Monday, 7 September 2015

On Coming Of Age

On this Labor Day, it feels an appropriate time to address an issue regarding the federal government At Work For You.  Presumably.

It has to do with a subject that I see coming up fairly often on comments threads under various subject headings, where the American citizens often say - object - that Social Security is NOT like welfare, in that 'we have paid into the system over our lifetimes, and it is our money that we are getting back,' or words to that effect.

And I thought so, too.  Once.

Here is how the system was explained to me, back in my youth, when I began to receive pay checks.  The FICA deduction - that's for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act - went into a trust fund - much like a mutual fund; or an insurance company, as the name implied - which the federal government administered like a trust (and yes, it, indeed, has trustees; in name only), and invested those monies for the taxpayers, and made interest on those investments, which helped pay off the monies owed upon maturity, and gave some income to the federal government to boot  Right?

Wrong.  It is a Ponzi scheme, plain and simple; whereby the federal government has eaten its seed money - many times over - and the younger payers into the scheme are paying off the older entrants into the scheme.  That's all.

It's a scam.

And is already insolvent, to boot.

Is running on debt money.

To say: funny money.

Printing-paper money.

Thought you might like to know.

That your federal government is a crook.

But then, you may have already known that.

But maybe you didn't know, precisely, how bad a croook it was.


Really.  Really.  Bad.

Worth ignoring.

And starting over.

And I've got just the scheme for you.

Just kidding.

But not totally.

About which:

another time.  This was just for a heads-up.

On Your Day.

P.S. Our federal government running scams, like the new one on the block: from constitutionally requiring 67 votes in the Senate (a super-majority) to pass a treaty, now they need that number to reject a treaty - and in both Houses of Congress to boot.

This is via a procedural manipulation - that the Republican Party leadership put in place - requiring that (super-majority) number to override a presidential veto of legislation rejecting a treaty.  Thus (as Alan Keyes has so ably pointed out) violating both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution.


And corrupt as hell.

Time to do away with the lot of them.

For, this is not about the rule of law.

It is about the rule of men.

Which is the hallmark of tyrants, down through the ages.

Small world we live in, eh?

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