Friday, 25 September 2015

On The Other Hand...

Some people think that Obama is the Devil incarnate.  But he could also be playing the devil’s advocate.  Thus:

‘Well’ - snicker snicker - ‘if they’re going to let me get away with trashing their Constitution - their rule of law - then I’ll show them what I - or anybody in this position, as, in effect, an emperor, encumbered by nothing, just reigning under the 'concept' of the rule of men, otherwise known as arbitrary law; otherwise known as tyranny - can really do, when I get up a head of steam intros position, of power, and control.’

And so he is showing us - in the pale light of Untruth - a truism:

that you are the light of this world.  And The Play has been all about catching your conscience.  Getting you to own your true


And once you do, The Play is over.  For having served its purpose.  And we can all





...And STILL On The Other Hand...

from ‘McConnell’s New Bill Funds Planned Parenthood’ - September 24/5 (orig. posted at - Jordain Carney - September 24)
(“Replaces measure that would have stripped money from abortion biz”)


There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats any longer. The Republicans do everything that the Democrats want them to do regardless of the promises that they've made to the American people and how much they have betrayed us and this nation. Those in office now are only interested in their own reelections, special interests and partisan politics. I know I've had enough of politics as usual. We need to demand term limits and end the era of career politicians and kick these political hacks to the curb.

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Well put, Judy. But note that there are SOME good men and women still there. We have to hope that they can create a nucleus attractive enough that they can grow a whole, fresh organism, and take over from the Special Interests toxic virus that has taken hold in Congress.

from ‘Cruz: Beware Boehner’s Shady Deals With Obama’ - Cheryl Chumley - September 25


I like Cruz but am not sure of his eligibility, but after Obama an illegal invader is probably eligible, Cruz would be a good VP for Trump if eligible, and Cruz is correct about Boehner, Lord only knows what he might do in his last month.
....................................................DONALD TRUMP 2016


Cruz cannot be a natural born citizen of the USA; he was a dual citizen at birth born in Canada. It takes two to tango to be a natural born citizen of any nation (both parents citizens of the nation).

Cruz might make a good Sect. of State. But the question still arises to me: Why has he never mentioned Barry's obvious unconstitutional eligibility for that office?

  • kibitzer3 yogiman a few seconds ago (September 25)

  • Indeed, yogiman. I've had to assume that he was never taught straight in law school what a TRUE "natural born" citizen is. He seems sincerely to think he is one.
  • The rot has gone deep in this country for years, under the tutelage of termites who have tried to make of the Constitution 'a living document'. Meaning, a piece of toilet paper, to be used as needed

           yogiman kibitzer3 39 minutes ago

         I must disagree; he knows he isn't a natural born citizen of the USA. Otherwise, why did he    give his Canadian citizenship up just before he 'threw his hat in the ring'?


  • kibitzer3
    yogiman a few seconds ago 

  • Point. And TPTB could be trying to play a game with We the People as in 'Oh well; close enough'. But it is still all a limited hangout. We are being seduced, even from the so-called Right, into believing that it is only a matter of WHERE you were born. As in the 'birther' deception. Whereas the more crucial matter is who your parents were; and particularly your father, where direct nationality comes from.

  • There will be hell to pay if TPTB win out on this issue, and we then fall clearly under the rule of men. Rather than the rule of law. It will be the fall of the Roman Republic, and the rise of the Roman Empire, all over again. And its collapse in turn under the invasion of the barbarians.

  • Been there. Done that. Don't need to go through that lesson again.

          Cruz knows what the original intent of Art II is and the          GOPers gave him a pass... Nobody will notice ... Obeyme Soetoro got away with it.... It's all to protect Obeyme and the criminal enablers in congress... Nobody wants to go to jail...

  • I think that you're probably right, joepotato. Which means that We the People have got to step up to the plate. For, otherwise, the nation is operating under the rule of men. Not under the rule of law. And there will be more, much more hell to pay, going down the road we are on, than if we take back our country NOW.
    Which means: Obama - OUT. Arrested by Oathkeepers, And held for trial on a whole host of charges by now. Including perjury. And treason. We the People finally meaning business. Not the (not-so) funny business that our erstwhile leaders have been up to. For long enough, now.

    We are witnessing what happens when leftists infiltrate, and take over a nation through the political process as opposed to waging violent revolution....

Indeed. But in this case, it wasn't just by "the political process". It was by a coup.


Ya... it's a coup alright... just not the Castro style coup....
We may never live long enough to uncover all the "behind the scenes players" that were involved.... Me thinks the CIA is involved.... O'Barry went to Pakistan on what many people believe was an Indonesian passport.... The rabbit hole runs deep....

  • kibitzer3 joepotato 18 minutes ago 

  • You've got it with the CIA. a) He went to work at a CIA front when he left Columbia. And b) Google 'Tom Fife U.S. Businessman in Moscow Told that Obama would become President'. This has been in the works - by the NWO crowd (controlling both the Left AND the Right of politics) - for years; and longer.

  • It's time for We the People to Awaken, and throw off the yoke that has been placed over our necks without our really noticing. But yes: "The rabbit hole runs" very deep indeed. Well done, joepotato, for noticing.

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