Friday, 18 September 2015

Spelling It Out

Something that has really irritated, even appalled, me is how bad people are these days at spelling.  It is actually painful to read the comments on Comments threads on the Internet.  There is no way that the citizenry could be as bad at that communication device as they are if it weren’t for their educational upbringing.  It can’t be laid at the feet simply of the excuse that people don’t read as much as they used to, with the advent of the internet, and so just don’t recognize the written word as well as they used to: they obviously never learned how to spell properly in the first place.

When I was in school, say in the fourth and/or fifth grade, we had a Spelling Lesson book that was an integral part of our class syllabus: Every week we started with a new batch of words to learn how to spell, and at the end of the week, had them down pat, after much repetition.

I presume that that social and literate exercise and skill has gone by the wayside, in the educational ‘profession’ deciding that learning to spell properly really isn’t all that important; that the time spent on spelling drills in class would be better spent on ‘socializing’ somehow or other.  

Two things to that argument:

1) Learning to spell properly is an exercise in honing the brain to a fine point.  Yes, the spelling of some words changes over time.  But the real issue is learning to look at the fine detail of things.  We have lost that ‘art’.  And it shows.  In many areas.  Including the current one that I wish to adress here: of the meaning of words; and specifically, in the Constitution.  Specifically, the very clear intent of the term, ‘natural born,’ as opposed to other forms of citizenry.
     It has caused us almost - almost - to lose our nation, to the termites behind this whole scenario; undermining the edifice; cultivating the mentality that 'close enough is good enough'.

2) The dropping of Spelling from the school curriculum would be part of a larger scheme, of the deliberate dumbing down of America.  The part that says: If they don’t learn to recognize words, thus making reading more difficult for them, they won’t be so apt to read things that we don’t want them to read.  They will stick with the ‘approved’ curriculum.  Which curriculum is designed to keep them nice, docile slaves to the system.  If they read too much, they might start getting uppity ideas, and try to overthrow our control of them.  And we can’t have that; because our job is to destroy the middle class, because Americans consume far too high of a percentage of the world’s resources, and they need to be brought down to a Third World level of consumerism.  Because we humans are a cancer on the planet, and the environment is far more important than cancerous people, doncha know.  

Do I have that argument pretty much right?  Is that your experience of the educational institution??  That it is, has become an institution for the deliberate dumbing down of people???  

I think that pretty much says what has been going on.  Under the tutelage of these ideologues who have commandeered the educational profession, and are trying to turn us into good little cogs in the wheel of socialism; mere subjects of our masters, who know better what is best for us.  Or to say, for the system.

And speaking of spelling things out.

One of the outfits that I make donations to, called the United States Justice Foundation, in its latest salvo on Obama and seeking financial support to take him and his regulatory agencies to court, on a whole range of issues, says: 

“Since he does not meet the qualifications as spelled out […] in Article Two [of the Constitution; the “natural born Citizen” requirement for the office], Barack Obama is not even eligible lo occupy the White House . . . much less radically transform this great nation into his image!  [their emphasis]

I am increasingly resistant to their entreaties.  Even as an outfit that recognizes the Usurper’s ineligibility in and for the office, they think that it’s because he was likely born in Kenya, or likely to have lost his American citizenship when his Indonesian step-father likely adopted him.  All the while failing to recognize the 800-pound gorilla in the room: that the case has already been made and settled because of the nationality of his father.  He was a born dual citizen.  NOT a “natural born” citizen.  End of story right there.

What is the matter with people???  I want to say here, even including to the U.S.J.F.:

‘And so?  You let him get away with it,  America.  And he is rubbing your nose in your inattention to detail.  That feature of our national life has come back to haunt you - big time.’

And I would say something here about ‘for want of a nail;’ but I know, by now, that it would take too long to explain,

to such a dumbed-down nation as the modern-day America.  Whose exploited citizens are about to blow the whole historical experience, over that one simple fact.


Although, on a more positive note (barely):

from ‘Obama Announces Homosexual, Transgender Advocate To Head US Army - From Fighting Force To ”How About A Hug”' - Rick Wells - September 18

Stan // September 19, 2015 at 12:55 pm (September 18, 9:55pm PDT)

Obama is rubbing our noses in the fact that the American people failed to stop his nomination and elections, for not recognizing the letter and spirit of the Constitution - that he was/is not a 'natural born' citizen.  Said public apparently felt that they could go asleep, and leave the running of the nation to a professional political class.  Hard lesson, and outcome.  Potentially fatal to the entire planet; if it were not for a Higher Power to help us pull our chestnuts out of a fire that we ourselves stoked.   


We, to say, have created our own reality; as is par for the course in a free-will environment. And it is up to us to change it.  But at least there IS something to change it to, beyond this vale of tears.  Thanks to their being Plan in and Purpose to life, beyond just in and for itself only.

So, let's get on, with our



The process of returning to Self.

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