists and Second Amendment advocates and Libertarians and Christians and 'preppers' and patriots and veterans that they are intended to corral by our erstwhile Keepers, but the Marxists and Muslim 'refugees' and illegal aliens, including trained terrorists that the Traitor in Chief has brought deliberately into the country, to help him overthrow it, and turn the former federal constitutional republic of the U.S.A. into a socialist paradise.  Free food!  Free education!  Free housing!  Free healthcare!  Free whatever!  All paid for by -

woops -

not by the filthy rich, with all their legal loopholes (which will stay in place in this New World Order, because the filthy rich are the ones ultimately behind the NWO); but by the poor put-upon Middle Class.  Who have reached their carrying capacity, and are mad as hell about it, and are not going to put up with it anymore.

So: what to do.

I know.

That we align with Spirit.  And our true Selves.  Which are pieces (fractals; facets) of Spirit.  Not the pieces of shit that our erstwhile Keepers think of us as.  And we go for

the Real Thing.

Now, that

I'll buy.


What will The New look like??

For one thing, there will be no Democrat Party and Republican Party. in the U.S.  They are criminal enterprises; at a minimum, for having colluded in the illegal nomination and election campaign of an ineligible candidate for the office of POTUS - on orders from their (moneybags) superiors.  And so forth.

The bottom line: there will be no deceit and wrongdoing in the real New Order of Things.  For, there is a right and wrong, after all.  A God, after all.  A Supreme Being.  And that Supreme Being is Love personified.  Is, in fact, All There Is.

In Which neither moth nor dust can corrupt.  In that Reality, beyond the Matrix of the Illusion that we created.  In order to learn lessons.

And move on, from the lesson learning.

Move, rather, back.

Into total Unity.  Aware Unity.

The Loving Unity from which we sprang.

And are made.


As we will discover, now, upon our

Nearing Completion.

To say:



But then, what do I know.

I'm just a little boy.

Calling the emperor on his new clothes.

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