Friday, 28 July 2017

As A Matter Of Fact...

In A Manner Of Speaking

A further word to my last blog:

And of course there is also the outrageous business of forcing the taxpayers - excuse me, for the benefit of the corrupt amongst us: of having the government - to pay for abortions (and even the extreme obscenity of 'partial birth' abortions), so that irresponsible females can have their cake and eat it, too.  Which is a whole 'nother stinking kettle of fish.

But why not, one might say at this point; with all the compromises with integrity and morality going on, in these benighted days...

And not to mention that if kids did escape the 'government'-paid-for slaughter, they were subject to being 'disappeared,' into the child sex trafficking business.  Or via the Child Protection Services (a particular non sequitur, that one) big business.  As outrageous a 'big business' as ever was conceived in the mind of debased and deluded man.

Unspeakable stuff.

But not to worry.  Everybody will get their just deserts.  Because it is all on record.

Because this is a just universe.

You doubted it?  But what did you think that reincarnation was for??


To balance the scales in the end.

To balance the scales.  Friend.  Or foe.

So that we could learn from the experiences.  And then move on.

The experiences themselves not being the point of the exercise.

Just like 'making money' is not the point of that exercise.

But rather, the means to an end.

A further end than the life experience itself.

Coming in to better view.

As we speak.

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