Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Conclusion

I have now finally gotten all the way through Joseph Atwill's amazing tour de force of scholarship, 'Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus'.  Which reveals in intricate detail* how the New Testament was created by the Flavian imperial household; the project headed by the Jewish general-cum-governor-cum historian, Josephus bar Matthias, who saw the writing on the wall and, realizing that militant messianic Judaism as practiced in full force by the Zealots of the day was going to lose out against the might of imperial Rome, helped to bring that day about by creating in its place what came to be known as Christianity, with a vision of a peaceful Messiah who would serve as an alternative to the militant messianically-driven rebellious Jewish leaders; with Vespasian the father as well the Father God, and elder son Titus as the Son of God who chastised "the wicked generation" of Jews, for failing to bend the knee to Roman rule, by his siege and sacking of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple there.  And later on, the younger son Domitian got his court historian, Seutonius, to say equally divine things about him, too, when his turn came to rule the roost; making him out to be the Lord God of 'Revelation,' no less.

Bastards, all.

But thus, the end of Christianity.

Just in time.  For

The New.

So.  All things in their place, I guess.

With free will still a feature of life on Earth.

Until we return fully to

the fold.  To say:

being in perfect alignment with the Will of our Creator.

And wishing to be no more than that.


an obedient child.

Growing up, through all sorts of vicissitudes and other teaching/learning experiences, into adulthood.

No bent twig.

A perfect expression of

our Source.

The All That Is.



* Atwill is a self-confessed "avid chess player' .  It took just that sort of mind to unravel this detective story, in all its clever detail.

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