Friday, 14 July 2017

The Crux Of The Matter...

…On Earth

We come now to the crux of the matter, of human life on Earth.  With the awareness that there is enough gold on Earth, both mined already and pending, for everyone to have a decent level of living, we can start concentrating on our ‘next steps’ here.  And to say: with the Earth Herself.  As we take Next Steps in The Process that we are involved in.  Of the raising of our consciousness, closer to our higher potential.  As ‘sons and daughters’ of a loving Creator.


Yes, there is free will.  But it exists in the context of a universe having Purpose, and that purpose being Good.  And thus, there is perfect Justice ‘in the universe’ - in the whole of The Process.  

The Process, of our returning to our Source.  The wiser - more conscious; more ‘fulfilled’ - for the experience.  As a gift as well to our Creator.  In gratitude for life with meaning.

But let me back up a moment, and deal with steps along The Way.

The Purpose of the exercise, then, being - as a sage noted a long, long time ago, in our human experience; as a helpmeet along The Way - to Know Ourselves.  And how do we come to know that?  We come to know that by observing ourselves with the aid of our shadow side, as exposed to us through the workings of the aforesaid Free Will.  For, just as we ‘know’ ourselves as inhabitants of this planet by its shadow being cast on our Moon in its phases, including lunar eclipses,* so do we know - come to  know - ourselves; our potential, for good or ‘evil’, by the illusory workings of this realm of free will.

This very primitive ‘landfall’ along The Way.  Before we really take off.

As we are just about to do.

Welcome aboard the Starlight Express.



P.S. And I hope that you are beginning to 'get' that the proposed New World Order - proposed by our erstwhile masters, with their comparatively primitive level of consciousness of Power Over Others (aka POO) - is the reverse, mirror image of
     the Real Thing.

P.P.S. To the man on top of the telegraph pole (you'll know who I am talking about):
     Carry on.
     Your time has come.

* We don’t really ‘know ourselves’ in that sense yet by having gone far enough out into space to have discovered that fact about our planet directly.  It is an unfortunate fact that we have yet to see ‘ourselves’ whole for the first time, on a globe.  Rather than the possible Flat Earth as posited by a number of skeptics in our time.  It will come as a surprise to many that all of the images of the Earth that NASA has supplied the public with are either computer generated images (CGI), or a fake image taken from inside a manned capsule on a low Earth orbit.  (They did it by taking a shot of the Earth through a porthole from the other side of the capsule’s cabin space, with the Earth given its roundness from the roundness of the porthole.)
   Is this evidence for the Flat Earth theory?  No.  It is only evidence that NASA has tricked us into thinking that we have gone into space.  Two factors here.  a) It was all done - the illusion created - in order to beat the USSR into space.  In order, that is to say, to pretend that we had beaten them into space.  (And to get the American public to continue to pony up the money to engage in further explorations into that realm.  Including secret shenanigans.  Another blog.)  And b) We haven’t managed to venture out into space yet because of the Van Allen belt(s) of radiation.  As part of the quarantine that is in place.
   The quarantine, to keep warlike Humanity from venturing out into space until we have left behind our warlike ways.
   Which we are now in the process of doing.
   Or at least, with the possibility of doing.  By overcoming one of the last hurdles to that accomplishment.  
   That being, poverty.
   That which has allowed some to have Power Over Others.  
   Rather than the Power With consciousness that allows us - individually and collectively - to move further on our Path.


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