Saturday, 5 September 2015

And Yes, Even The Brits...

...Are Amongst Us 

as foreign troops brought in to Canada to fight the forest fires in Saskatchewan.  As cover to bring them in to North America, and have them in place, for Der Tag, when TPTB get even for the effrontery of The People of the U.S. in turning down their North American Corridor, to transport goods from Mexico to the U.S. to Canada and vice versa, with no lip from the former states through which it runs. 

It’s obvious that TPTB, stung by the turndown of their first crack at this sort of thing under Bush W. and the Cheney NeoCons/NWO crowd, are mad as hell and not going to take it any more.  How dare their cattle - their property (with birth certificates to prove it) - think that they can get away with such temerity.  Don’t they understand, that it’s a New World now??  All bought and paid for by the Elite???  And if you get out of line, well, ve haf ways to deal with your kind… 

(Female Defendant): Your Honor, I object.

(Judge, ex-World Bank and IMF consultant, appointed to the bench by Obama; filing her fingernails): Are you still here?  I declared you a sovereign citizen.  That means that you are a stateless person.  You have no standing in this court.

D: Does that mean that I have no rights under the Constitution?

J: Nope.  I mean, yes, it does.

D: But I’m here to argue for the Constitution!

J: Not our Constitution.  Our Constitution means what we say it means.  You are not abiding by the Constitution according to our interpretation of it.  Therefore, you have no rights under it.

D: No right to call witnesses?

J (holding her fingernails up to the light and inspecting them meticulously): Nope.

D: No right to object to all this?

J (glaring over her glasses at the defendant): No.  Of course not.

D: Your Honor: Your law is an ass.

J: Guard! - I mean, Bailiff! Remove the prisoner!…(mission being accomplished:) She’ll learn that we mean business in this court.  And it pays well, too.  Hee hee.    

And the same thing will happen to you, too, if you argue against the likes of Agenda 21 (as the above based-on-a-true-story defendant did, who lost her young child because of her unacceptable - to the Obama regime - political activity), or mandatory vaccination (because they contain substances that TPTB want in us all, to ‘mark’ us, for their herd, or for outright extermination), or a number of other issues dear to the hearts of the NWO globalists and become ‘one of them’ in their eyes: ‘Enemy combatants.’  Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, patriots, ‘preppers,’ Christians, Second Amendment supporters, and yes, even just plain old veterans.  The latter because, you see, they took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  And didn’t realize that it now means the corporate United States of America.  Whose Constitution changes according to the dictates from On High.  Meaning, El Bozo.

Guard!! Take him away!  For making fun of El Bozo - I mean…


from ’NSA’S ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE SOON WILL STOP’ - Larry Klayman - September 4
(Some posters felt that Klayman was being too optimistic, that the “crooked courts” would never allow justice to be served in this matter.  Time will tell.  Although, we may not have all that much time...)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (September 5)

At least it's saying it like it is: the action was unconstitutional because it was engaging in wholesale surveillance without a warrant - which not even the original PATRIOT Act went so far as to claim the power to do - and so, 'standing' is IRRELEVANT: WE ARE ALL ANONYMOUS, as the saying has it. I.e., we ALL have 'standing,' because WE ARE ALL INJURED by an unconstitutional act.

These Obama-appointed judges are excrescences on the legal system. This is not a bona fide judicial system. It is a sovietized version, of an arrogant state, thinking that it has all power over its subjects. This Marxist regime has GOT TO GO.

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