Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Knock Knock



‘Can I come in?’


(Mother enters)

‘Jamie, it’s Saturday night.  Why aren’t you out and about?’

‘’Cuz nobody asked me out.’

‘What?  Why, that’s such a sexist comment.  Why didn’t you ask somebody out?’

‘Oh, Mom.’

‘Or go out with some of your gal friends.’

‘They’re all busy.  Hey - I’m really happy here.  Playing with my - ‘

‘Jamie, you just have to get yourself a life.  I worry about you.  We didn’t fight for our rights as women just so our female kids could stay at home on Saturday nights, for heaven’s sakes.  Go out and have some fun.  On your own, if need be.’  

‘Speaking of being on my own…why did you divorce Dad?’

‘What?  What does that have to do with the price of eggs in China?’

You’re on your own.  Mom.  I think you’re lonely.’

‘What?!  Whatever gave you that idea.’  

‘And you’re trying to live your life through me.’

‘What in - how dare you talk to me like this.  In this manner.  Like I was just one of your…’

‘You always asked me to consider you as a friend.’ 

‘I didn’t mean…Oh, dear.  What did I mean…I don’t know.  I don’t know a lot of things anymore.  It used to be so…clear.’  

‘Women’s lib.’

‘…Well; yes.  We had a goal, in life.  To be free.  Make it on our own.’

‘And here you are.’


‘I said - ‘

‘I heard what you said.  I was just - thinking…’   

‘Mom.  Why did you have me?’


‘You had the choice.  You chose me.’

‘…Yes.  I did.  I did that.  You were, indeed, my choice, honey.  I chose you.  And don’t you see?  That was what it was all about.’   

‘The choice.’


‘I - ‘

‘Don’t answer that.  What are you getting at, honey?’

‘I’ll be frank, Mom.  You kept me from ever getting to know my father very well.  Why was that?’

‘Did I?’


‘Did I really…maybe…probably…you’re right.  I did.  Yes.  I did…

‘And why did I?  I’m not sure, really…no; that’s not fair.  I do know.  At least part of it.’

‘I think I do, too.  Af least, part of it.’

‘And what is that; pray tell, little Miss Smartypants.  Said lovingly.’

‘That you were planning to divorce my dad from the very beginning.’

‘…You always were a smart one.  From the very beginning.  I figured, from the very beginning, that you would be a smart one.  And that could turn out to be a smart ass, too… - Hey, I’m sorry about that.  That wasn’t fair of me.  Forgive me, honey.  You were asking me a fair enough question. 

‘We were talking about your father.  Did I plan on divorcing him from the very beginning?…

‘Yes.  I think I did.  I think, you’re right, on that one.  Right on the button.  And if you’re so smart - and I mean that in a nice way - why do you think that was.’ 

‘So you could prove that you could do it on your own.  ‘It.’  Raise a kid.  On your own.  Not needing a man in the house.  Just his sperm.  My father: a sperm donor.  Could’ve been anybody.  Any male oppressor.  Oops.  A redundant term.’

‘…Child.  You’re causing me to run my mascara.’

‘And do you see that too, Mom?’

‘…What’s that, dear.’

‘The mascara.’


‘Why are you home on a Saturday night?  And still wearing mascara.  At your age.’


‘Because…because I’m not very good at this.  Sort of thing.’

‘The ideology thing.’


(together; in each other’s arms, then straightening each other’s hair:)

‘The ideology thing.’


The 'ideology thing' did not conclude with the Marxian scrapping of the 'traditional' - to say, logical; and spiritual - family unit.  It is alive and kicking with the scrapping of the notion of individual rights over group rights as determined by the state. (And thus the putting of the Constitution on the PC list of 'unfavorable terms.  And why TPTB have been trying to scrap it.  And are doing a good job of it.)  It is alive and kicking with the scrapping of the notion of 'freedom' over the setting of standards of 'equality' by the state.  Because people do unnice things when they are 'free' to.  Including to the environment.  Which rationale is why the environmental movement has been able to make such a beachhead landing with our children.  To the point where the expression 'the land of opportunity' is on that same PC list of and for no-no's.  Because we can't have people wanting to strive to get more and more.  Bad for the environment.  Climate change, and all that (politically-oriented) jazz.  And just so, is the former 'land of opportunity' of America being turned into just another Third World ghetto, where the peasants are to be grateful to the state for anything that the state provides them.  To say, allows them.1

And so it goes: Life in Our Times.

Ours, to deal with...

Our children have been seduced by experts in the field.  

Don't let them get away with it.

There is a superior vision for the future of humanity.

And ironically, it is to grow out of - in reaction to - just such a dystopian vision as the one planned for us by TPTB.2  For, theirs is the mirror image - to say, the reverse image - of

the Real Thing.

A New World Order, alright.

But one based on Love.

Not Force.

Make your choice.

Which is very clear, now.

And growing clearer by the day.



1 Also to change the mentality from the extolling of 'equal opportunity' to the championing of equal outcome - the agenda of the socialists/communists amongst us, and attempting to be our Overseers.
   We are all One.  But we are not all equal.  Except before the law.  

2 Did you know that the Communist Manifesto is almost exactly like the manifesto of the Illuminati?  Those who (openly) serve Lucifer??  And make sacrifices to him.  Including of us, as individuals???

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