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America: J'Accuse!

You Can’t Handle The Truth

You are letting the Usurper, Obama,1 get away with murder - figuratively and literally.  The shame has gone on long enough.  I for one wilt not have this nation so trifled with; and its flag spat upon - again, figuratively and literally, with some of Obama’s army of illegal aliens doing the deed for the cameras, even; in hardly being able to contain themselves until they can fly either the Mexican flag over the Southwestern states, or the flag of Aztlan itself.  Vouchsafed to them by this Great Pretender; this noxious weed that has grown up in our midst; this thorn in the side of Columbia, the gem of the ocean.  Liberty being screwed, front and back, with her panties well around her ankles, and seemingly hopeless to do anything about it, so arrogant is the process going on.

Case in point: the court case mounted by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch against the NSA/federal government for its unconstitutional monitoring in bulk of everyone’s phone calls and faxes and emails and internet searches (ostensibly under the terms of the so-called PATRIOT Act, which was passed in the heat of a trumped-up War On Terror anyway, and does not even allow itself for that extent of surveillance).2  At least the case got a decent hearing under the first (District Court) judge to take it into consideration - but that was nearly two effing years ago now, with the government’s lawyers and appointed judges dragging the case out as long as they can, hoping that it will die out somewhere along the line of appeal to their august highnesses.

Justice deferred is justice denied.  That’s no. 1.  No. 2: the Appeals Court judges have declared that Klayman’s client does not have ‘standing’ - for not having shown that he was “personally” injured by the NSA’s surveillance.  


If it please the august court, your august Honors: He has standing because he is a U.S. citizen, and that activity of the federal government has injured his constitutional rights in this country.  The bloody government does not HAVE that sort of power.  Not in this country, with its constitution - its rule of law.3     

This is Keystone Kops stuff.  A comedy routine.  Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch.4  It is a constitutional issue; not a "personal" one.  And



And I think that we can clearly recognize, now, what’s going on; and call it for what it is.


By both The Far Left - the socialists/communists/‘watermelons’ - and the Far Right - the corporate-government fascists - on the American people, and form of government.5  They have known that they were at war with ‘Middle America’ for years (and have been quietly planning accordingly); it has taken telly-addled MA a long time to wake up to the fact.  I think MA is getting it, now, with such more obvious facets, now, as Obama-appointed judges making decisions that are clearly simply ideological in nature, nothing to do with the Constitution itself;6 and word getting out about flightloads of Muslims being surreptitiously flown into the country and avoiding Customs & Immigrations inspections, AND of masses of Somali Muslim ‘refugees’ being brought into the country, to help with the dilution of the MA vote already going on via the flood of illegal aliens pouring in across the almost totally non-existent southern border (along with various and sundry drug pushers, rapists, and trained terrorists); and shooting practice targets for the Obama minions that depict a pregnant young woman, and a small boy, and a middle-aged woman, and an old man, all trying to protect themselves, from the takeover of the nation planned for them, with the laughable equivalent of a pop gun; and so forth and so on, and on.  And on...  

the State of the Union, Obama style.  

The Usurper, simply, has got to go.


Or it’s Goodbye, America.  And Hello, New World Order.

And a boot stamping on the face of the individual.  For as long as it takes for him/her to be able to bite the bastards in the ankle, and turn the tide of 

The Event.  About to hit the world.

Ready.  Or not.


1 as he calls himself.  There is considerable question as to who his real birth father was (and mother too, for that matter).  But in the end, it all amounts to the same thing: the man is a criminal (if not an outright psychopath as well).  And has to go.  Now. 

2 Even the Bush W. fascists knew that they couldn’t get away with that big of a heist in one step.  But now, a few miles down the road, here comes Old Bighead Himself - El Bozo, with his merry band of Marxists, bent on taking down the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America from their angle, to merge it into the same end as the other band of thieves: a global New World Order, of totalitarian proportions, and conceit.  

3 This ‘standing’ business is crap anyway.  It has no constitutional basis, is simply a device that has grown up in usage.  Often to attempt to thwart people from obtaining justice, against an arrogant government.  As in cases attempting to have the courts rule on the ineligibility of the Usurper to have run for that particular office.  But don’t get me started on that specific subject. 

4 Remember the skit where Michael Palin has sold John Cleese a parrot in a cage which, Cleese has discovered, was not asleep but dead, and Palin gives him a right good run-around, with Cleese finally declaring in exasperation: ‘But that’s a dead parrot!’ and Palin calmly retorting with, ‘No it’s not.  It’s just stunned.’  
   And I am stunned at the effrontery of the courts in this country; primarily, but not exclusively, those judges appointed by El Bozo, and helping to further his takeover scam, by bringing the judicial branch into terrible disrepute - that it most probably will never recover from.

5 The two armies may not recognize each other, as having ‘standing’ in their personal scenario.  But TPTB behind them both know whereof they stand.  They stand on a pyramid of power, leading up to the same nest of vipers ‘behind’ them both.
   Who have been playing ‘both sides against the middle’ for a long, long time.  

6 Or to say, considering the Constitution as ‘a living document’.  What the majority of The Supremes recently based their Same-Sex Marriage decision on, e.g.  It had nothing - NOTHING - to do with the Constitution per se; just what the majority wanted to read into it.  
   And it doesn’t take a graduate of a law school to see that.  And in fact, it is precisely that position which, apparently, allows one TO see that.


2) from TeaPartyC.C.: ‘Judicial Watch: FEC Must Investigate Democratic National Committee for Employing Illegal Alien to Craft 2016 Political Message’ - posted by Natl Dir. Dee - September 2 (orig. posted at - September 2)

Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (September 2)

A good gesture, JW.  As posters here have noted, it may well not go anywhere with the Obama FEC.  But at least it's on the record; and further feedback as to the corruption and criminality of the Democrat Party in all this s*** that has been going on in this country - for long enough, now.  And almost - almost - too long.  

I think the nation can still be saved, from these totalitarians trying to take it over.  But barely.

We have been warned enough.  It's time for action against these tyrants.  And the Republican Party obviously isn't up to the job - heck, is part of the problem.  So it's up to We, the People.

As our Founding Fathers warned might well happen.


N.B. A great two-part cartoon accompanied this posting by TPCC ND Dee.  First part: a male reporter is asking Obama, at his Press Conference lectern: 

‘Why are you planning to grant amnesty to millions of illegals?’

BO’s reply: ‘Because they will do the jobs Americans don’t want to do.’

Second part; M.R.: ‘Like what?’

BO: ‘Voting Democrat.’

Thanks to Glenn McCoy for a much-needed chuckle, before I call it a night on posting things.


A late entry, synchronistically having to do with many Americans' seeming inability to 'rise to the occasion':

I have just been listening to a patriot site (The Common Sense Show; Dave Hodges) wherein he talked about the phenomenon of 'learned helplessness'.  A study was done of giving a dog an electric shock in a cage, causing him to jump out of the cage, then blocking his escape from said shock.  He finally laid down in the cage, and accepted his fate.  Then the barrier was removed.  And the dog still just lay there.

He had been conditioned to accept whatever came his way.

Something wicked this way comes.  And we must not just lie down and accept it.

I am a peaceful man, by inclination.*  But I'm for some serious ankle-biting.  For, these bastards attempting to corral and control us are not going to take over my country.

It is too precious a pearl of great price for humanity, to let it fall into the hands of those who don't appreciate it, for its worth - and in fact, fear it, for said worth.

Because it makes us independent of them, and their control over us.

Their attempted control over us.

Now.  Over to you.


* This lifetime.  I think I have had lifetimes as a warrior.  Probably to help make me a sort of warrior monk this time around; not to 'hate my enemy' but to defend, martial-arts-like, from a part of myself that still needs to come into the Light.  But, to stay in 'character' here, for this comment, and thought...

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