Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Great Divide

To follow on - briefly - from my closing thought of yesterday's posting:

I am a peaceful man.  But I will not go gentle into the particularly dark night planned for us by these would-be masters of ours, now finalizing their plans to supersede nation-states, with all this (intentional) invasion over borders*, and instituting trade agreements that take precedence over national laws, and so forth.  All of which is going on as we speak.

So; The die is cast.  It's Us vs. Them.  When really, we are all One.  And are actually heading for that destination.  Not this illusory one planned for us, by lesser mentalities, sorely in need of an Awakening.

As are we.  To our larger role in all this theatrical stuff going on, in this realm - currently - of Illusion.


Join me.  And make the picture so crystal clear - of our refusal to enter into their hellish hole - that it will deter these, our erstwhile Masters, from their best-laid plans.

And may we ALL come out the other side of this Great Divide; the 'richer' - stronger morally, and wiser, for the experience.

But it is a Great Divide.  And that means, that some souls will be left behind.  A pity.  Yet, it is



And, bottom line:

that is what it has all - really - been all about.

Notice the difference, between the agendas at work, and in play???


P.S. So, what to do?  Practically??
       Go inside.  And you will know what to do.  Practically.  And energetically.

* by so-called refugees, who, in fact, are mostly young men; being put in place for malevolent reason.
   And why, indeed, for 'resettlement'?  Why not placed in refugee camps in nations closer to their home nations, to go back when things settle down in their home nations??
   Oh.  There is to be no 'home nations,' anymore.
   Silly me.  And here I was, thinking that this was all about humanitarianism.  When it was really about another kind of ism, all along.

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