Monday, 14 September 2015

So Where Do We Go From Here

I can envision a number of scenarios for the future on this planet, stemming from America.  The first is the best-case scenario.  The Usurper makes an announcement to the country:

‘My fellow Americans:

‘I have a confession to make.  I have not been a legally sitting president.  Yes, I got the votes for the office - and I am proud of that; and I give thanks for that.  But what I am not proud of, is that I obtained the office in a way that is not consonant with the Constitution.

’The office of the presidency has an eligibility requirement to and for it that no other federal office has.  That is obviously because the person in this office also becomes the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces.  The Constitution calls for that person to be a ‘natural born’ citizen.  Not just any kind of citizen.  But one born without loyalty or allegiance to any other country.  So, no divided loyalties at birth.  

‘The definition of a natural born citizen - at least at the time of its incorporation into the Constitution for the office of the presidency; which is what counts, barring an amendment to the contrary - is one born on the soil of, in this case, two U.S. citizen parents.  I failed the requirement in that latter regard.*

‘And I got away with the subterfuge, because some very powerful people helped me get away with it.

‘You see, I have been involved in a very long-time plan.  A plan for takeover of this country, by those self-same powerful people, who wanted to turn it into a fiefdom, with themselves at the top, as the owners of the whole enterprise.  I went along with the agenda, because I felt that the world needed to become a better place, and the agenda of these people seemed to be the one most likely to bring that about.  I have come to see that it was not.

’It was an agenda for Dark Forces to rule the world. Not Forces of the Light.  They wish to rule by Force.  What we need, rather is rule by Love.  

‘Rule by the Light.  Not by the Dark.

‘I hereby relinquish the power that was invested in me, illegally; and submit myself to the rule of Law.  And of Love.

‘the Love of our mutual Creator for His Creation.  

‘And may God have mercy on my soul.  As I have come, now, to see, and serve, the Light.

‘Thank you.’

And immediately therefrom ensues the beginning of the landing of the New Earth.  The Dark Side's totalitarian New World Order being the mirror - to say, reverse - image thereof. 

Another scenario.      

The People, awakened to the facts of the matter (finally outside of the control of the mainstream media; an adjunct of the power Elite), call on the Usurper to leave the office.  He refuses.  The People gather - peacefully - in Washington D.C. en masse, to tell him to step down; and in the park across the street from The People’s House, a spokesperson for The People addresses the gathered throng thusly:

’The Usurper has now refused for the third time our call for him to step down.  It is time now for more stringent - but still peaceful - measures to accomplish that just end.  

‘I therefore call on the nation to simply ignore the dictates of the Dictator.  All of his edicts simply not to be acted on.  All that he puts his pen to: ignored.  All that he puts his voice to: ignored.  All that emanates from the Oval Office, as decrees under the Usurper: null and void.  And we start running things ourselves.’

And the Usurper, seeing clearly the writing on the wall, relents, and resigns.  And The People take over the running of the country - still the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America - themselves.  Under the rule of Love.

Third scenario.

Things turn ugly.  Sporadic gunfire in the land; sporadic stalling of The Machine trying to take over a previously free people, resisting to become mere cogs in The Machine.  An uncertain outcome for years.

Another scenario.

TPTB activate their Final Solution on the patriots of the overthrown American republic, now mere pacified part of a region of their totalitarian New World Order: After a round of dissident extractions, The Machine, having deprived The People of food and water, and thereby having driven them into The Machine’s concentration camps, start eliminating them.  As ‘useless eaters’ to their cause.  The cause, of a cowed citizenry.  Run by pathological zealots. 

Still another scenario.

TPTB, seeing their power slipping away, ignite - out of spite - thermonuclear devices.  And leave the planet a vast, radioactive wasteland.  That takes a long - very long - time to come back.  From its Extinction Level Event.

There are other scenarios, of course.

Choose one.

Or have it chosen for you.

P.S. There is also the factor of the collapse of the current monetary system, and its replacement.  Which could look like various scenarios for that event in itself.
   Choose one.

* Scenario 1b: ‘Actually, I failed it on both counts; and the ’birthers’ were correct, in their questioning of the copy of a birth certificate that I posted on the White House web site; which was, indeed, a forgery.  But to continue.’  
   This alternative to said speech depending on how much of a clean breast of it that he chooses to make to the citizenry in such a hypothetical speech.

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