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Calling 'Em The Way I See 'Em

from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Attkisson: Hillary Broke the Law - New Emails Show She Violated Freedom of Information Rules’ - posted by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord - September 6 (orig. posted at - Jim Hoft - September 1, and - James Beattie - September 1) 

Permalink Reply by Don R. Sherwood 13 hours ago (September 6)

That this is TRUE is OBVIOUS.  That the Obama Administration is CORRUPT is equally OBVIOUS.  So, knowing the OBVIOUS, what can we do?  Obama has corrupted all the Federal Law enforcement agencies.  The Courts have no enforcement arm to protect us.
16 MONTHS AND COUNTING UNTIL THIS ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL DISASTER of a President is GONE!  Then the clean up must begin, immediately, including Boehner and McConnell and their equally mindless, spineless Democrat Lite "leadership teams" PLUS the RINOS that elected them to leadership!

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Permalink Reply by Stan Stanfield 2 seconds ago (September 6)

We can't wait that long, Don.  We're not up against just a two-party opponent; we're up against ideologues, who mean to take over this country.  The Usurper will orchestrate a crisis to give himself the opportunity to declare martial law long before those 16 months are up.  We have to put pressure on Oathkeepers, both current and retired, to TAKE A STAND against the hijacking of the country going on, and show them that We the People have their backs on the action.  Which ideally is to a) arrest the Usurper and hold him for trial on a whole host of federal charges by now; b) arrest Biden and Pelosi & others involved in illegally certifying that Obama was eligible to be nominated for the office of POTUS; c) dissolve the sitting Congress, for doing nothing about the many illegal indiscretions of the Obama administration but just that - sit; d) appoint an Office of The People to call for new elections within a time certain, and in the meantime, to clean out the entire Obama administration of its vermin.  I could go on, but you get the point: We need to act decisively, and fast. 

P.S. I meant to add that we also need to haul both main political parties into an honest court on RICO-statute charges, for conspiring to defraud the American people and the rule of law in the Democrats putting up an ineligible candidate for the office of the POTUS, and the Republican party trying to make two wrongs make a right by driving a coach and horses through that breach in the wall of  the Constitution.  And dissolve them, for the criminal enterprises that they are.  

We can have new political parties.  Call them the Communist Party, the Socialist Party, the Conservative Party, and the Fascist Party.  And let's get some truth going around here.


2) from western ‘Trump Just Made A Surprise Statement About Kim Davis That’ll Have Many People Furious’ - Jack Davis - September 4; posted under ‘The Best This Week’ on September 6)
(He’s sort of for her in the matter, and sort of against her…)

Ymmit DZ · Works at Self-Employed (September 4)

there is NO LAW that says same sex marriage is already legal and should be allowed. there is an INTERPRETATION of the CONSTITUTION made by the SCOTUS. an interpretation DOES NOT A LAW MAKE. Congress passes the laws of the land, not the Supreme Court. Additionally, there is no KENTUCKY law that says same sex marriage is recognized, in fact, if I understand it correctly, their state's laws allow only for heterosexual marriages, so she is upholding the law, not violating it, even if she does not cite religious convictions. There is a FEDERAL ORDER that says states must now recognize same sex marriages, BASED on the interpretation of the Supreme Court justices. A FEDERAL ORDER is not a law. Based on this federal order, the judge gave an order for Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses, and she did not obey the order, for that reason she was cited for contempt of court and deprived of her freedom as an American citizen in her own country. Kim Davies did not break any law. Congress and congress alone has the constitutional authority to pass laws.

John Paul Mattei · Trabzon (September 4)

Great analysis. I am in fiull support of your message. I have also lost a great deal of respect for Donald Trump. I believe his comments, if made public, will hurt him tremendously. Just for the record, I amcurrently, in serious, positive consideration of, in this order, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Fiorina.  

John Paul Mattei: Just to clarify, and speaking of 'the law': Ted Cruz is not eligible for the office of POTUS, because he is not a natural born citizen. He is a born DUAL citizen. That rules him out. As it does Obama.

And if we are going to go by the rule of law in this country, we had better recognize that fact, and quick. Otherwise we are going by the rule of men. Which is otherwise known as tyranny.

Look familiar???  

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