Thursday, 17 September 2015

Going On Record

Two items of particular interest amongst my emails today.  One led me to a link with an article, posted on, by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. on October 29, 2008 titled 'Obama Must Stand Up Or Step Down'.  It had to do with the fact that Obama was not relieving concerns about his background by posting his birth certificate, in relation to the constitutional requirement for a presidential candidate to be a "natural born citizen".  Dr. Vieira pointed out that if he were not, in fact, an NBC, that he would be a "usurper," and that would cause untold chaos and confusion in its wake if he were elected.  Dr. Vieira needs to be given credit for pointing this matter out at the time.  He needs to be criticized for not pointing out, in this article, and any other articles he may have ended up posting on the subject (especially) at the time, what in fact constitutes being an NBC, for the public to grasp the point sooner than it has taken; with all this subsequent 'birther' nonsense becoming a red herring.  (Where he was born is not as important as who he was born to.  A dual citizen falls at the very first hurdle.)

So, everything that he has done, and is doing as we speak, is tainted with his lack of basic sole allegiance to this nation.  Which brings up the second article.

It is a perfect follow-on to this first one.  It has to do with how our school-age children are being conditioned, in a real or declared emergency, in 'drill' exercises, either to gather and stay cooped up in a single space, or 'get on the bus' and be taken to a holding space (usually a sports stadium; or some similar big space).  Now, if the nation were being led by honest Americans, we could trust such drills, and advices.  But as our nation is NOT being led by honest Americans, but rather by socialist ideologues (with their true masters being fascists; another story), we can safely conclude that this is actually all about using children as bait, to round up their parents, and haul them off to wherever their names on various lists assign them.

And such a Day is drawing closer, with the advent of thousands and thousands of Muslim 'refugees' -really, jihadists (notice that the huge majority of them are young males??) - being transported into various locales around the country, in readiness for

Der Tag.

Of these bitches and sons of bitches behind this attempted takedown of America.

With military materials already in place, for the monstrous minions to be given access to when the time is announced.  And America is subjected to becoming a war zone.

All, for want of a nail:

because the American people were not awake to the first steps of the last stage of the takeover.

When the Anointed One was christened for his job of softening up the stupid sheeple.

And leading them softly, softly, straight to their slaughter.

I will have more to say on this subject.  But I just wanted to post this 'take' on the matter for now.
Seeing as how my daily mail contained a signal for me to.

To let my fellow Truthseekers* in on my take

on Things Of Our Times.

And our responsibility.

As presumed adults.

P.S. My advice?
     Don't let your kids get on the bus.  Train them on alternative procedures.
     For, they really are your children, and responsibility.
     Not the state's.
     Not in this country.
     Not yet, at least.
     And, hopefully
              not ever.

P.P.S. Is all of this supposed to happen?  How The Plan works??  For us humans to get to our final outcome???
     But those playing their Dark-side parts don't know that.  They really believe in what they are doing.
     Many of whom must love being termites, of the established order of things.
     To be gone into in more detail at another time.
     This, now, is just by way of a word to the wise.  To stock up on emergency supplies.
     And keep a real good eye out on and for your kids.
     Who should be - and are - more than pawns in the Game the adults are playing out.
     Close, now, to its


* and some of the termites themselves too, of course.  Keeping an eye on your opponents.  For your masters.  Like a good slave yourself.
   You are looking for your Day to come.  When in fact, your day is done.
   And almost, now, on more than the Causal level.

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