Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Modicum Of Intelligence, Anyone?

Michael Steele, past Republican National Committee Chairman, has sent me a letter asking me to help him “dismantle the Obama presidency”.  I told him, in no uncertain terms, what he should be doing regarding that project.  Not, apparently, that he will take notice.  Since the Republican Party, though not the primary cause of the current hijacking of the American Republic, is certainly the primary reason for that occasion.  For not doing its job, as the official opposition party in the nation, to the Obama faux presidency, and socialist takeover of the country.  The public - to give them some wriggle room, in their failure to act properly to this hijack - obviously assuming, and with some justification in doing so, that the Republican Party would have made a huge issue of it, if Obama was in fact ineligible for the job. 

Which he certainly ‘in fact’ is.

It should be clear to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence what the constitutional Framers meant by the term, and requirement, of the president needing to be a “natural born” citizen.  As opposed to any other kind of citizen - naturalized, or dual, or non-native born.  Why would they require that special category of citizen for that particular office - and that particular office ONLY, of all of the federal offices that they were creating?

Come ON, folks.  THINK.    

To cut to the chase after the Truth of the matter: They didn’t want anyone in that position - who would as well, then, become the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces - to have DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES.  

They had just fought a long and bloody War of Independence, for heaven’s sake.  The didn’t want Britain ESPECIALLY to (re)gain power in the country, through any loopholes in the new law of the land - the Constitution.  The Commander in Chief needed, in their eminently perspicacious minds, to have SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the United States - and the new nation ALONE.  


Like Obama.

Or Cruz. Or Rubio.  (Or Jindal, for that matter; or Santorum.)  Which gives the game away -

that the Republican Party is putting their OWN ineligible candidates up for that office.  

That they helped knock a hole in the wall of the Constitution to gain such access to.  The wall against tyrannical elements, who might want to wreck the Constitution, and erect a regime of their own making.   

Not the one manufactured by those distant characters in their funny hats and wigs.  But a New America for a New World.

Or as it better known, as 

the New World Order.

As I say:

Come ON, folks.   This is NOT rocket science.  True Americans would have knocked these imposters off of the pitcher’s mound - for what they have been pitching us in general, and in this specific instance - long ago. 

And speaking of Truth.

I have read that the Ascension process on Earth - onto a new, higher level of Being - was held up since December of 2012 because on the causal level (beyond this illusory level; this stage that we are acting out our parts on, of this human Play, in which to catch our consciences, and grow in consciousness - or not - from the choices that we make), it was decided by our Higher Selves that everybody (except the most resistant of those on the Dark side) would ascend; not just those who, through their acts of virtue and high consciousness, were ready to.  But if a lot of incarnates can’t even get a matter right as simple as the definition of a term, and as important as that term in applying to the leader of the nation, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Only souls who live by Truth will make the grade.

And you can take that to the bank.

The new bank, that is. 

Under the new monetary system for humanity.

Which reflects a higher level of consciousness than we have been living by.

Under our erstwhile Masters.

For long enough. 

Not to be denied our great Opportunity

to move out of the Illusion

and into the Real Thing.

the lower dimensions thereof, that is.

The stairway to the heavens

extending far beyond our current power to comprehend.

With these 3D brains.

Which it is time to release.

And soar, from that release.  

Like a creature - a sentient being - capable of flight

under its own steam.

To make a very primitive comparison.

To how things really work.

When once we release

the fiction

of who

and what

we are

and move to the comprehension

and owning 

of who

and what 

we really


Which is



on our inward bound journey

returning to that state

of pure








to get there.

And it ain’t by Untruth, lads and lassies.

Which activating even a modicum of intelligence could tell you.

And, really, should have

by now.

So, let’s see your best shot on the matter at hand.

Not your worst.

That one is all too evident these sorry days.

Enough to get you relegated to the minors.

And certainly, not


a notch

or two.

For a start.

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