Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Another Day, Another Telling It Like It Is


1) from ‘Anti-gun nuts set-up police assaults on gun owners’ - Rigrimes - September 2 

Well pointed out of the danger of this cynical 'swatting' activity, Richard. The CSGV statement is disingenuous, not allowing for terrible accident particularly when police SWAT teams attack the homes of legal gun owners. What the anti-gunners REALLY mean is that they want the nation to be turned into a police state, controlled by them, and conservatives/constitutionalists/patriots deprived of the means of resisting the takeover of the nation going on by the Obama Marxist administration. 

You don't like those fierce-looking automatic rifles, Dianne? The answer is simple: Stop trying to hijack the country.


I meant to add that much of the violence going on in the country is occasioned by these wannabe nation-hijackers, in many ways, including 'false flag' ops. But that's a whole 'nother subject in itself.

2) from ‘Wait, How Many Immigrants Are On Welfare?’ - Andrew McNeal - September 2
(“This is surprising: 51% –more than half – of America’s immigrant households receive some kind of welfare from the government.
And a whopping 76% immigrant households with kids are receiving government dollars as well.
The welfare they’re receiving includes Medicaid, food stamps, free or subsidized school lunches, and housing assistance.
For comparison, 30% of those who were born in America receive welfare–not a small number, but substantially lower by comparison…”)

ONTIME 40 minutes ago 

There goes $billions in tax monies meant to assist legal Americans and not the hoards of illegals being dumped in this country to save the frigging DNC and their union buddies.........


You hypocrites want to take their jobs away, so what are they supposed to do?

    • grammy23 Karen Stickney an hour ago 

    • They are supposed to go HOME. Comprende? Leave, and if they want back in then do it the right way as a legal-immigrant.

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                                kibitzer3 grammy23 a minute ago 

                                Right on, grammy23.

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