Thursday, 20 July 2017

Things Are Heating Up...Infernal Style

“(T)he raw evil that permeates our Deep State… the most heinous crime on the face of the planet.” - Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show on the child sex trafficking going on, in the U.S., and elsewhere.   

Notably Russia.  Which Hodges figures is why TPTB are trying to keep Trump and Putin apart from each other - and is possibly why the MSM made such a big fuss over Trump going over to talk to his wife at the G20 dinner where she was sitting next to Putin, and he and Putin exchanged a few words.  The MSM has been all over Trump for that, trying to find out what they talked about.  What astonishing business going on.  

Judges, police officers, politicians…adoption agencies……a complete MSM blackout………satanic ritual killing of babies, and the drinking of the blood………

I guess I wasn’t far wrong when I referred in my last posting to the Father of Lies being the God of the far Left.  

…And SWAT-like local police forces (and coming under regional control now, rather than local control, by an elected representative of the public), trained by DHS to act like a controlling force of an occupied people, rather than like the Local Police of old.  The same sort of training that the Israeli police use to control the people in their Occupied territories - and whose trainers have also come over here and taken part in such training here as well…

One wonders how much control over his DHS that Trump actually exercises……

And I hesitate to use the term ‘his’ DHS.  One wonders who is actually running them.  

Left over from the Obama days.

And from even before.  Back at the least to the creation of the PATRIOT Act by the George W. Bush administration, as a development of the 9/11 caper.

A caper that was the creation of both the Bush administration's NeoCons and Mossad.* 

One wonders how closely the Jews have read their 'holy' literature.  And realized what happens when they fall out of alignment with their god. 

Over.  And over.  And over again, in their checkered history.

And not being alone in their wickedness.........

What a separating is taking place.  

Those who have totally lost the plot.

And those who are part of the solution.

Now about ready to swing into action, in a big way.

As things are heating up.

In a separating of elements.  

Like a chemical experiment.

One element being 'uncovered' by the exercise.

And another being volatilized off.



Done with.

Having served its purpose.


P.S. All you would-be Muslim jihadists:
     Get the hell out of my country.  You are defiling it with your arrogant, vicious, takeover-attitude, presence.
     Become an American, accepting our founding values.  Or OUT.

P.P.S. And speaking of the subject of Out and Over:
     No one is 'entitled' as a matter of right to the earnings of any other person.  That is theft, pure and simple.  Some voting themselves money out of the pockets of others.
     No.  More.


Remember the "Five Dancing Israelis"??  And some of you will recall the Israeli 'art students,' who were doing strange things inside the WTC towers before 9/11; and up to other no-good in other areas in this country.  And getting away with it all, by having friends in high places........  

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