Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Pope And I

I have read a bit of what the Pope shared while on his trip to the U.S.

Actually, a lot of what the Pope said makes good sense.  Capitalism - at least the cronyy form of capitalism that has grown up (only so to speak) in this country and the Western world - has caused a lot of damage, both to society and to the environment.  And so forth.  Which all has caused the Left to react in anger, and pursue such policies as a ‘redistribution of wealth’.  Which has been no such thing.

To the Left, I say:

You haven’t redistributed the wealth.  No. 1: The 1% know how to keep their wealth.  No. 2: You have, rather, merely created debt.  For the - former - middle class taxpayers to have to pay (the interest) on.  Not ‘off’.  It can never be paid off.  It can only be paid on. And on.  And on, ad infinitum.  Generation after generation, after generation.

This is not intelligence.  This is insanity.  Measured by the amount that you have managed - in cahoots with the crony capitalists - to get us to go into debt by.  What is it, now.  Twenty trillion dollars - that’s TRILLION - and counting???

As I say:

Pure insanity.

Well.  Not ‘pure’.

Some have known what they were doing, in saddling the middle class with that debt.  

Bringing the nation down.  So that they could take it over.  And play King of the Hill.

But.  As I say:

Some of what the Pope had to say made good sense.

But, let’s get to the real business at hand. 

And that is not to ‘soak the rich’.  Or anything like it.

It is to throw off these, our erstwhile masters.  Riding us with their spurs a'jangling.  

And that includes this Pope’s order.

The Jesuits.

Who are, in fact - at least, at the top - atheists.  In cahoots with a bunch of other evil - to say, irredeemably fallen - creatures.  Who would use Man for their evil purposes.


If they ever knew.

That Man is a facet of

The One.



Behind the whole creation.

Including those Dark Forces who would deny their own Source.

In attempting to - in effect - storm the gates of heaven.

And be gods in their own making.

Rather than abiding by

The Plan.

Which, by its nature, allows room for us all

to awaken.

And return



To the joy of their Creator Source.

Which is to say


Especially in their higher natures.

When they get - 

really get - that




And ultimately, 

not just of One.

But The One


In pure Identity -

to say, Unity - 


The All That Is.

And yet

here we sit.

At the bottom of 

our potential.

Did I say, insanity?

It is also something else.

It is


So much promise.


One's choice.

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