Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hollywood - At Work And Play

So how’d it go.’


‘Murdered.  As in you murdered it, or they murdered you.’

‘As in the latter.  You know even that guy in Ssn Fran, that we thought we could count on?  He even asked me on air, ’So what do you say to people who say that that’s what the communists want?’  Ho-ly shit.  Can you believe it?  All I could think of to do was signal him to go to a break, and I asked him,  “What are you doing, man?  We thought we could count on you.”’

‘Careful.  Just because they’re liberal doesn’t mean they’re one of us.’

‘We’ve gotta rethink this whole thing.  All over the fucking place - no response to ‘gun control’.  'There's no need.'  No need shit.  How we gonna take'em over if they still have their guns?  We’ve got to shove it right up in their fucking faces, man.’

‘Okay, okay.  Got it.  So… - what.’

‘So, we hurt’em.  We murder them - literally.  We stage phony shit, we stage some real gun crap, we do the whole nine yards, all as part of a multi-pronged attack.  C'mon.  We've got the expertise, for chrissake.  Let's use it.  Besides, it's in our blood.’

‘Like false flags.’

‘Right.  And make’em beg for gun control.  And then… - boom.’    

And so it has come to pass, from a time not so far away, and a theater near you.

As Obama even thanks Steven Spielberg for services rendered, past - think Boston Marathon Bombing “drill” - and future.

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