Saturday, 8 July 2017

On Receipt Of Marching Orders

It would appear, more and more, that both the Democrat Party and the MSM have ‘gotten the memo’ - have received their marching orders, to bring down The Donald, at all costs, for raining on the parade into the (totalitarian) New World Order of their masters.  Being the obedient lackeys that they are, to ‘he who pays the piper’.  Except for those recalcitrants like Greta Van Susteren, who, being an honorable person, obviously refused to go along with her ideological instructions, and paid that price.*  

But who would want to be a part of the bought-and-paid-for media, anyway??  Except for those who choose to.  Out of concupiscence.  Or sincere belief in the Party line.  Like - well.  They know who they are.  And will out themselves in due course…

And so here we are.  At a crossroads,  One road leading up into the sunlit highlands of a new and better day.  And the other?  Leading down into the muck and mire that leads to the realm of those who don’t make the cut.  Fail the harvest.

For a little more seasoning, yet.  In the realm of Illusion, where souls are subject to the amnesia of their true Selves.  In order to make The Play fulfilling.  Of its purpose.  

Its dual purpose, actually:

To separate the wheat from the chaff.  And

To give each facet of the Creator Source that opportunity.

To grow.

Or not.

Their choice.

P.S. And not to let the Republican Party off the hook.  They have had their own role to play in all this subversion of the American Republic going on, to further the end of the NWO mob.
     They will get their comeuppance, too.  

* One of those piper-payers having hedged its bets, in allowing the likes of Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Judge Jeanine to have a voice on a Murdoch platform.  But that is likely to change.  The Murdoch sons being of a somewhat different breed from their father.  However, apples and trees…we’ll see yet.


And speaking of marching orders, and ideologues, and a New Order of Things:

from ‘9th Circuit Opens Door for Mass Release of Illegal Immigrant Minors’ - July 7, posted here July 8
(Ah, the 9th Circuit at their ideological activity again…)


It's not only Catholic Charities but also Protestant and even Jewish religious groups that are sponsoring Muslim "refugees" and re-settling them here.I think this is as low as our politicians and courts allowing the invasion of this country and forcing we citizens to pay for and subsidize these leeches and those,whose only purpose for wanting to be here is to eliminate us.The almighty buck and greed blinds even the most kindly and helpful to the most insidious danger.


         kibitzer3 Peterjr a few seconds ago (July 9)
  • It of course is not just "The almighty buck and greed" behind this business. It is the belief in a New World Order that is behind most of this bad business. Even the churches. They have been infiltrated by Marxists, just as the executive-branch agencies and education and other institutions have. They want to rule the world. For 'good' purposes, of course. Of course. Not.

  • They are totalitarians, pure and simple. And they need to be stopped. Now.

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