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They Don't Know The Half Of It

First, the article that sets the scene for this blog:

from ‘Why Were These Trump Supporters Booing at a Trump Rally?’ - September 21
(They were booing the MSM, on cue.)

Janet 9 hours ago (September 21)



  • kibitzer3
    Janet a few seconds ago (September 21)

  • Cruz is eligible for neither the top spot nor the VP slot, for the same reason that Obama is a Usurper: he is not a 'natural born' citizen, i.e., one born on the soil of two (in this case, U.S.) citizen parents. The whole POINT of that requirement being in the Constitution for that particular office (which the VP might accede to) being so that the occupant of that office, who would as well become the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces, would have NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. So; SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S..

  • And if you are going to try to argue that two wrongs make a right, don't bother. That makes you no better, more moral than a liberal. We need to live by Truth in this nation. Or we will collapse, like any other nation that has lost its vision, and way.

Which is about to happen anyway.  As we speak.

Because we put our trust in a false security; known as 'the two-party system'.

Both main political parties are owned by the same perps behind the scenes.

These are the same perps behind most of the scenes of life today.

And it comes down to two things that are the same thing, in reality:





See the Bix Weir newsletter of today, at  He talks about a secretive company in downtown Manhattan called DTCC, which is a 'clearinghouse,' behind which stands a shell company called CEDE & Company.  Which might as well stand for 'you have ceded to us all that you think you own'.  

These people own, hold title to all paper transactions.  Stocks, bonds, mortgages, mortage-backed securities.  The whole huge conglomeration of millisecond-traded paraphernalia of the modern capitalist system, that the regulatory agencies have had no way of keeping up with.

The Pope may well declare a Jubilee of some sort at the UN this week.  China and Russia are developing their own monetary system outwith the U.S. dollar, which will, is, helping it along its trajectory to collapse.  But these perps are already in place, waiting for that Day, to pick up the pieces.*

It's a long and complicated story, and if a person is interested, Bix Weir is a good man to go to for many of the pieces of it.  But I want to look at this whole scenario from a slightly different angle.

I want to look at the fact that we are splitting into two worlds.  One is the world of Untruth.  And the other is the incoming world of Truth.

Where no Untruth can reside.  Is out of sync with.  Out of resonance with.  Out of coherence with.

So; in that world, there will be no Usurper at the helm of the American ship of state.  He is constitutionally illegally in that office; he needs to go.  But, to 'get back to the Constitution' is a little more difficult of a proposition.  Just as 'getting back to the American republic' is.

See, the Money Powers hijacked the country along the way (I believe it was in 1871).  So, that Untruth situation needs to go; needs to be rectified.  But there are some more 'untruths' along the way as well, that we have learned to live with, as a nation.

The 14th Amendment apparently was never properly ratified.  Nor, apparently, was the 16th.  There are other untruths involved in our history, and institutions.

Where do we draw the line?

I know.

No Untruths into the New World.


And as for the rest of the world:

The whole modern edifice needs to collapse.  For having been built on a weak reed.

The reed of interest-bearing money.  And its twin in the money-making sweepstakes: fractional-reserve banking.  Both of which institutions are based on the insidious idea of the means becoming an end in itself.  Once you - we - return to the end as an end in itself - that is, the providing of goods and services to one another - we have the clue to our (ultimately moneyless) New World. 

If we are going to live by Truth from now on, we need to up our game, as it were.  Live by a higher set of rules.  Social rules.  Not socio-economic; because we now live at a time when we have developed the technological ability to move beyond scarcity, no longer have to live within quite the severe constraints of 'economy' as we have done heretofore.  There is enough for all; and we are verging on the ability to manipulate energy, through what are called replicators, and provide ourselves with our basic sustenance that way.   

Not to go into all the fine details here of the New World.  Just to indicate that a declaration of a Jubilee - as it is rumored that the Pope is going to propose at the UN this week - is only part of 'the New Deal'.

The rest of it?

To realize, and accept - fully - the Truth that 

there is something more than Man.

And therefore, we should be acting - living - as if that were true.

And not as if it were not.  

As we are doing, largely, at present.

In our clumsy - and now extremely dangerous - attempts at going it alone.

Been there.

Done that.

It's time, now, for


And oh yes.  I almost forgot:


The Love that is behind - can be said to be - the whole experience.

The Love of the Creator for our Source's Creation.

Worth acknowledging.

Wouldn't you say??

As a mature race, and all.

That fact

waiting to be proven.

As we speak.


* With the same toxicity in the banking system that brought it down in 2008 - i.e., subprime mortgages behind a real estate bubble - 'at it' again, with even more toxicity this time, and, with not the same leverage this time - as in the (cynical) case for 'too big to fail' banks, which scam The People won't fall for this time - the entire system will burst, for good - literally.  The PTB think that they will pick up the pieces.  But God moves in mysterious ways, sometimes...
   Anyway; to continue.


And, speaking of things 'as we speak':

from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘I’m tired of being DC’s EBT card’- Michael Dozier, Ph.D - September 21

Reply by AmericanWarrior (USMC) Ret. 4 hours ago

The American people as a whole have been apathetic and happy being fat,dumb and happy for decades. Now we find ourselves up to our ears in rap and wonder why. With a voter turnout less than 50%, how can we expect anything other than what we now have. There is no bullshit reason in the world NOT TO VOTE, and Ihave no problem telling non voters exactly that!

You want representation with our tax dollars: Get off you dead damned asses and make things happen! NO EXCUSES!!!!

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago

Got a very big excuse for not voting: Because in my state, there is zilch in the way of Voter Integrity Laws. You don't have to show any ID to vote; there is early voting going [on] that is not properly vetted; the works.  Both the Democrat AND the Republican parties are behind this appalling state of affairs, because they have apparently both figured out how to scam the electronic voting machines, and are hoping that their particular scams will win the day ON the day.  It's a charade, a farce, a fraud; I refuse to have anything to do with it. 

Both parties need to get behind a major cleanup of the voting system in this country.



Already living within a Truth environment......

...and I refuse to come out from it, for anybody, or anything.

Here I stand.

'Til Kingdom come.

And I can live in Truth.

(Love and Truth being facets of the same Whole.

Not just the half of it.)


P.S. As for voting…

from ‘What Trump, Carson Accomplished So Far’ - Joseph Farah - September 21
(“Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains how GOP establishment's new rules backfired”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 21)

Carson? Seems like a nice guy. Let's see...

Was against the right of the people to have automatic rifles against a rogue federal govt. until he came up against political realities & began to row back [on the gun issue]. Is for mandatory vaccinations; and in a CNN debate, said there is no connection between childhood vaccinations and autism. (Apparently limits his reading on the subject to the AMA Journal.) Says the govt. engaging in torture (waterboarding) is okay. Is for some degree of amnesty & a path to citizenship for illegal aliens (I can hear all those new Illegals heading for the border now). If there is anything else against this guy, it doesn't matter: this strikes him out, in my book.

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