Thursday, 24 September 2015

On Telling It Like It Is

from ‘Farah:  Why Don’r You Dump Coulter?’ - Joseph Farah - September 24
(Ann Coulter objected on Twitter to so many of the Republican presidential candidates in the last debate speaking warmly of Israel.  Good for her, for being so honest.  Many of the posters on this 'conservative' Comments thread were supportive of the idea of censuring her, to the point of completely censoring her.  Ridiculous.
   A pet peeve of mine, this business of people in this country trying to take away our basic right of free speech.) 

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 24)

This is all nonsense. Ann Coulter, like many reasonable people, objected to the over-the-top bowing to the Jewish corner that so many politicians engage in. AIPAC has too much control over our political process in this country. Let people like Coulter bring it to our attention. It will make for a healthier body politic.

Are we getting so fragile in this country that we are like so many of these so-called universities these days that have stifling motherhood-and-apple-pie Speech Codes??? Let me have a Jeffersonian democracy any day, with all of its robustness, over all this precious flim-flam, this budding Sovietization of our culture, that goes on these days. It's enough to make a thoughtful person swear. Keep Coulter. She brings a pair to the political debate in this country. Which we certainly need more of. Not less.


Their references were undoubtedly regarding the Obama treaty with Iran.  But the state of israel has had a Get Out Of Jail Free card for far too long with the American government on all this sort of thing.

I would say to the state of Israel, in regards to any show of support for it:

'Apologize to America for the Lavon Affair; for the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty; for your acts of omission regarding the suicide attack on the Marine Barracks in Lebanon; for your acts of both omission and commission regarding 9/11; for your stealing of U.S. state secrets and eavesdropping on our communications; and then we will talk.

'Not before.'

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