Saturday, 5 September 2015

On Being Annoyed

On Being Annoyed

I get so sick
     and tired
Of fruit flies.
    What good
    do they do
Except to annoy you
And take you out
Of your center
     and thus
     test you
And your patience.

         Well, looked
At that way, I guess
   there is
   some value
   to them
After all.

Come, little fruit fly:
              annoy me
   a little more.
   And maybe
  this time.

And another thing.
            I get
    so sick
    and tired
    of women
    who think
    their children
    are basically
    the property
Of the state
  and have nothing
      to do
    with them
As they go
Merrily on
Their way
Through partner
After partner
As it suits

What do you think
Having children
Is really for, 


And speaking of annoying little things; there are

The Termites

The termites have been around in America for some time.  I first became aware of them, as I recall, when I read Whittaker Chambers’s autobiography, ‘Witness,’ in my last year of high school, I think it was.  Or the next year, the first of my university education.  (Which I left early, before the end of my Junior year, on what has become a lifelong search for Truth.  Another story.)  And then, specifically in relation to my university education, some years later, when I discovered, through my alumni journal, that my alma mater was longer requiring the study of Western Civ for its incoming freshmen.  The excuse, as given, had something to do with the idea that Stanford was getting students from all over the world, these ‘new days,’ and they weren’t, really, interested in either the subject or having it forcefully crammed down their throats…  

And now here we are, with the termites’ philosophy being not only crammed down our throats.  But shot into our bodies, via the useful excuse of vaccines; and into our brains, via the use of mind control technology.      

So, to my concluding comment:

You idiots who think the universe just is without a guiding Intelligence behind it are probably without hope.  Now, don’t get me wrong; I understand that there is value in questioning religions, and religious beliefs.  But the person who throws the baby out with the bathwater just doesn’t have his/her head screwed on properly.

Example.  In regards to Christianity, and its rejection by ‘thinking people,’ many are rejecting the concept of sin altogether.  ('There is nothing right or wrong but thinking makes it so.')  Whereas there certainly is sin.  It is a sin to steal another person’s money, for example.  It is a sin to block a treatment, or outright cure, for cancer because it will cause you to lose money from your product or treatment, or chosen profession, as another example of the same thing.  The list of our sins goes on, and on, and on.

Get real, folks.  You are being hoodwinked, by people who want to control you, to within an inch of your lives  They are not in this life ‘thing’ for the sake of Truth.  They are in this free-will arena for the sake of power.  Power Over.  As opposed to Power With, and Within.  From our Source.

Beware of the false god of atheism.  It is designed to put you under someone’s thumb.  And now, the whole world, in toto.  To Master the Human Domain.

And that’s all that I’m going to say to the subject at the moment.  Except to close with the admonition:

A word to the wise.

And to the God of little things: that we are getting it.

Slow.  But sure.

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