Sunday, 16 July 2017

Let Me Count The Ways

In my last blog I talked about how the Republican Party authorities are and have been involved in the takedown - the attempted takedown - of the American Republic as well as the Democrats, in failing to check the Dems (in an application of the fundamental ‘checks and balances’ philosophy of the American form of government) when they put up an ineligible candidate for the office of the presidency in 2008 (who subsequently stayed there, as Resident, not really President, for 8 whole illegal years).  

When I am put in charge - for this is my country, after all - all these things will be set to rights.  Thus, for some examples:

* There will be no more ‘anchor babies’.  That concept is due to, not a misunderstanding - the perps have known precisely what they were doing, in this regard - but a misapplication of the 14th Amendment; which states: 

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside…” 

I put emphasis on the crucial, and limiting, clause in this Amendment; which somehow has been overlooked.  Or to say, which we have been prevailed upon to overlook, by our erstwhile masters, on both sides of the political aisle.  ‘And subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ means a person whose parents are legally here, or are not here just on consignment from their home countries, like diplomats, or are just visitors - all of whom are subject to the jurisdiction of their home countries.  (And this ’interpretation’ of the clause is confirmed by the historical record, of the established intent of the amendment.)

How could this error have come about??  One clear answer: By deliberate intent.  By those termites who were intent on bringing down this country - this federal constitutional republic - and establishing in its place their own version of a United States  Or breaking it down altogether.  With such tactics as were employed here:

by subterfuge.  In this case, by the application of the idea of the U.S. Constitution being ‘a living document,’ subject merely to the socio-econo-political proclivities - the ‘interpretations’ - of the judicial branch.  And then arranging to have their people put in place on the various levels of judicial benches, including the highest, to make those ‘interpretations’.  

And thus the classic ‘debate’ between ’strict construction’ - aka ’original intent’; its proponents ka  ‘originalists’ - and 'loose construction' - aka 'judicial activism': treating the Constitution like ’a living document,’ or to say like a wet noodle.  Its proponents ka assholes.  (Excuse the bias. But this is too serious a matter just to use popguns in describing it.) 

No wonder I didn’t choose Law as a profession.  I would have blown these assholes who have been attempting to take over this country - my country - out of the water long ago.+  But that would have short-circuited The Process that obviously had to take place, in order to bring us to where we are now:

on the verge of major overhaul.  

And actually:

major Change.  

But to continue.  And to close out this point first, with a What To Do - to say:

What do we do with the situation as it exists.

First, we close the door on any more of these nonsensical situations, of illegal aliens and other non-citizens coming into this country in order (at least in part) to have their babies here and expecting them to have American citizenship automatically conferred on them, thus allowing their parents to stay in the country (or not; as in the case of what is called, as I understand it, ’tourist babies’. Grrrrr……)  That was not the intention of the 14th Amendment.  The Constitution is a contract.  Not a wet noodle, to be manipulated at will by, er, miscreants.  And then, we deal with those who have already been involved in this scam on a case-by-case basis.  Which may not be as difficult as some might think; with the ‘economic’ situation in the world about to change in a major way.  And with many illegal aliens and others preferring to go back to their home countries willingly.  Rather than being subject to deportation.  Which brings up the subject of -      

* ’Sanctuary cities’.  No.  More.  It is against federal law  It has been against federal law.  It wilt not be allowed. to ’skate by’ the law any longer.  
   And not just with federal monies being frozen from those cities and states which have been flouting the law in this manner.   But with federal marshals being activated, to enforce the law.  
   I don’t expect much problem in this matter anyway, once the next piece of the Reform picture is put into place.  That being - 

* A total cleanup of the Voter Fraud and Electoral Fraud going on.  Which has been going on for long enough.  Disgustingly.
   With sanction of a state’s votes becoming ineligible to be counted in federal elections if the Reforms are not put in place:  
   Certifiably cleansed voter registration rolls.  (No more illegal aliens or otherwise ineligible voters, dead voters, or duplicate/multiple voters.)   Photo IDs mandatory; exit polls mandatory.  No more electronic voting machines (they have proven to be capable of being hacked in a number of ways) - a clear paper trail.  No more Absentee ballots, unless strictly supervised, or Early Voting.  All ballot boxes put under 24/7 surveillance camera observation.  The list goes on.
   If you’re going to act like children, you need to be treated like children  And as to such measures: Dipping a voter’s finger in purple dye, if need be, to clean up this mess once and for all.           
   I imagine that a fair amount of the corruption that has crept into our electoral system has been because many people decided ‘not to get mad, but to get even’ - i.e., the corruption having been put in place to counter real or suspected illegal activity on the part of the other party’s activists.

And to conclude this brief rundown of such Reform measures:

All.  Corruption.  Over. 

As incapable of existing in the spiritual atmosphere that we are about to enter, anyway.  

As being incompatible with

our Next Steps.

As Americans.

And as a race.

Homo sapiens sapiens.

As if to underscore the relevant factor, in our makeup.

Now, to be lived up to.

Not down to.

Any.  Longer.

+ And the likes of Robert Bork would have been sitting on the bench of the SCOTUS.  And we would never have reached major Crisis point.  Which allows for major Opportunity.
   To say: Lessons to be learned.

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