Sunday, 27 September 2015

Who Does It Profit

Two factors recently have brought a particular subject to mind for me.  One was receiving in the mail a request by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for my financial support; listing 9 good reasons why I should support them.  I have one good reason not to, which trumps all of theirs to the contrary.

‘Imagine a world without cancer!’ their envelope extols.  Oh, I can.  But not in the direction in which you are going.  You are going towards more of the same - cut, burn, poison.  Because that’s where your interest lies.  Treatment.  ‘Management’.  Not in prevention; or treatment designed to keep it from happening in the future.

Tell me, S-K: Have you ever heard of GcMAF?  Nagalese?  Vitamin C Therapy?  Oxygen therapy? No??  Why am I not surprised….      

The bottom line - figuratively and literally:

Cancer cures are being suppressed because of the hugely profitable cancer industry.

No thanks, S-K.  Your way is not mine.


The other factor was the Pope’s visit to the U.S., and his reference to ’crony capitalism’.  Which is, by and large, the only kind left in the Western world.  Capitalism in service to profit-making to the exclusion of all else; and in service to the state.  For the establishment of a global corporate New World Order.  And thus, the demise of government of, by, and for ‘the people’.

Item.  Monsanto makes huge profits off of patents for genetically modified seeds with the ability to withstand ‘environmental stress’.  Which then happens, with man-made droughts.  

Not just for the profits for Monsanto in the deal.  We are talking, ultimately, about power, and control. 

Take the California drought.  (Please.)  That is not being engineered* simply for Monsanto.  And Monsanto does not exist simply for itself.  It is part of the agenda for People Control by TPTB.  In the case of the CA drought, it has a number of purposes.  Among them:

* to harm the ‘Breadbasket of America’ - the California Central Valley.  When people are dependent on the government for their food, they will do whatever the government says.  Or else. 

* to drive independent farmers off the land; and then have the Big Agro companies take it over, and then turn off the geoengineered drought, for them to do big business.

* to drive Americans in general off the land, and out of the Southwest states themselves in general; in preparation for the cheaper hordes from Mexico and Central America and elsewhere to come in, and be the peons for the Big Agro companies that have taken over.  
   And the Americans?  Those who don’t toe the line for the New World Order - the unreconstructed - will be taken to the FEMA camps, already prepared for them.  And dealt with, as TPTB see fit. 
   You don’t really think that TPTB give up so easily, in the minor little kerfuffle about the North American Union that was mounted, do you??  TPTB just regrouped, and decided on harsher measures. To do away with this piffly little gnat to their best-laid plans called ‘representative government’.  The government being representative, alright: now representing them
   Or did you not read about the huge amounts of bribes that TPTB paid out to various members of Congress to vote their way on the recent trade-deal measures???
   In money that is largely unaccounted for.  Since The People went to sleep, and allowed The Federal Reserve to print as much money as they wanted to, with NO AUDIT.  'Here, you want a bribe for your vote?  How’s a mill?  Not enough??  How about 2 mill?  Okay - 3 mill, and that’s it.  I've got others I have to deal with too, you know.…'

And speaking of water:

It has become a commodity in and of itself.  A number of corporations have been cashing in on the potential of big profits by purchasing aquifers, lakes, and water rights, and pushing for the privatization of public water supply systems.  

Let me sum up this angle on the corporatisng of the world with one brief but good article: 

from ‘Drought-Stricken California Slated to Run Out of Water Soon — But is This a Man-Made Crisis/? - Carolanne Wright - September 27 (misidentified as October 27):

“Reporter Paul Gallagher elaborates further, in a July 2015 article entitled Is California’s Water Supply Being ‘Enronned’:

“Over the past 30 years, global financial firms have pushed for the privatization of public water supply systems all over the world, and in the past 15 years they have developed exchange-listed “water price indices” to introduce “trading floors” into the world of populations’ water supplies…

“In the midst of the California drought emergency, the huge multinational Nestlé, seller of bottled water to the world, is providing one example of what must be stopped. Gov. Jerry Brown, while cutting public water use 25% by order in Sacramento, as in the rest of the state, has placed no limitation on Nestlé’s withdrawal of freshwater from aquifer springs nearby. Nestlé… continues to draw water at an 80 million gallon/year rate, paying 2 or 3 cents/gallon; it bottles the water in Sacramento, and sells it for roughly $16/gallon-equivalent to the city’s population, which has had its tap water use restricted.”

“As it turns out, creating water scarcity in California through manipulated weather can be a highly profitable venture indeed. For some, anyway.”


I don’t want here to belabor the point (even with peon labor wages).  This is just to give you a taste of things that are, and things that are to come.

Unless We the People take back our government.  And country.  From the insects that have taken it over.  Are chewing it up.  And spitting it out.

Just doing their thing…

So, what would that counter-revolution look like?  That we should move to those with non-profit incentives??

But, e.g., the UN wants the power to censor the Internet.  For worthy reasons, of course.
Such schemes always are…

Not too many groups that you can trust these days.  But at least, health care people who emphasize prevention over treatment - and wholistic treatment over ‘managed care’ - are worth a look.  For one example.

But me, I’m a more systemic kind of guy.  I say we throw off the shackles of the interest-bearing money system altogether.  Including its partner in Big Crime, fractional-reserve banking.

And inherit the kingdom, that is just waiting for us to inherit.

Once we wake up to that fact.

And our true potential.

As spiritual beings having a human experience.

And more.

As very gods in the making.  Capable of being creators in our own right.

Once we get our heads screwed on right.

You see, if you try to do that with the mentality, from the level of consciousness, of those who are trying to do us in as we speak,

you get what they are trying to give us.

Chaos.  Killings.  Mayhem.  Some with Power Over others.  Most with no power at all.

Thank you, no thanks.

I’ll stick with our Source’s Plan

every time.

Until we get it



* the info about geoengineering is too widespread for me to bother to go into it here. Suffice it to say that the American military-industrial-government complex has known how to control/manipulate the weather for years, and years.  That's part of what the chemtrails is all-out.
   But to continue.

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