Wednesday, 30 September 2015

When Truth Rules...

…With Love

When Truth rules, what will it look like?

I could say things like,

‘I stand with the taxpayers, who have been sorely done by for quite some time now.  Those days are over.  For example, No More Bailouts of ‘the Masters of the Universe’. and their hogging of that emergency money for Wall Street rather than Main Street  And, all those who have been living on the taxpayers’ dime as a way of life are going to have a rude awakening.  Things are not going to be as cushy for them as they have been up ’till now.  Details to follow.’

And so forth, along that vein, of taking personal responsibility for our actions, and not depending on ‘the state’ for our sustenance, and guidance, as to how to live our lives - how to be allowed to live our lives, by the almighty state.*  But the truth is, those days are over - period.  Under the New Management, to start with, everybody is going to be given a share of the true wealth on the planet, to make of what they will.  As we exit the Illusion, and start our move into the Real Thing.

Until then, we still have some work to do.  Example:

Today I received another mailing from the ‘Cruz for President’ camp.  It contained the offer of receiving a signed copy of his book titled - wait for it - ’A Time for Truth’.  I almost swallowed my dentures (I jest.  Just), at the effrontery of it.  Instead of checking the ‘YES! I want to receive’ this bit of arrogance, I added my own response; to wit:

‘NO! I want the Truth itself!’  And footnoted my comment thusly:

‘that you are NOT a ‘natural born’ citizen.  & thus, flush Obama from his hiding place in the Oval Office; who is not one either.’

Yes, Ted Cruz’s is a powerful and valuable voice for conservatism in the country (especially in his attacks on the Establishment - of both parties).  But we are going to get back to living  by Truth; and the truth is, he is not eligible for the job.  Any more than Obama is.

We have gotten away from the rule of law in this country - i.e., the Constitution - for some time now, and went for a walk on the wild side, as it were, as a nation.

No more.

But then, there are going to be a lot of changes in the status quo anyway.

Including the monetary system, that we have ben living under - laboring under - for a long, long time,

Long enough.

It’s time for a change, alright.

But real Change this time.

Not the faux Change of a faux president, that we have also been laboring under for long enough now.

So, no more going either to the Right or to the Left.

But, now,


* To the Left, and barring the changes coming through anyway, I would say:
   ‘If you want to live under a socialist system, there are a number of such that you could go live under.  And please do.  But leave this nation alone.  It was not intended for that sort of governance; and it will never fall under that sort of governance.  
   ‘That doesn’t mean that it will continue under the form of capitalism that has grown up in this country, what could be called crony capitalism.  Which is a betrayal of the founding principles of this nation.  Principles, like freedom - essential liberty - and the rewarding of individual initiative and merit.  And true representative government.  Not government of the elite.
   ‘You’ve had your day, ladies and gentlemen of the Establishment.  Now The People are coming through.  To take back their country, from the thieving likes of you.
   ‘’Nearly twenty trillion - that’s TRILLION - dollars in debt.  What a bunch of losers you were.  Losers, of the investment that The People put in you as leaders of the country.  Led it right into the financial and moral hole. you did.
   ‘Great job, ladies and gentlemen, of both the (far) Left AND the (far) Right..  Great job.  Not.’

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