Saturday, 22 July 2017

Let Me Count The Ways

In my last blog I made a declaration.  To back up my claim, and as testament to some of my thinking, here are some of the things that I would - will - do, to Set Things To Rights; first in this country, and then in the world proper.

* Oversee various comprehensive investigations; including into:

   + 9/11 (complete with its Five Dancing Israelis on the top of their Mossad-front business moving van, and the ‘Israeli art students’ who were up to no good in the WTC Towers before The Event, setting up timed explosives therein,  And complete with who was in charge of security at the WTC Towers, and at the airlines involved in this false flag op);

   + Sandy Hook (complete with photos of the ‘stage’ being set up the day before - under the cover of a FEMA Exercise - and of a grieving father doubling as a member of the SWAT team onsite.  Not having had time apparently to learn that part well enough to know how to carry his rifle properly; or to be fitted with a proper-sized helmet, to be pulled down over his ears sufficiently to help hide his identity);  

   + the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Drill’ (announced as such at the site; apparently to keep the public from rushing to and queering the ‘set,’ while the Smoke Bomb-Camera-Action took place.  Complete with fake blood, at least one paraplegic fitted with a false prosthetic, and at least one crisis actor - Cowboy Hat Guy - outed by a Hollywood producer who recognized him for having cast him for a bit part in one of his films);

   + the Orlando Gay Nite Club ‘thing’ (complete with a couple of doctors named Dr. Lube and Dr. Cheatham, and a couple of ‘injured’ participants being carried in hand chairs created by their buddies by the cameras, and then let down ‘safely’ on the other side);

The list goes on.  But that’s alright - we’ll sort all these things out in their comprehensive investigations.  

* It will be All Change Now anyway.  With the world’s monetary and financial systems giving way to The (True) New Order of Things.  No more interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking (i.e., conjuring up ‘money’ out of thin air).  And thus, the unholy likes of Big Pharma and Big Ag will disappear, with profit-making no longer being the point of the system, but rather that being what it should have been all along: the convenience of money/currency merely as a means to the end of (open-heartedly) sharing goods and services with one another.

But Humanity would have its Drama… 

Now to be superseded, as we head for new horizons, under New Management.   

Having effectively been kept under wraps, for whatever all reasons, I feel the wrapping coming off, more and more, and my coming into my full power.  Which is the power of That Which sent me: our Creator Source.  Here, in order to clean up this mess that we have made, on this otherwise lovely planet.

Be warned.

But this latter point brings up a rather big factor that needs to be cleaned up, before we can proceed further.  That being:

* Christianity.

I will keep this explanation as brief as I can.

Ever since 2006 with Revision in 2011 of a book titled ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’  by a scrupulous researcher named Joseph Atwill, there has been overwhelming and undeniable evidence available to humanity that the Flavian imperial court - of Vespasian the Father (Roman) God, his first Son of God, Titus, and later the younger son Domitian assuming the mantle - under the major input of a Jewish general-cum-governor-turned (special pleading) historian named Josephus, concocted the New Testament to be read in conjunction with Josephus’ take on ‘the Jewish wars’ in the first century C.E., in order to supplant militant messianic Judaism with what has become Christianity; with an artfully concocted messianic figure calling on the Jews and gentiles alike to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” and bear the yoke of the Roman emperor.*

There’s more to this story.  And my heart is pained terribly for those very sincere and most honorable souls who over these intervening centuries have been thus tricked into a belief; not a truth.   But nobody promised us a rose garden.  You have to work at this business of getting to the truth of things.  Have to earn it.  Earn your way back.  On The Grand Quest.  For The Pearl of Great Price.  With snores and delusions along The Way.  All, to experience to the fullest re-cognition.  And in sum: 

The New Testament was concocted to be read in conjunction primarily with Josephus’s ‘Wars of the Jews.’ but also with others of his writings containing ‘parallels’ reinforcing each other, making the case for Titus’s siege and sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E. being God’s retribution for the “wicked generation” of militantly messianic Jews who failed to bend under the control of the Romans, and thereby making Titus the (Second Coming) Messiah of the Jews, and ‘prophesied’ Son of Man.

It sounds wacky.

But it worked. And has worked - all uncomprehendingly of its original purpose - for 2000 years.  

And it’s time that it was released.  And that we moved on.

Because it is one of those WRONGS that I am here to set Right.

So that we can

move on.  Into

The New.  

Now beckoning us.  And full of promise.

If we will rise properly to the occasion.

Meaning, to leave all Wrongs behind.  And cleave only to

Truth.  (And its correlate, of course: Love.  Together: the Universal Law.)

P.S. And yes, I know: Objections to this ‘take’ on Christianity regarding ‘the Anti-Christ,’ and all that.  
     All I can do is ask you to take it all inside.
     And listen. 
     Truly, deeply
     And be wedded to Truth.
     Above all else.
     And I will put my commitment to Truth up against anyone's.

* Notice how our own erstwhile masters are lining up pastors in our day to get their flocks to go along with Romans 13??  
   Same thing.  Same purpose.  Different ruler, is all.

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