Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Bit Of Elucidation On...

...My Concept Of  'The Coach'

In my last blog I made reference to coaches, and have done so before (as in 'Let me in there, Coach.  I feel I have a hot hand.')  I realize that the subject is worth looking at in a little more depth.  To wit:

I do things as I am inspired - in-spirited - to do them.  It's like I have a standing order in with The Coach, in a little saying that I repeat to myself occasionally, in reminder:

'Help me do what is right
Seek it out, like the Light
And be spotless in Thy sight.'

And then I follow that little ditty up with a motto:

'Help me help Man help himself.'

The Coach?  I think of my Creator Source as The Boss, too, sometimes.  But I like the connotation of our Source being a coach.  The Coach of a team; life being not just an individual enterprise.  We are all i this together.  It's a team effort.  And a co-creative one - with, at the least, our higher Selves.  (Our individual, and, on a higher level, collective, higher Selves.)

I have made some (almost; and perhaps wholly) unconscious moves and shots in playing basketball, e.g.  It was not just little incarnate me in play in those moments.  I was in sync with a higher power, and potential.

A sobering feeling.  That we are not alone in our human endeavors.  That we have help.  And we can tap into that help.  By 'getting out of the way,' at times.  Getting our little selves out of the way.  And tapping into a higher Power.  Or rather, a little more accurately, to say: letting a higher Power in, and through us.  Effortlessly.  Our higher Selves in more perfect alignment with - in harmony with - in veritable union with - our Source.   The influence of our Creator, then, existing in our daily lives, in this realm of reality.*


No deist, me.

Nor were the Founding Fathers of this special nation, contrary to some considerations on the matter.  They firmly believed in a Creator having a 'hand' in Its Creation.

But that it was up to us humans to carry out that Will, as best we could.  In grateful alignment with that Will.

Grateful.  As in gratitude for having been given - allowed to experience - such qualities, and principles, as "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness".

To explore.

And deserve.

Prove worthy of.

And especially,

under pressure.

The pressure, of

Crisis.  Creating


As in where we find ourselves at this propitious time.

Just sayin'.


* Whether it be essentially illusory (think a matrix; or hologram) or not.  Darkness - duality - not capable of existing in the higher realms, energetically speaking, for being incompatible with the frequencies above the 3D level.
     Wherein we access consciousness via our individuated instruments, called our brains.  But above this level, there is more of a group consciousness involved.  Hence the source of the Law of One material speaks of being 'a social memory complex' - i.e., not an individual per se.
     ButI I digress. To an extent.  But you do understand that we do not have physical bodies beyond this physical plane.  We have Light bodies.  Which are capable of merging with others; ultimately, back to our Source.
     However, we seem to have been granted a special dispensation, that is allowing us to ascend in our physical bodies.  Albeit somewhat transmuted; and at least to an extent.
     And now I am really getting of on a tangent.
     Materially speaking...

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